"Brit-Am Now"-763
1. Question on the Khazars
2. Steve Collins: Parthian-Goths
3. Juan Alfredo: DNA Insights
4. New Scythian Finds in Mongolia
5. Peter Piper: Historical Observations?
6. The Japanese are not Hebrews!
7. Missing Addresses

1. Question on the Khazars

"Root & Branch Association, Ltd." <> wrote:
At 19:35 04/09/06 -0700,Rodrigo X. Carreras wrote:
What do we know about this that I found. As an ex Ambassador to Turkey I find it interesting:

Khazars, extinct Turkic people, who flourished from about ad200 to about 950, living at first in the region of the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea and later on the steppes of southeastern Russia. At the height of their power, in the 9th century, the Khazars controlled Russia west to the Dnieper River and north to the middle course of the Volga River. They carried on an extensive commerce, centered in their capital at Itil (now Astrakhan). The ethnicity of the Khazars was complicated by racial mixture and dispersion; most authorities classify them as a Turkish or, less probably, a Georgian people. In the 7th century their Khakan, or sovereign, embraced Judaism, and a large part of the population converted thereafter. Khazar power came to an end when, after a series of wars, they were assimilated by the Russians. The Khazars were a significant factor in preventing Arab expansion to the Caucasus. The name is also spelled Chazars.

Muy agradecido por su atencion reciban nuestros saludos ms cordiales,
Rodrigo X. Carreras

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Dear Rodrigo,

The Khazars are an Amazing Vhapter in the history of Am Yisrael.

I am referring this message to Mr. Yair Davidiy of the Brit Am Organization [], which researches these issues.

Let's see what Yair (and/or some of the other people receiving copies of this message), have to say about the Khazars.

Shavua Tov from Liberated Yerushaliyim,



Aryeh Shalom
The Khazars were of Israelite descent and related to people
in the west.
We are preparing a separate book on the subject but a basic outline
of the subject matter may already be understood from articles
on our web-site

For a list of Brit-Am articles concerning the Khazars go to:

2. Steve Collins: Parthian-Goths
From: Steve Collins <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-762
#1. Goths and Parthians? from: Cam Rea

Shalom Yair,

Your comment [i.e. that of Cam Rea] about the Goths wearing Iranian clothes is correct. Lucien Musset's book, The Germanic Invasions, states on p. 36 that the Goths' kings were wearing Iranian clothing circa 230 AD. This is just 3 years after the fall of Parthia, and the term "Iranian" at that time had been synonymous with "Parthian" for about 475 years. Musset adds that the Goths near the Black Sea region at that time dressed in "Iranian costume, to such an extent that the Graeco-Roman authors confused them with the Scythians." This indicates that large numbers of "Goths" were in the region and they were wearing clothing identified with Parthia. What obviously happened was that the many Parthians who survived the fall of their empire were migrating toward the Black Sea region and merging with the Goths/Scythians who had lived there for centuries. George Rawlinson's book, The Sixth Great Oriental Monarchy, states on p. 367 that the surviving Parthian princes of the royal dynasty of Parthia fled to Armenia in 227 AD for refuge as Armenia was ruled by blood relatives of the Parthian kings. Armenia successfully withstood the Sassanian Persians so it became a refuge for all Parthians who fled there. Armenia was mountainous and couldn't possibly provide enough food for the influx of Parthian refugees. These refugees had no choice but to continue migrating northward into the Black Sea region where there was plenty of room and food. The Parthian princes who migrated toward the Armenian/Caucasus Mt. region in 227 AD were the "Gothic kings" noted by Musset as being dressed in "Iranian" (i.e. Parthian) clothing in 230 AD. It is not surprising that Graeco-Roman authors would confuse the Goths with the Scythians as numerous historians have noted that the Parthians and Scythians consisted of related tribes. The complete documentation on this migration period, and much evidence that the Parthians, Scythians and Goths were all descendants of the ten tribes of Israel, is found in my book, Parthia: The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, which can be ordered either from me or from my publisher on-line at:

Steve Collins

3. Juan Alfredo: DNA Insights
From: "Juan Alfredo Gutirrez R." <>
Subject: Shalom, DNA commentary

Shalom Ubraja for you Yair,

I like very much the work you are doing and I respect everything you say,
I believe that HaShem is doing some work through you, keep the good work.
I want to make some comments about certain issues that some people have
argued about.

