"Brit-Am Now"-759
1. Manasseh - Important New Insights
2. Another DNA Conundrum
(b) Welsh-Irish-Amerindian Connections?
(c) Little if Any Jewish Ancestry Amongst Mexicans according to DNA findings.
3. "Brit-Am TRUTH" Magazine Sent Out

1. Menasseh - New Insights
New sources of Biblical Commentary using a combination of
Rabbinical tradition and the literal meaning in Hebrew of Biblical
verses have provided us with additional insights into the
characteristics of the Israelite Tribes.
The Orthodox Scholarly Rabbinical World in its own way appears to be deepening its interest in
this field.
Some of the new findings have come to our attention.
There are aspects in which they confirm and strengthen points we had already
indicated and there are other areas in which these revelations are new to us
but confirmed by the sources quoted.
The scholars who prepared these sources were not aware of Brit-Am and Brit-Am type applications
were the furthermost thing from their minds. This makes their actual compatibility with
Brit-Am findings twice as impressive!
We are preparing an article on Manasseh discussing these sources
and the revelations they entail.
The article will probably appear in the next issue (no.10) of our magazine
"Brit-Am Truth" which we hope to have ready soon.
Brit-Am on the whole identifies the USA with Manasseh and Britain and her daughters
with Ephraim though we admit to an overlap in population and sometimes in aspects of
At all events with these general identifications in mind consider the following:

Feminine aspect more significant in Manasseh.
Manasseh a nation of immigrants who forget troubles of  the "Old Country" through newly found
Ephraim completes processes begun by Menasseh.
Menasseh to contain a good portion of Simeon [i.e. Welsh and Irish according to Brit-Am] both in the physical
sense and in the sense of Tribal attributes.
Manasseh the Tribe MOST dedicated to settling the Land of Israel.
Manasseh first deliberately forgets Moses and the Law he represents but later has the
quality of returning to "Moses" due to an inner drive within the essence of Manasseh.
The name Manasseh [MNSH] in Hebrew is spelt the same as Moses [MSH] but with an extra letter "N"
in Manasseh representing the quality of forgetting. Nevertheless Moses is still within Manasseh.
This quality is especially brought out through the attachment of Manasseh to the Land of Israel.
Menasseh to become great after Ephraim.
Meshiach ben Yoseph (Messiah son of Joseph) to come from Menasseh.
Menasseh to be involved with building of Third Temple.
Kings of Israel from Menasseh were more like "Princes" or "Presidents" when compared with the monarchs from Ephraim.
The renewal of Israel will begin in the territory of Menasseh.

And quite a bit more along the same lines and nearly all of it confirmed by Biblical verses.

These sources in effect describe the USA in our time.
The same sources also reveal new insights concerning the other Tribes of Israel.

2. Another DNA Conundrum

(b) Welsh-Irish-Amerindian Connections?
<<Actually the genetic connection between the Irish, Welsh, Siberians and Native Americans has already been established. Recent research shows that the Y-chromosome genetic markers M45 and M173 are found in many Siberian and Native American populations, those markers being common amongst the Irish and Welsh as well. Check out the paper below for further details:

(c) Little if Any Jewish Ancestry Amongst Mexicans according to DNA findings.
Claim that ca. 40% of Spaniards who came to Mexico were of Jewish descent
Abstract of article saying that DNA shows no difference between Mexican males
and Spaniards and no particular linkage to Jews.
Ann Hum Biol. 2006 Jan-Feb;33(1):100-11.
Toward resolution of the debate regarding purported crypto-Jews in a Spanish-American population: Evidence from the Y chromosome.
Sutton WK, Knight A, Underhill PA, Neulander JS, Disotell TR, Mountain JL.
Department of Anthropology, New York University, New York, USA.
Background: The ethnic heritage of northernmost New Spain, including present-day northern New Mexico and southernmost Colorado, USA, is intensely debated. Local Spanish-American folkways and anecdotal narratives led to claims that the region was colonized primarily by secret- or crypto-Jews. Despite ethnographic criticisms, the notion of substantial crypto-Jewish ancestry among Spanish-Americans persists. Aim: We tested the null hypothesis that Spanish-Americans of northern New Mexico carry essentially the same profile of paternally inherited DNA variation as the peoples of Iberia, and the relevant alternative hypothesis that the sampled Spanish-Americans possess inherited DNA variation that reflects Jewish ancestry significantly greater than that in present-day Iberia. Subjects and Methods: We report frequencies of 19 Y-chromosome unique event polymorphism (UEP) biallelic markers for 139 men from across northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, USA, who self-identify as 'Spanish-American'. We used three different statistical tests of differentiation to compare frequencies of major UEP-defined clades or haplogroups with published data for Iberians, Jews, and other Mediterranean populations. We also report frequencies of derived UEP markers within each major haplogroup, compared with published data for relevant populations. Results: All tests of differentiation showed that, for frequencies of the major UEP-defined clades, Spanish-Americans and Iberians are statistically indistinguishable. All other pairwise comparisons, including between Spanish-Americans and Jews, and Iberians and Jews, revealed highly significant differences in UEP frequencies. Conclusion: Our results indicate that paternal genetic inheritance of Spanish-Americans is indistinguishable from that of Iberians and refute the popular and widely publicized scenario of significant crypto-Jewish ancestry of the Spanish-American population.
3. Magazine Sent Out
All subscribed issues of our magazine "Brit-Am TRUTH"
no.9 have been sent out.
Some will have already received their copies and others should do
so within two weeks in most cases.
In our opinion the magazine is interesting we would like to receive feedback
about it.
No. 9
Issue no.10 may be even better and is already in preparation.
Likewise all recent book orders have been sent out apart from those that
we received within the last  few days  which we hope to send early next week.

Contents of "Brit-Am TRUTH" no.9

A Gap in Attitude between Brit-Am and They who
Believed "Before" Brit-Am Came Along

Biblical Background Studies
 The Ark of the Covenant
What Was the Ark? The Ark in the Bible; How Many Arks Were There? Conjugal Harmony; What Was in the Ark? Did the Ark Possess an Electrical Charge?
What Happened to the Ark? DIFFERENT CLAIMED LOCATIONS FOR THE ARK: Vendyl and Indiana Jones: Judah and Samaria; "Palestine" and "Israel"; Jordan; France; Egypt; Ethiopia; THE WOODEN ARK AND THE LOST TEN TRIBES? A Future Discovery of the Ark Hinted at Negatively? The Ark in Irish Sources According to British-Israel; What is Tara? "Tara: Valley of the Irish Kings"; British-Israel at Tara

Brit-Am Basic Principles
 Steve A. Mathe: Some Pointers about Reunification
The Valley of Dry Bones -a metaphor for our inner framework being "reassembled"; Need for unity and love of Israel; helping each other in the return process; Divine Guidance;

Appreciation; Davidson, -Son of David; "my own culture and family history were all of the proof that I needed"; Swiss indeed are Issachar; Great Men of Britain Were Believers in the Return of Judah and the Lost Tribes

Brit-Am Tribal Studies
 The History and Characteristics of Dan
CHARACTERISTICS OF DAN; vulberable to idolatry; The Good and Bad Serpents; Dan Possessed Qualities of Both the North and South; Parallels with Greece; Building the Tabernacle; Male and Female Principles; Aspects of the Messiah; Samson