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1. DNA again: The Matriarchs
2. Phoenicians in Wales? DNA
3. Yair Davidiy on Arutz-7

1. DNA again: The matriarchs
Clan Helena (CRS) - No Mutations  dna info   hello yair  i just recently got my  mtdna test back im haplogroup H  did you ever test your mtdna. i know you said your son tested his. any way i just thought i would share them with you. shalom.   george in texas                     ps what ever this all means .i dont know but it is fun to explore  maybe some day some patterns will emerge.

George Shalom,
I have not as yet checked my own DNA.
MtDNA is acquired through the mother only and she through her mother etc.
For more explanation see:
The mtDNA of my son is pre-HV which as its name suggests the predecessor of HV
which in turn gave rise to both H and V.
it follows that it can all be traced back to pre-HV which is native to the Semitic Middle East.
mtH and mtV cover more than half of the European population.
Other major European mt-haplogroups include J, T, and K and all
can be traced to the Middle East possibly quite recently.

This would actually fir the Brit-Am thesis very nicely (much more conveniently than the male
haplogroups do) if it was not so comprehensive.

2. Phoenicians in Wales? DNA
"Brit-Am Now" from time to time has reported evidence concerning the Phoenicians
inn Wales, Cornwall (southwest England), and Ireland. The Phoenicians were especially interested
in minerals. The Phoenician presence included later that of the Carthaginians who were originally a
Phoenician colony in Tunisia but came to possess an Empire of their own.
The Phoenicians are known to have used North African mercenaries
and probably also North African colonists.
The quotation below indicates a possibly North African presence in Wales in a mining area.
<<Michael E. Weale  says that Wales has
the oldest population of Great Britain. In this population you find men
who are E3b. For example, in the north Welsh town of Abergele 40% of
all y-lines are group E or haplogroup 21 (probable North African
Michael E. Weale, Deborah A Weiss, Rolf F. Jager, Neil Bradman, Mark G.
Thomas. "Y Chromosome Evidence for Anglo Saxon Mass Migration, in
Molecular Biology and Evolution (2002)

<<Abergele is right next to the copper mining area of Wales. That region
provided nearly half the copper for the whole of Europe during the bronze age.
Outside Cyprus it was the biggest producer. Also major lead mines in the area. >>

3. Yair Davidiy on Arutz-7
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