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1. Today is the Annual Feast-Day of Tribal Reconciliation
2. LINDA FREEMAN: The Ten Tribes and Ezekiel 1
3. Lloyd George on antisemitism, 1923, quotation
4. Pictures worth viewing.
5.  Blood tests and DNA tests

1. Today (Tuesday Night to Wednesday Evening) is the Annual Feast-Day of Tribal Reconciliation.
According to the Hebrew calendar it is the 15th day of the Month of Ab (pronounced as "Av").
The day is called TU B'AV where the Hebrew Letters transliterated as "TU" have the numerical value
of 15 and B'AV means "In Ab".

On this day the Tribes of Israel were released from a practice they had taken
not to intermarry with other tribes. Traditionally this day was related to as a festive occasion
and came to symbolize a day of love and Tribal reconciliation.
For more details see:

2. LINDA FREEMAN: The Ten Tribes and Ezekiel 1
Subject: Is Ezekiel 1 about the lost tribes migrations?

I've been reading your books and all the info I can find on the lost tribes.  Then I was reading Ezekiel and that strange vision he had and realized how much it correlates to the migrations of the lost tribes...

(1:6 - 4 faces and 4 wings each = 12 faces and 12 wings = 12 tribes.

(1:9 - They went straight forward, to the north (Dan), the south (Reuben), the east (Judah) the west (Joseph).

(1:10 - the beings had faces of a man (Rueben), a lion (Judah), an ox (Joseph Ephraim/Mannaseh), and an eagle (Dan).  Just like the camp of Israel in the wilderness in which the center tribes of south, east, west, and north are Rueben, Judah, Joseph, and Dan.  Which is, as you said, how the tribes generally during migration, and ultimately ended up geographically.

(1:11 - The upward wings joined together symbolizes that they all migrated together (maybe at the same times generally).  The wings covering their bodies symbolizes that they kept their identities intact.  The bodies didn't merge, the wings forbade it.  (Although I know there was some mixing up).

(1:12 - They were lead by Divine Guidance.

(1:13/14 - Lightening is often a symbol of warfare, which the tribes were certainly involved with during their immigrations.

(1:15-21 - The wheels...wheels are used for transportation, are they not?  Traveling?  Isn't that what the lost tribes have been doing?  When the spirit leads, the wheels are lifted up, and they went, and they stood.  The Holy Spirit surely was leading the lost tribes.  Sometimes they were moving around, and sometimes they were staying put (standing).

(1: 23-25 - Kinda the same thing with the wings.  Wings transport - traveling again.  When the wings were up, they were moving, when the wings were down, they were standing, staying put.  Just like the lost tribes did; migrate, settle, migrate, settle.  And above them, in heaven, the voice of the Lord was directing them to move or stay, just like in the wilderness, only not as a pillar of fire or smoke this time.

We have mention of gems or the colors of gems...burnished bronze (red - Judah - Sard?), burning coals of fire (red/black - Dan - Jacinth?), beryl (white - Joseph - beryl), and terrible crystal (I don't know).  I know the gems and their colors represent the tribes in the breastplate and in the New Jerusalem, but I haven't studied this enough yet.

(1:24 - the noises as of a host.  A bunch of people, like the lost tribes were a bunch of people.

And seen above these creatures was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord who then told him to go and speak with the children of Israel.  So there's a definite connection to the lost tribes one way or another.  And perhaps this represents all 12 tribes whether lost or known (as in Judah/Pharez, Benjamin and Levites).

I thought you might find this interesting and want to look into it more.

Thank you for all your efforts, I've certainly felt blessed, awed, and humbled by learning I am among the blessed lost tribes of Israel, and I'm passing this information along to friends and family.  It was good to know I am a child of G_d, but to learn I am of the tribes of Israel was like thick icing on the cake.

May you be richly blessed,  Linda

3. Lloyd George on antisemitism, 1923, quotation
"Of all the extreme fanaticism that plays havoc in man's nature, there is not one as irrational as antisemitism. The Jews cannot vindicate themselves in the eyes of these fanatics. If the Jews are rich, they are victims of theft. If they are poor they are victims of ridicule. If they take sides in a war, it is because they wish to gain advantage from the spilling of nonjewish blood. If  they espouse peace, it is because they are scared by their
 their natures or traitors. If the Jew dwells in a foreign land he is persecuted and expelled. If
he wishes to return to his own land, he is preven from doing so." Lloyd George, 1923

4. Pictures worth viewing.
See Magen David design in early 300s CE spear mount (Saxon or Frankish)
on the same page see also:

lion and unicorn from 1600s East Europe Synagogue Ceiling .
If you have not yet viewed the Israeli Stamp Tribal Symbols who not do so now?

5.  Blood tests and DNA tests

One question Sir?
Where do I go to get my blood & my children's blood tested to find out our Jewish connection, tribe or link? And what might be the cost of a procedure of this nature?
Sha'alu shalom Yerushalyim!

There are no DNA or blood tests that can tell you whether you are of Jewish or Israelite descent.
DNA tests cost between $200 to $600. The cheaper tests
only check a smaller number of markers and are liable to tell you no more than that you are similar
to 40% of Europeans or 50% of Afro-Americans,  something you may well have been aware of already.
The tests in general (even the expensive ones) usually do not tell you much even if you
learn up on DNA theory which if you take the test you should do just to understand
what they will tell you and also to check how correct what they tell you may be.
One of my sons had a DNA test taken.
It was probably worthwhile but quite expensive.
This is part of what they told him and when we checked the results we found even that to
be only partially correct [i.e. we may R1b but probably not Atlantic Modal Type as claimed
below]. It will be noticed that this report is formulated in quite a flattering manner
and in such a way that one may choose whichever possibility one thinks is the most suitable,
e.g. Sephardic Jew, Warrior Elite, Visigoth, Norman, Irishman, Spaniard, Scandinavian, etc.

Quotation from received DNA test results:
<<On his father's side, the subject descends from a male ancestor who belonged to European,
 sometimes (although somewhat misleadingly) called the Atlantic Modal
laplotype (Wilson). Hispanic matches, including; many in Latin America, suggest that the
progenitor of this family might originally have been a Visigothic inhabitant of early medieval
Spain. At any rate, the type is an Iberian one (Bosch), and is the most common type among
Normans and Sephardic Jews (Hirschman & Yates; Lavender). It is not necessarily Celtic, as
sometimes claimed, even though it reaches its highest frequency in Connacht, Ireland. The
Visigoths overran the Roman Empire in the 5th century and settled in kingdoms in southern
France and Spain. They originally came from Sweden and the Baltic and left their footsteps in
various parts of Europe. All Europe went through an extreme bottleneck in the so-called Dark Ages, and it is believed that R1b males emerged as the dominant militant class of title and property holders in the age of feudalism that followed. Others assign the haplogroup's expansion to more distant times when Europe was recolonized by Indo-Europeans from Central Asia after the last Ice Age. Haplogroup Rib is the most common male type in modern-day Europe, found in approximately 40% of all males. The mutations characterizing it are M89, M9, M207, M173 and M343 (Y Chromosome Consortium).>>