"Brit-Am Now"-754
1. In  Favor of "Joes"
a) Lorraine Harvey
b) Patricia Robbins
2. Robert Jones: Assyrians
3. Important new article! DNA Racial Classifications Refuted!

1. In  Favor of "Joes"
a) Lorraine Harvey
From: Lorraine Harvey <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-752

Dear Yair,

In my humble opinion we do not need a new term. Ephramite or Joe, Joe'y  is
just fine. Maybe the rest of the world has 'got' it but in Australia some
are just awakening to this truth. We do not want to confuse everyone and go
backwards instead of moving forward. We tend to have to come from a biblical
perspective in the Land down under. And the terms of Joseph, Ephraim and
Israel as used in scripture (yes in the Tanach and the New Testament)
meaning the lost ten tribes is confusing enough for people without changing
from the current names. If we can't show a scriptural precedence in Australia
we have no hope. Anyway Australians seem quite happy to know that the land
of Australia is also known as the "land of Joseph". A colloquial term is
"He's a good Joe" even in secular society that have no clue about the tribes
message. I have often wondered why baby kangaroo's in their mothers pouch
are called Joey's.

Why can't people be patient and watch the whole movement unfold in YHVY's
perfect timing? It is facinating to watch and it won't work if people start
pushing and poking before the right time. YHVH will do it in His perfect
timing without our impatient interference. We have come a long way we are
talking to each other and there is plenty to clean out of the Christian

b) Patricia Robbins
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-753

Hi Mr. Davidi!

I love the idea of Jews and Joes!   That's really terrific!


2. Robert Jones: Assyrians

Mr. Davidiy,

About the Assyrians.  The book Origin of Nations and other organizations claim that Germany or at least Prussia, Austria and Eastern Germany is of Assyrian descent.  I'm sure there is a distinct possibility that they migrated into Europe.  However, when they were destroyed by the Babylonians, Medes and Scythians, they wiped out their entire leadership and structure.  The only thing was left was their peasant population.

Today in Iraq, there are approximately 780,000 who claim to be Assyrian descent.  In Syria there is approximately 360,000.  This is a little over a million that still claim Assyrian heritage.

In Azerbaijan and Iran there are 7.2 million and 16 million respectively who are Azeri.  To me the term Azeri and Assyri are very close.  When you total this population between Iran, Iraq, Syria and Azerbaijan, you have almost 25 million people.  It seems to me that the majority of the Assyrians remained in upper Mesopotamia and did not migrate north.  Maybe an element of them did but the vast majority is still in the Middle East, and we need to look at Germany as a complete and different Ethnic group altogether.

Rob Jones

Comment: The people now called Assyrians are mainly Nestorian Christians from the area of Iraq.
They are not necessarily descended from the original Assyrians.
Incidentally the Kurds also come from the ancient region of Assyria and in some ways
look and act like the Assyrians did.
Our own impression is that "Assyria" in Biblical Prophecy does refer to some place in Europe
and Germany would be a prime candidate.
Together with that we tend to agree with you that the primary identification of Germany
is not Assyria.

3. Important new article! DNA Racial Classifications Refuted!
DNA Theory divides the world's populations according to haplogroups. Every change in each haplogroup is attributed to a single ancestor. The following article proves that the said changes may occur repeatedly at different times and encompass whole segments of otherwise unrelated people in specific areas. This effectively nullifies to a great degree the applicability of DNA studies to historical research regarding the movements and interrelationships of different peoples!

 Brit-Am Research and Discovery
Facing A Revision of DNA Theory

DNA Racial Classifications Refuted!
by Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am
and in response to interest expressed by Brit-Am supporters.
Elul 5766.

Abstract: Scientists classify different groups of mankind according to differences in their DNA structure. Examination of Y DNA determines racial male ancestry and mtDNA defines ancestral groupings along the female lines. These classifications are based on the assumption that hereditary changes in DNA are one-time only events experienced in one individual who transmits the new differentiation to his descendants.  In other words, it is being said that  each change has only one human ancestor.  Case study evidence shows that the said assumption is incorrect. The same changes occur at more than one time and in more than one subject. They do in fact appear across whole spectrums of population.  These facts limit the applicability of DNA racial classification in the historical sense for large groups of people.  A new formulation is needed and a rethinking of the applicability of DNA to historical studies of ethnic permutation.

Please read this article.
We tried to formulate it in a way that is clear and understandable to anyone with an interest
in the subject, and the subject is interesting.
The case study we have concentrated upon is the "Cohen Gene" (CMH).
If you are acquainted with people with an interest in DNA studies please consider bringing the article
to their attention.