I believe according to what I've read in the Bible that Joseph has a main
function in the restoration of all things, and the stablishment of the
kingdom of God on earth. About some of the DNA research they have made,
specially in the discoveries they have made about the R1b group (and R1a
too), I would like to say that according to the Bible when the northern
kingdom was exiled many members of the northern kingdom flew from the
north to the south and even before that, when they saw that Jeroboam and
all the people in the north were going astray and were worshiping idols
and doing all the things that the Torah said not to do and were not doing
the things that the Torah said they should do, they became aware of that
and instead of doing the wrongs things they left the north and went to
their brothers in the south, and were absorbed by the kingdom of Judah.

Based on the fact that Britain and USA might be Joseph, and that in these
places the majority has the R1b group, the thing might be that these
people are connected to all the jews now a days who have the R1b group,
because they might be descendants of those God-fearing people who came
from the north to live with the people from the south, Judah, Levi and
Benjamin and that's why when they took the DNA test their results came up
with the thing that they are R1b group. These is a proof that yes, some
people from Britain and USA may belong to Joseph and that is the
connection, because these modern jews, who have never lost their Israelite
identity, they might be asking themselves if they belong to any group who
converted to judaism or what, and that's not the answer, the answer might
be that they belong to Joseph, as well as the British people and that's
why the have the R1b group.

Other thing I want to say is that according to DNA experts R1b is not a
Middle Eastern group, but that's based on scientific assumptions according
to the fossil discoveries they have made so far, but I do believe that as
the Bible states through the prophets, it says that God is going to gather
the ones who are exiled and who are lost among the nations, is not going
to be a human action so probably God is not making DNA scientists figure
that out, because that action is 100% God's deed not human, and that's why
many people around that world are feeling so close to Israel, because God
is pouring his Holy Spirit on us to wake us and come back home, as you can
see in the profet Jeremiah were it speaks about the new covenant that HE
TRIBES) He is pouring His spirit in them and he is putting His Torah in
their hearts, so they may come back home.

so let's keep praying to HaShem and let's keep awaiting the day Efraim and
Judah would re-unite and become one holy nation, Amen!!!!
Juan (Yochanan), from Guatemala (of spanish-sephardic ancestry)

4. New Scythian Finds in Mongolia
News of the Week
After 2 Millennia on Ice, a Nomad Resurfaces
Andrew Curry*
BERLIN--Decked in a magnificent fur mantle and gilded wooden
headdress, a nomad--probably a fierce warrior--was buried more than
2200 years ago in the icy highlands of Mongolia. This week, a team of
archaeologists, led by Hermann Parzinger, director of the German
Archaeological Institute in Berlin, announced that they had found his
partially mummified remains. The finding will reveal more about the
culture and conditions that preserved the body. It is urgent work,
observers say, because a warmer environment could destroy specimens
like this.

In 2004, the 30-member team from Germany, Russia, and Mongolia
surveyed more than a dozen stone-covered burial mounds in
northwestern Mongolia. Last year, they returned to the 2600-meter-
high plateau in the Altai region, a remote mountain range that
borders Russia, China, and Mongolia, with electromagnetic sensors,
temperature probes, and other instruments to look for ice layers that
might indicate intact burials.

Parzinger has made spectacular finds before. In 2001, he pulled
nearly 20 kilograms of artfully worked jewelry out of a similar grave
mound in the Russian republic of Tuva. Archaeologists say the Altai
plateaus are the burial grounds of the Pazyryk, members of a larger
Scythian culture that occupied Central Asia as early as the 9th
century B.C.E. and struck fear into the hearts of the ancient Greeks
and Persians.

