"Brit-Am Now"-777
1. Steve Coneglan: Parallels between Simeon and Australia
2. Russell-Davis Publishers
3. Brit-Am Enemy Suspect
4. Rabbinical Source: Repentance of Ten Tribes Precedes
that of Judah?
5. Should the Ten Tribes Keep the Law?

1. Steve Coneglan: Parallels between Simeon and Australia
From: Steve Coneglan <>

Dear Yair,

I would like to put forward a number of strange coincidences between the tribe of Simeon and the nation of Australia.

1) the second breastplate stone - the stone for Simeon - is pitedah, which is our modern peridot. Amazingly, this word - along with its association to the same stone - has survived with next to no phonetic change over the course of at least three-and-a-half millennia. The peridot is a light yellowish green in colour, which is found today in the national colours of Australia's sports teams: for example, the Wallabies rugby team, and the national one-day cricket team to name but a few.
2) the capital city of Australia is Canberra. The coat-of-arms of Canberra features prominently a walled citadel and a sword. According to various sources (and featured on the Israeli postage stamps at your website), a walled city was a tribal symbol of Simeon. This city is generally referred to the biblical Shechem, which Simeon (along with Levi) took by the sword (Genesis 34:25-31).
(NB: the portcullis above the citadel on Canberra's coat-of-arms features as a symbol of Levi on the Israeli postage stamps; and Levi assisted Simeon in the slaughter at Shechem).
3) in biblical times, Simeon was the southernmost of all the tribes in the land of Israel. His land was largely based in the Negev desert. Simeon's territory was undoubtedly the driest of all the tribes. Compare this to Australia, which word means 'Southern Land'; and which is dry and composed mostly of outback desert.
4) in the Wilderness Encampment, Simeon was positioned in the Southern camp, along with the tribes of Reuben and Gad (Numbers 2:10-16). We know for certain that Reuben and Gad were sheepkeepers, as retold at Numbers 32, Deuteronomy 3:12-20, and Joshua 1:12-18. It is therefore almost certain that the tribe of Simeon, who were camped together with Reuben and Gad, also possessed much cattle and sheep. Today, Australia is renowned as a sheep-keeping nation and is the world leader in wool exports.
5) Simeon's territorial inheritance in the land of Israel was within the territory given to Judah. It included the southernmost city of Beersheba (Joshua 19:1-9). Beersheba has always been famous for its wells, from which its name originates.
During the First World War, the town of Beersheba was brought under Israelite control for the first time in more than two millennia. The town and wells of Beersheba were captured and secured by the Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade. Could it be that modern Simeon recaptured the key city of ancient Simeon?
6) Joseph chose Simeon out of all his brothers, bound and imprisoned him before their eyes, when they came to buy food of him (Genesis 42:24). Australia was infamously used as a penal colony of the British Empire, and is sometimes slurred as being settled by convicts. The Australian band Icehouse say as much in their still-popular song, 'Great Southern Land': 'anyone will tell you it's a prisoner island / hidden in the summer for a million years'.
The British Empire being identified as Joseph, could it be that Simeon was once again bound of Joseph and imprisoned in a land of exile?
7) Simeon's city of Beersheba was the southernmost town in the land of Israel, hence the saying 'from Dan even to Beersheba' representing all the territory of Israel, from north to south, with Dan the northernmost city, eponymously named for the tribal progenitor (see for example 1 Samuel 3:20; 2 Samuel 3:10 etc.).
Remarkably, there is a parallel here in the modern world. The northernmost land mass on earth is Greenland, the world's biggest island. Greenland is a self-governed territory of Denmark, a modern nation descended from Dan.
The southernmost populated continental landmass is Australia. If Greenland is an island, then Australia too is really an island. Australia is much bigger than Greenland, meaning that Australia and Greenland are effectively the world's two biggest islands. Interestingly, they represent climatic as well as geographical extremes: Greenland is bound in ice, whereas Australia is largely desert.
So if Dan is in Greenland, in the extreme north of the world, could it be that Simeon is in Australia, at the ends of the earth in the south? Could it be that this is the modern-day analogue of the term 'from Dan even to Beersheba', featuring the same tribes, and representing the full extent of Israelite territory in the world?
8) the Australian character has something fundamental in common with the patriarch. Here I refer particularly to Simeon's bold attack on the town of Shechem, as recounted at Genesis 34. Australia has always been bold and forward in battle, a character trait it retains today in its national sporting teams.

