"Brit-Am Now"-785
1. Not Convinced
2. Thanks from Ilkka
3. Alan Brook Brookmanship and Brit-Am
a. Brook goes over the Brink
b. Brit-Am  Brooks, Brakes, and Breaks the Brinkmanship
of Brook Book Brokery
4. Brit-Am Meets With "Ephraimites" in Jerusalem
5. Raymond Lee: Joes Needed for Defence

1. Not Convinced
came across this site by accident; i have seen so many bad british israel sites, but this one is pretty bad.   there are so many holes in the postulations, that it is impossible to elevate it to the  level of serious debate.

i guess my question then , is this really a christian identity site?    it has to be, because they are the only ones it seem  who are oblivious ,and editoralize so whimsically.

P. Klein

Brit-Am Answer:
Since your letter was addressed to us I assume you are speaking about our web-site.
You claim our "postulations" (i.e. unproved assumptions) leave something to be desired.
This would suggest that you have at least looked at what you are addressing.
How then could you mistake us for a "christian identity site" unless you
had a preconceived agenda of your own that nothing could budge you from?
or perchance you  simply suffer from some other malady?

2. Thanks from Ilkka
From: Ilkka Olander <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-781
#7. Frisian legends

Dear Yair,

thank you very much of the sources!

I'm compiling a Powerpoint show on the topic of the Lost Tribes and their possible offshoots for my Jewish friends who are quite fascinated about this topic.


Ilkka Olander

 3. Alan Brook Brookmanship and Brit-Am
a. Brook goes over the Brink
From: "Kevin Brook" <>
To: "davidbenariel" <>

I am familiar with EVERY ARTICLE ON THE WEB about Khazars.
Brit-Am is an agenda-driven cultish propaganda organization which
dismisses the truth about Khazar people's origins to fit their pet theory
that Israelites are everywhere throughout Europe.
Since you're associated with them, I have no interest in corresponding
The Khazars were ORIGINALLY TURKIC - ALL the sources say so.
They mixed later with some Hebrews, but that wasn't their main lineage!
And some other contentions of Brit-Am are also false: Khazars aren't
Agathyrsoi, and Picts aren't Agathyrsoi, and Celts and Brits aren't
Israelites, USA isn't Menashe. Yair Davidy is no historian.

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, davidbenariel wrote:
Are you familiar with Brit-Am Israel and their article on the Khazars?
Here it is:

David Ben-Ariel

b. Brit-Am  Brooks, Brakes, and Breaks the Brinkmanship
of Brook Book Brokery
(i.e. we reply briefly)
Kevan Alan Brook wrote "The Jews of Khazaria" (1999).
The book has ca 354 pages and is quite comprehensive.
The work contains nothing we could see that is original
but it is readable and much of the information could be useful
to those interested in the subject.
Brook also has a web site with numerous articles and links some of which
are worth looking at.
Concerning the content of his outburst:
We do not think the Lost Tribes are everywhere throughout Europe
but only in some select areas.
This is not our pet theory it is the purpose of our existence.
The Khazars were not originally Turkic.
Some of the sources say they were but most do not.
Most Jewish sources say the Khazars were Hebrews
as do some of the Arab and other Gentiles ones.
Some sources identify them with Armenians, others with Huns,
Georgians, Scythians, or Northerners.
Not everything Brook states can the truth since he states things
above that are not true.
Khazars may not be Agathyrsoi but the evidence does point in that direction.
As for the rest Brook seems to be the one with cult-driven agenda
not us.
What makes someone like him ignore the historical evidence of which he must
bey aware and which is available in major reference works he relies upon like that of
Dunlop and with a fanatical passion that brooks no contradiction
make statements that are palpably incorrect?

4. Brit-Am Meets With "Ephraimites" in Jerusalem
"How Can Ephraim Return?"
John Hulley initiated a meeting with Brit-Am
to discuss the admittance of "Ephraimites" into Israel.
A select group were present at the meeting which began at
ca 10 am in the Sukkah of Cafe Rimon in Jerusalem and continued
across the road in a private room belonging to Cafe Ticho.
The meeting entailed quite intensive discussions and continued till
ca 1300 though Yair Davidiy left an hour early due to other commitments.
Present at the meeting were:
John Hulley
Patti Mitchell
Cheryl Crenshaw,
Raymond Lee and his wife, Carmelita
Rick Richardson and his wife, Susan
Rabbi Avraham Feld and his wife and son
Yair Davidiy

Brit-Am may post a brief summary of the meeting and the conclusions
we drew from  it.
Rabbi Avraham Feld with his wife was present at the meeting all
the way through and revealed some original insights on the
whole question. Rabbi Feld is preparing an article
on the subject.
Carmelita Lee is preparing a summary and partial transcript
of the meeting.
Raymond Lee will post remarks.
John Hulley will write a summarization from his point of view.
Others who were present may also write.
Our subscribers will be invited to send their own observations.
A new section on our web-site may be devoted to this subject.

5. Raymond Lee: Joes Needed for Defence
From: Raymond Lee <>
Subject: Meeting

Dear Yair,

I thought our meeting on Friday was interesting.  Like you, I never think it is a bad idea to sit down and talk with reasonable people.  One of the reasons I would like to see Ephraim allowed into Israel is because I think it is highly probable that both the House and the Senate will lose their Republican majorities and wind up with a Democratic majorities who will give Mr. Bush all the headaches he can stand.  Of course the Democrats are very interested in getting out of Iraq and her neigbhor to the north of her now occupied by Nato forces.  If the Democrates and therefore the U.S. bail out of the Middle East, the vacuum will be filled with Iran and all the terrorists organization she backs and then some.

If all of that happens, what does than mean for Israel?  You know that Hashem has always advocated that we look towards Him as our provider and protector.  I think today was look more towards the United States to fulfill that role than HaShem.  If HaShem decides that it is time for us to look towards him for our help, then I think you will see the U.S. taking a backseat when it comes to troubles in the Middle East whether we like it or not.  Therefore, it becomes highly important that we do all we can to help ourselves, and the Joes would certainly be an asset to us as we get backed up further in the corner than we already are.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a note to mention what I thought of the meeting on Friday.

Best regards,

Ray Lee

Note:  Brit-Am is once again  opening up
for discussion on this subject.
Even so our basic conclusions remain and if anything
have been strengthened.
Proof and convincing others of "Brit-Am" truths and beliefs
for many "Joes" may not be as considered as important as the
inner conviction they may have.
Nevertheless it is important to those who do not feel as themselves.
It is doubly important to Judah.
"Joes" who wish their claims to be recognized and taken into consideration yet
show reluctance to support Brit-Am are in fact contradicting themselves.