5. Peter Piper: Historical Observations?
From: peter piper <>
Subject: History

Dear Yadir
             I am pleased you have been reading history of WW2
In a second hand book shop I came across William shirer's "This is Berlin"

Reading it I was shocked to discover how much the ordinary people of America knew in 1939 concerning the plight of European Jews.

So I got my highlighter pen and went through marking every mention of Jews of Jewish issues and found an almost continuous trail throughout the book.

Just how significant was William Shirer ?
Well he wrote the definitive history "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"
And in the 1942 US Govt military films made and seen by all soldiers; speaking on the subject of Freedom books available and read in USA such as by Hitler, Stalin, are shown in one shot.
"This is Berlin" is among those four or five titles in the picture.

Thus Shirer starting with a trip to Austria to record folk music and flying to Britain to finally record what he had seen in Vienna of the 1938 take over...became for USA a prophet speaking to them from the heart of Europe at a time when the subtle things he did say were very important.

But what if ?
What if the people and govt of USA had listened and done something ?
You can see where I an going with this.
December 1941 ..three years later ...when Germany had been turned from the gates of Moscow and a few days before Heidrich convened a conference to decide how to kill millions of Jews...

The the next question iis  .... well why did USA stand back and let 36 million people be killed in Russia and Europe ?
And that is related to the question
After the 29 collapse of the US economy became a collapse of the German economy what steps did USA take to change that situation ?
Did those steps lead to German rearmament ?
What was the support Hitler had in the US ?
What companies corporations and individuals were in involved  ...  Henry Ford ? IBM ?

But God takes a balanced view of history !

Thus last night I was reading about May of 48 in the classic "O Jerusalem" by Collins, Lapierrer

Speaking of recent IDF misadventures in Lebanon in terms of the defeats suffered by Haganah in trying to take the road to Jerusalem 48..... I would say that;
(1. Wars are not won by superior weapons and the bible curses the trust those weapons.
(2. But when USA recognised Israel and prayers and love of the people of USA was with the new nation the entire situation was one of hope despite the hopeless state of Jerusalem.
(3. When several US high generals agreed to lead the IDF ...and when one of those actually laid down his career to take the post of Alif  [general]...well that is significant.
(4. But despite David Ben Gurion's dislike of people wandering off to take independent actions the history records that on one dark night high in the hills between the coast and Jerusalem two jeeps met on a ridge as the new road was scouted out.

To conclude then. Much as some may love (and no doubt some may hate) USA the words a day ago by President Bush "our policy in the middle east has been to bring stability" does not describe the cynical arming of Islamist forces from 1979 onwards the so called Brezinski Strategy...
Thus USA has in it's self interested oil strategy from Roosevelt onwards has a lot to answer for
(For a view of just how cynical and self interested US strategy was even when the middle east desk at the state dept had less then six people... See "Bombs over bible lands" Nat Geo August 1941 at a time when my Plymouth Brethren bible prophecy ancestors were concluding that Germany had the world in a successful pincer and with British forces going backwards toward Palestine and
Russia collapsing as German forces   pushed south towards Turkey and Persia... well the ancient battlefield at Meggido would once again see action and that in fact is the military logic of the Nat Geo article.

So much as we love USA .. seen in the context of American delusions and manifest self interest and bullying behaviour ... occasionally US has done the right thing ... and a few individuals have in that made a massive difference given that God has been at work in their efforts. (you are but one)

But somewhere I read "The righteous shall live by faith"
Thus as we see the dark clouds of Iran gathering to the north and wonder how our people can survive given that The Party of God is no push over (or that terror methods don't work on populations which have faith in God) ... then relying on USA is not the way forward rather I strongly suspect having studied the Quran that there are those in the region who understand that the line of blessing is with Isaac and his descendants as Quran and Kutub both say
 love paul

6. The Japanese are not Hebrews!
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