"Brit-Am Now"-783
1. Tom Turner: Anti-Semitism Paralleled by foreign hatred of "Anglos"
2. Khazars in Sweden
3. Ezekiel Sticks and Jerusalem Tables

1. Tom Turner: Anti-Semitism Paralleled by foreign hatred of "Anglos"
Shalom Yair,

In considering proof of the Brit-am message there is one salient element that is most persuasive to me. It is the same element that authenticates Biblical revelation. Biblical revelation can be, and is, criticized point by point with rational arguments. There is one element that is inarguable and unexplainable, that is the irrational hatred of the Jews by most of the world. The root causes of anti-Semitism are for the most part unknowable precisely because they defy logic and reasoning.

One might also expect this same irrational hatred should be directed at Joseph. And it seems that it is, or at least becoming more so. The western world, specifically the USA and Britain are despised and disdained by most of the world. Perhaps the same root causes of anti-Semitism underlie occidental hatred, but the main reason that is usually verbalized is hegemony, the imposing of our culture on other nations. History documents many bad things that happened because of colonialism, but for the most part it occurred in those nations who opposed the dissemination of western culture.
       Hegemony is usually considered by the left in absolute negative terms, that is; it is always wrong and evil. Postmodernism also adds the axiomatic belief in cultural equality, all cultures are different but equal. This view is way too simplistic. If we look at Dark Continent today we see cultures that have failed in many ways. They are in dire need of western hegemony, but it is outside the pail of political correctness to say so.

       If one looks at the extent of the British Empire and those nations, that either welcomed or at least tolerated British hegemony, they usually prospered greatly. The British Empire brought great advancements in Law, education, transportation and trade among other things to those nations that accepted hegemony. I have seen a satellite image of the world taken at night showing all the man made sources of light. It looks remarkably similar to a map of the British Empire including its off springs like the USA and Australia. If progress can be represented by electricity than the British Empire surely was a blessing to the world. The same hegemony that is condemned by most of the world and the left is actually the blessings the Bible say's Joseph will bring to the world. That is indeed an irrational hatred.


2. Khazars in Sweden
We posted notices concerning this site in the past but it now seems
to have been upgraded with additional information.
Shows the existence of a large Khazar community in Birka (over 2000 graves)
in Sweden and Swedish connections with Scythia in general.
The site  has an irritating download arrangement, distracting background music,
 bad graphics, and  a web code that does not allow copying
or printing of the text.
The information however is interesting and important.

3. Ezekiel Sticks and Jerusalem Tables
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