"Brit-Am Now"-773
1. John Hulley: Insights  of value
2. Dennis McGinlay: Brit-Am is ...a warning and an invitation
3. British Origins from Spain?
4. Question on German (Wendish?) Levi DNA
5. Brit-Am  "The Only Voice"

1. John Hulley: Insights  of value

2. Dennis McGinlay: Brit-Am is ...a warning and an invitation
From: dennis mcginlay <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-768

Dear Yair

Message to your Email List

Fascinating stuff, all this Barry Chamish claim and counter-claim. What one
should ask oneself is 'Do I believe in UFO's, little green men etc?' Modern
man is brainwashed into believing in all this fantasy concerning 'aliens'
from other planets, 'evolution of species', 'weird conspiracy theories' ,
and goodness knows what else. If your answer is 'Yes, I do believe in aliens
from other planets in the universe, evolution, conspiracy theories,' then
you don't believe in God. Not only that, but are tempted and fall for the
lying words of the adversary of the Eternal. Your mind is corrupted and
incapable of tuning into or accepting his word. Yair Davidy and Brit-Am not
only work to bring Israel and Judah together, but also to spread the word of
the Almighty to whoever will listen. Brit-Am is not a dry as dust
scientifically based exercise, but a warning and an invitation from God
himself. Those who do not understand this are in great danger. God is
calling. You'd better listen.
Dennis McGinlay.

3. British Origins from Spain?
Oppenheimer on British Origins

4. Question on German (Wendish?) Levi DNA
I am new to the DNA research and have recently learned that my haplogroup is R1a. Further reading on the topic revealed that greater than 50% of Ashkenazi Levites have the same haplogroup R1a.  Does this mean that we have a common ancestor of the ancient Hebrew tribe of Levi? I've been able to trace my direct paternal line back to about 1545 to a small village in the Duchy of Wrttemberg, Germany.


If you have the same type of R1a that is characteristic of Ashkenazic Levites
it does not necessarily mean that you are of Israelite descent but it is
worth looking into. Even without the Levite connection it is worth looking into
if possible.
A  lot more research needs to be done however on there and related topics.

5. Brit-Am  "The Only Voice"

Dear Friend,

Yesterday I sent you a cheque of 20 to help in your work, I don't know if
you can easily convert GB pounds to Israeli money but your bank will
probably sort it out, I will send you more from time to time as and when I
can because I feel you are the only voice that's promoting the truth about
the dispersed tribes of Israel, most writers today believe the Jews are the
nation of Israel when in truth they are mainly just one tribe (Judah).

I wish you well and trust that more people will come to accept the truth
about Israel's lost tribes through your excellent website and literature.

Shalom, and God be with you.


6. The Need for More Certainty
Some time ago I heard an "Ephraimite" leader give a speech to his group.
He said something to the effect,
"I do not need to convince you that you are descended from Israel. Most of you
known enough about it to write your own books..."
Not so.
Most of us know enough to satisfy ourselves.
Much of our belief is instinctual.
This instinctive feeling is also shared by numerous others and by spreading our
message we can reach them.
Nevertheless if we wish to be taken seriously we need to be certain and to be able
to prove or at least justify our belief from Biblical and secular sources.
Brit-Am is working on this but it cannot be taken for granted.