"Brit-Am Now"-767
1. Brit-Am is pro-Christian concerning Joseph
2. Dennis McGinlay: "The Creator of all things
has a plan for the reunification"
3. Marshall Mannerheim Never Referred to Issachar?
4. Question on RH O Negative blood and the Messiah
5. Characteristics of US and Menasseh in Rabbinical Sources

1. Brit-Am is pro-Christian concerning Joseph
Just for the record Brit-Am sees Christianity as a positive influence on Joseph
and as an agent of Divine Providence.
We attempt not to offend and have a genuine respect.
Brit-Am Replies to Queries
Q. 7: What is the attitude of Brit-Am to Christianity?
<<Christianity may be seen as a tool of Divine Providence to bring the Lost Ten Tribes back to an ultimate reconciliation with Judah. Christians in non-Israelite nations are often antagonistic towards Judah. On the other hand Israelites from the Lost Ten Tribes are often led by Christianity to believe in the Bible, to feel an awareness of Hebraic belonging, and a closeness to Judah and the State of Israel.
All of the above is consistent with Rabbinical Sources..

2. Dennis McGinlay: "The Creator of all things
has a plan for the reunification"
From: Dennis McGinlay <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-765

Dear Yair

I have just listened to your latest broadcast on the Tamar Yonah show. Fine.
Except, that you talk too fast!!  Slow down!! If you do, the message of
Brit-Am will come across more succinctly.                             My
main impression from the presenters 'chat' after your 'item' is that your
message is not being taken seriously enough. MAKE them understand that it is
not a question of Christians converting Jews to Christianity or vice versa.
We are what we are for now, but in the near future the Creator of all things
has a plan for the reunification of all of Israel whether Jew or Christian
(for that is what we currently are) and arguing over the niceties of this
religion or that is neither here nor there. It is my belief that the so
called Christian religions of this world be it Catholic, Protestant, or
whatever, have nothing to  do with the God  of Israel, but rather, man made
religions interested only in money and power, as they have always been. I
believe that God has built a ''little church'' that will be re-unified with
Judah in the latter days and all will be made whole. Jews, as God commanded,
have a role to fulfill in the present world. They should not waver from it.
They cannot, for it was ordained by God,  and if the truth be told, they
have no say in the matter. (How blessed you are) The house of Israel has a
different commission to fulfill, and when re-united with the house of Judah,
all of Israel will be complete. Let us wait on the will and purpose of the
creator. Stick to your message of the re-unification of the 'lost tribes'
with Judah and leave religious questions to God.

I look forward to hearing more broadcasts on Israel Radio, BUT slow down!!
PS You don't sound Australian??
All of Gods blessing on you>
Dennis McGinlay

3. Marshall Mannerheim Never Referred to Issachar?
From: Mikael Wahrn <>
Subject: Re: issachar

As a Finn and as a an admirer of Marshall Mannerheim, who truly is an national hero, I would appreciate if you could stop alleging that Mannerheim ever talked or referred to Issachar in any public speeches.
If you would bother doing a bit of research you could easily find that out.All (at least the most important ones) Mannerheim's speeches are recorded or documented and kept either by the curators of the Mannerheim Museum or archived in the YLE (the BBC of Finland) radio archives. A short email to the museum could confirm that fact . The actual recordings can be ordered from YLE.
This is just one of the things that somebody came up with and then it seems to be quoted around the web without anybody checking the accuracy as long as it confirms preconceived delusions.

Mikael Wahrn

Brit-Am Reply: Our source for the statement by Marshall Mannerheim that the Fins
descend from Issachar is an old South African publication and other sources that we
assumed were reliable.
That something was not recorded officially, or at least is not now present
in the archives does not mean it was never said.
We do have reasonably RELIABLE sources that the earliest histories of Finland
stated that their ancestors came from Israel and the Marshall would have been familiar with
such traditions.
see the very first few pages of both:
S. Nickels, H. Kallas, P. Friedman, "Finland. An Introduction," U.K. 1968.
John H.  WUORINEN, "A History of Finland,"  New York & London 1965.
Nevertheless from now on until we receive more evidence
we will refrain from repeating this assertion  concerning Marshall Mannerheim.
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

For more on Marshall Mannerheim see:
Baron Carl Gustav (Emil) Mannerheim (1867-1951)

4. Question on RH O Negative blood and the Messiah
Dear Britam:

Do you think that the RH O Negative Blood factor is linked to the Messiah from the lineage of David?

Kind regards,


No such thing.
The idea was invented by someone who themselves have that blood type.

5. Characteristics of US and Menasseh in Rabbinical Sources
A New Ongoing Series
Originally we intended to publish the results of this new research
as a long article in our magazine "Brit-Am TRUTH".
It has now been decided to publish the material on our web-site
one point at a time.
This will allow us to give each point the space and emphasis it deserves.
This evidence is based on Rabbinical reasoning or "derash" that we accept
though preferably in conjunction with other proof.
"Derash" (inquiry, searching, usually concerning the deeper meaning
of Hebrew words) is not however acceptable to everyone so for us
this feature is something of an experiment.
At present the feature entails a discussion of the following:
a. The Sources.
b. The Message Received.
A Nation of Immigrants who through newly found Prosperity forget the "Old Country"