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1. Dienekes Pontikos: "Lamarckism"?
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4. Question on CMH and Jewish Ancestry
5. The Biblical and Future Borders of the Land of Israel

1. Dienekes Pontikos: "Lamarckism"?
From: Dienekes Pontikos <>
re: DNA Racial Classifications Refuted!

Dear Yair,

I have expressed my own reservations about the relationship between
the Cohen Modal Haplotype with the priestly Aaronic line. You can find
some posts on the subject by searching the blog
and the
With respect to your article, I have to object to your idea of a
Repeat Event Polymorphism. UEPs happen so rarely that the chances of
the same polymorphism happening twice in the lifetime of ours species
are miniscule. What you are saying sounds like Lamarckism, the idea
that environmental effects are inherited, that the DNA is shaped by
the environment directly, rather than the mechanism proposed by
Neo-Darwinian evolution. That idea has been long discredited, and in
any case it cannot be claimed today without extraordinary evidence to
back it up.

Best Regards,


Comment: Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829)
believed that acquired characteristics become heritable
over time.
There are people today who adopt a modified
form of this theory, e.g.
Dr Ted Steele
claims that acquired resistance to disease affects DNA
which is transmitted by heredity.
We however were suggesting the existence of inbuilt
possibilities to change along set lines in response to specific stimuli.
This is not an acquired feature but the activation of a possibility
that was always there.

4. Question on CMH and Jewish Ancestry
Mr. Davidi;

It was written:

"When CMH is found amongst non-Jews it does not indicate that the person has
Jewish ancestry. If however additional evidence is available the presence
of CMH may have some supportive value."

If someone says they are non-Jews, but have CMH, I would think that it might be because they don't realize they are Jews, and that it is an indicator that one might have had Jewish ancestry.  What would other evidence be?  Little or no known family tree?  A name?  Practices that might resemble Judaism.

Also in a book I read, "Eating Right for Your Blood Type", it was stated by the author that blood types AB, B,  are usually found to be Jewish.

Ms. Jan

Answer: If someone had CMH along with some other indication of Jewish descent
it might  be worth keeping in mind while conducting a search for more evidence.
If you read the article
"DNA Racial Classifications Refuted!"
you will see that CMH is also quite common in Italy, Hungary,
Iraq, Kurdistan, Armenia, Oman, and in 9% of  Palestinians.
We also showed  in the article that CMH can appear spontaneously
without any previous hereditary connection to other bearers of CMH.
That in fact was the MAIN POINT of the article.
Concerning blood types, I have AB and so do about 3% of the world's population
while B is common to Asia. Here too, a geographical explanation is ultimately
in place to explain the various blood groups.
Jews have ALL the known blood types and then some.

5. The Biblical and Future Borders of the Land of Israel