The parallels between Simeon and Australia are compelling, and are likely indicative of a far more fundamental relationship between the two.
Also, in regard to the earlier feature including Dan, we note that the city of Dan referred to in the saying 'from Dan even to Beersheba' was actually an enclave of the tribe of Dan, whose prime territory was further to the south. This mimics the geographical relationship between Greenland and Denmark.
I hope that these observations prove thought-provoking. There appears to be a lot of evidence to suggest that this association is more than just coincidence. Maybe your readers can bring more to the table on this matter.

With best wishes,

Stephen Coneglan

2. Russell-Davis Publishers
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3. Brit-Am Enemy Suspect
From: Scarlet
Subject: Brit-am exposed Truth

         You may post if you want too. The  has allot of false information on it and I would not bother wasting my time with the site. I looked up the who own that site and the site comes out of Italy not Israel and If you notice he raise up the Italians and the person that own that site has a Italian name not a Jewish name and if you need that information on who is really running that site  just email me personally and I will send it too you.
The enemies of Jew's and Joe's are the same as we begin the last days and if you notice on that site that he has listed the United States as Gog and Magog and that totally false and that is not what we are seeing today. United States does have pagan things in her land and she has sin but in the most part has been a helper nation to Israel. United States has done things wrong but it is the only major countries that opening support the land of Israel. United States is not Gog and Magog, or Babylon and Babylon is were it always has been over their in Iraq and maybe part of Iran but not in the United States. President Bush is not the anti-Christ either.
What we are seeing today is allot of countries that are raising up against the United States and Israel. United States has a problem with South America because they are raising up again the United States and these same people will raise up against Israel since, they have join up with the Iran and so what we are seeing today is the emeries and friends of Jew's and Joe's are the same.
I would avoid such website that say terrible things about United States and Israel. These same people that list the United States as Gog and Magog and Babylon will get so far mislead by this stuff that sooner or later they will list Jew not as Jews anymore and the Jews are some kind of people masking as Jews that are really stealing the real Jew's Land and all of it is completely false. I would not buy any books from these sites  and everyone money would be much better spent  on one of  Brit-am books or Learning how to speak Hebrew.
                                     G-d Bless,

Brit-Am Comment: The site attacking Brit-Am is owned by
Alessandro Revello who is an Italian lawyer who has written
articles about Gypsies and is active in a Christian mission to them.
The author of the article however appears to be
Avraham Sandor -
 email :
This person goes by several pseudonyms.
Claims to have been born in Hungary, now lives in Germany (?).
Spams people who displease him with 100s of e-mails a day containing
scatological expressions and vile insults.
Also is a Messianic missionary to Gypsies and may be partly Gypsy.
Has claimed in the past to be an "Assyrian" or Christian (Iraqi) Arab
and maybe does know some Arabic.
Also sometimes claims to be Jewish.
Often boasts of his darkish Complexion (sic??).
According to his own account his grandfather claimed(??) in Hungary to be a
Jewish Yemenite convert to Christianity.
Jewish converts were a rare and prize
catch at the time.
Yemenite-Jewish (converts) were even rarer and probably
non-existent, especially not in Hungary.

At all events this is the type of person we are dealing with.

4. Rabbinical Source: Repentance of Ten Tribes Precedes
that of Judah?

The Return of the Two Exiles
Rabeinu Bachye ascribes some of the repetitive phrases in the Parshah (which we largely discussed in Part 1), to the dual redemption of the ten tribes on the one hand and of Yehudah and Binyamin, on the other.

