"Brit-Am Now"-776
1. Famous Rabbinical Book about Messiah son of Joseph
2. Athol Bloomer: Bearing Witness for Brit-Am
3. Cecil Davis: Testimony for Brit-Am
4. Biblical Proofs Upgraded
 5. Letters etc

1. Famous Rabbinical Book about Messiah son of Joseph
now translated into English and online.

From: John Sicola <>
Subject: book on 2 messiah theory

Shalom Yair,

     I'm sure your familiar with it but for the sake of your list, there is a very good free e-book on the 2 Messiah  theory, last days and redemption of Israel. It's called "Kol Ha-Tor" or Voice of the Turtledove and its a great book. I've read it a few times. Its by the grandson of Rabbi Eliyahu the Vilna Gaon and based on his writings. The website is
and the e-book is

John from Texas

2. Athol Bloomer: Bearing Witness for Brit-Am
From: Athol Bloomer <>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-775
#2. Steven Collins Defends Brit-Am

To all,

I would just like to confirm that Steve Collins is 100% right. I also met with Yair Davidi and Rabbi Feld in Jerusalem and spoke on Davidic Genealogy at a Britam meeting at which all participants were Orthodox Jews except myself. I also tutored on behalf of Rabbi Feld a Haredi young man English for many months.

Athol Bloomer

3. Cecil Davis: Testimony for Brit-Am
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 12:41:17 +0200
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-775
#2. Steven Collins Defends Brit-Am

Hi Yair,

If you approve; you may add this writing to your e-mailing.

I agree completely with what Steven Collins wrote about Yair in "Brit-Am Now"-775.

My family and I are what the world call "Christian"; I am a retired pilot both from the U.S. Air Force and as a Commercial pilot.

Yair Davidiy and I have been friends since 1995 soon after our permanent move to Israel.
My wife noticed an article in the Jerusalem Post stating a lecture on the Ten Lost Tribes would be held
at a certain address in Jerusalem; I couldn't wait to get there.
My wife son and I (with an Israeli lady unknown to us) were the only ones attending the lecture by Yair.
His statements were what I had previously learned years before coming to Israel; within a few minutes
the lady left leaving only my family and I to listen.
Afterwards we talked; I purchased some of his books and have been in contact with Yair in person, by phone and later by e-mail; since that important first meeting.

Yair does not own a car, he normally travels by Bus (not too safe these days); lives in a small apartment and has only the basic essentials to live on, he does not have the latest things that most of us have. He is clearly dedicated to telling all (who are teachable); the Biblical truths
about the Ten Lost Tribes and their descendants.

He deserves the support verbally, in writing and financially by all who believe and trust his writings and lectures on the Ten Lost Tribes.

I personally know Yair; he has visited our home many times; he is honest, humble, trustworthy, highly disciplined and  certainly is an Orthodox Jew as is Rabbi Feld.
I consider it a privilege to be their friend.

In Israel

4. Biblical Proofs Upgraded
Our series of Biblical Proof Articles
have been re-arranged.
Some new insights and improvements have been added especially
in the Geography Section.
The new arrangement possibly facilitates
appreciation of the subject matter.
It also should enable us to revise, improve, and add to
the existing entries:

Evidence from Scripture

Introduction to Geographical Evidence
Ends of the Earth
Israel -Center of the World
Ends of the Earth and Joseph
Ends of the Earth and Britain
Ends of the Earth and the Lost Ten Tribes
Ends of the Earth and the non-Israelite Nations
Ends of the Earth and Northern Europe
Ends of the Earth and the US Eagle
Ends of the Earth and the Most Exalted Places on Earth
In Islands, and Peninsulas of the Earth
Isles of the Sea
Fires in the Isles
Rulers of the Waves
In Many Waters
Tarshish and the Atlantic Ocean
Centered to the West of the Land of Israel
To the North and West of the Land of Israel
Centered to the North
Zebulon on the Shores of the Sea in Holland
"Zepharat" meaning Britain, France, and the North
"Land of Sinim" meaning Australia and New Zealand

The Joseph Characteristics
Introduction to Proofs from Joseph
Rule Over Other Peoples
A World Power
Military Might
Joseph Defeats Esau-Edom
The Bull-Calf English "Aegel"
India and Egypt
Ephraim and Aristicracy
Menasseh and Representation
The Lion and Unicorn

"Gates of Your Enemies"
Mineral Resources
Agricultural Prosperity
Immense Multitudes

A Blessing to Others
A Light to the Gentiles
Ruled by descendants of David
Drinkers of Alcohol
Gomer and Israel
Hebrews in Name
Israelite Names
Christians in Religion
Separate from Judah
Not Known to Judah

5. Letters etc
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God bless you
together with all the
Tribes of Israel,
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of