"Brit-Am Now"-764
1. Magog in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan?
2. Joan Griffith: World War I and Germany
3. DNA News: R1b from Ancient Israel??

1. Magog in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan?
From: c hayman <>
Subject: Excellent article on location of Magog

Brit-Am Comment: The above article does not reflect
Brit-Am views but it is worth perusing.
The graphics are good, the use of sources is interesting
and informative,
and the point of view worth taking into consideration.

2. Joan Griffith: World War I and Germany
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-763
#5. Peter Piper: Historical Observations?

I was very interested to read Peter Piper's take on WWII, because I've been reading about World War I. I just finished The Guns of August, by Barbara Tuchman, which describes the first month of the war and gives an understanding of how the war could have been stopped then, at Ypres, at the Marne, had the allies got their act together and carried on in a more organized, forceful, and cohesive manner. The Jews specifically were not mentioned, as a group,  but of course that is the general era of Henry Ford, who came to believe Jews were conspirators on a grand scale. (No word on how Jews may have started WWI)

What is interesting about this is that the Russian's loss of the Russo-Japanese war gave Germany incentive to attack France (over mostly made-up wrongs, as I understand it). England came in because Germany stormed through Belgium, whose neutrality and sovereignty England and France had signed to protect.

Through the book, references are continually made to irritations to Germany from earlier in the 19th century that "caused" WWI, just as Germany got into WWII to avenge the "wrongs" foisted on it at Versailles after WWI. I had never heard of them before, so I can't quote what they are.

It does make you wonder if Germany, despite its involvement in the European coalition, yet harbors fear and anger toward the victors, England, France, Russia, and America; toward the escaped victims, the Jews and others; and what sort of incident would it take to start it all again...

"The Assyrian, rod of mine anger, saith the Lord" (Isaiah 10:5).

3. DNA News: R1b from Ancient Israel??
As a promoter of Brit-Am beliefs and a researcher into Brit-Am
matters I have had for some years now a more or less dilettante interest in DNA studies
and try to follow what is going on.
We have our own criticisms of these studies as seen from our article:
DNA Racial Classifications Refuted!
Case Study: "The Cohen Gene"
 Nevertheless we still try to keep up with what is being discussed and researched
and on several occasions have found DNA reports to be of useful interest to our own researches.
As much as DNA helps it can also hinder.
The lengths to which DNA researchers sometimes go to prove a point
can be quite enlightening in themselves.

Some people  at first think that the beliefs of
Brit-Am are a little far-fetched.  This is before they check it out
after which they are usually totally convinced or we can (to put it
politely) remove the quantitative adjective in the above expression
"little far-fetched"!
I imagine however that such individuals have little or no scientific
background or at least do not regularly read scientific literature.
However "far-fetched" we may seem we are actually extremely conservative
and not given to baseless speculation especially when compared
with the "scientists" who determine what food you will eat and much
of what will happen to you in your modern science-oriented existence!
Anyway not to belabor the point,
Researchers found a small group of Arab-language (but not Beduin)
settlers in an isolated area by the Dead Sea in Jordan.

The YDNA of this group showed haplogroup 31% E3b-
which is otherwise only found in Ethiopia and 40% R1* (similar to
R1b and considered the immediate forefather R1b3) which is otherwise
only found in the Cameroons in West Africa
where in one tribe (Udele) it reaches 90% though otherwise
it is almost unknown in Africa on the whole.
The study in the Dead Sea was based on samples from only 45 males.
That is as far as the study goes.

R1b is the predominant haplogroup in Western Europe
which is also found a lesser degree in the Middle East.

Nevertheless based on the above sample and its 40% findings
(i.e. 17 cases?) in a sample of 46 it appears that serious researchers
along with the fruitful backing of well-informed armchair enthusiasts
who are following the proceeds may be exploring the possibility
that R1b originated in the Israel-Jordan area!
A wild guess would say that there are about 85 million possibly even more
 males in the world today with R1b.
That makes as many as 50 million cases for every Dead Sea area one!
Good luck to the interested researchers (at least one of whom
is considered a leading authority), however.
Since I myself am evidently an R1b case I have no objection
to having the possibility of my ancestry in the male line
being traced "scientifically" all the way back to the area of Greater Israel.
Incidentally, how do these researchers explain the presence of R1b
in the Cameroons according to the Great Israel [Brit-Am definition]
Isolated (?) cases of R1b have also been reported from Egypt.
The Hyksos (Shepherd Kings according to Josephus
and according to Brit-Am at least in part Hebrews) from the region of Israel conquered
Egypt and other parts of Africa and it has been suggested that maybe
they gave rise to the presence of R1b in the Cameroons(?).

More (maybe, after all we are just observers from a distance) on all this later.