The previous chapter ([Deuteronomy]29), which describes the destruction of Eretz Yisrael and the exile of its inhabitants to a distant land, all because they worshipped idols, refers to the era of the first Beis-Hamikdash (when idolatry was rampant). This chapter (chapter 30) begins with the Exile of the Ten Tribes, as is borne out by the opening Pasuk (which speaks about the 'Nidachim' (those who have been pushed away), a term which generally refers to the Ten Tribes, whom the King of Assyria exiled to Lachlach, Chavor, the River Gozen and the cities of Modai). The Torah mentions them first, because they are the majority (ten tribes). And they are the ones the Torah is referring to in the first half of Pasuk 3, though the second half of the Pasuk switches to Yehudah and Binyamin, who are scattered over the face of the globe and who are subjugated by Eisav and Yishmael. And these two redemptions the Torah hints at in the two phrases that comprise this Pasuk, each one beginning with the word "ve'Shov". The Navi Yeshayah too, hints at these two redemptions when he writes (56:8) "I shall gather, over and above those who have already been gathered". And it appears from the sequence of the Pesukim that the major Teshuvah depends on the Ten Tribes, a concept that is enhanced by the fact that the Pesukim from Pasuk 4 and onwards ("Im yih'yeh nidachacho bi'k'tzei ha'Shamayim ... ") refer once again to the Ten tribes.

Brit-Am: Note this commentary is quoting from Rabbeinu Bachye (Rabbi Bachya ben Asher, Saragossa, Spain, 1255-1340).  Rabbeinu Bachye  in effect suggests that the Ten Tribes must repent before Judah can do so.
He bases his opinion on a logical analysis of Biblical verses.
Brit-Am, at a later date, will post a translation and commentary to the relevant excerpt .

5. Should the Ten Tribes Keep the Law?
From: Vincent Lee Ryan Kelley <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-776


I had a thought and perhaps it won't be wasted on you.  Yosef must return to Torah!

How often do you think the Christians have preached Ezekiel 22:30 out of context?  It dawned on me that Ezekiel 22:26 is the "gap" that needs attention...Sabbaths, tahor/tamei, kodesh...

26 Her priests <03548> have violated <02554> (8804) my law <08451>, and have profaned <02490> (8762) mine holy things <06944>: they have put no difference <0914> (8689) between the holy <06944> and profane <02455>, neither have they shewed <03045> (8689) difference between the unclean <02931> and the clean <02889>, and have hid <05956> (8689) their eyes <05869> from my Sabbaths <07676>, and I am profaned <02490> (8735) among <08432> them. {violated: Heb. Offered violence to}

27 Her princes <08269> in the midst <07130> thereof are like wolves <02061> ravening <02963> (8802) the prey <02964>, to shed <08210> (8800) blood <01818>, and to destroy <06> (8763) souls <05315>, to get <01214> (8800) dishonest gain <01215>.

28 And her prophets <05030> have daubed <02902> (8804) them with untempered <08602> morter, seeing <02374> vanity <07723>, and divining <07080> (8802) lies <03577> unto them, saying <0559> (8802), Thus saith <0559> (8804) the Lord <0136> GOD <03069>, when the LORD <03068> hath not spoken <01696> (8765).

29 The people <05971> of the land <0776> have used oppression <06231> (8804) <06233>, and exercised <01497> (8804) robbery <01498>, and have vexed <03238> (8689) the poor <06041> and needy <034>: yea, they have oppressed <06231> (8804) the stranger <01616> wrongfully <04941>. {oppression: or, deceit} {wrongfully: Heb. Without right}

30 And I sought <01245> (8762) for a man <0376> among them, that should make up <01443> (8802) the hedge <01447>, and stand <05975> (8802) in the gap <06556> before <06440> me for the land <0776>, that I should not destroy <07843> (8763) it: but I found <04672> (8804) none.



Answer: Ezekiel above according to the simple meaning appears to be referring to the situation
in Jerusalem (i.e. Judah) in his own time
Nevertheless it could be that in our time those members of the
Ten Tribes who feel so-called should prepare themselves to keep the
Even if the answer is "yes" it we still
need to be certain as to who the Lost Ten Tribes
really are.
We all need to learn more and to pray more and ask the Almighty for
guidance in these and other matters.

The first step of all could be to internalize and verify the truth of Brit-Am identitiy.
Going through the Brit-Am Bible proofs (soon to be further
upgraded) is a step in this direction.