"Brit-Am Now"-786
1. VE: Where's the kosher beef?
2. Mormon Parallels
3. Timothy F Murray: Pleased and Looking Forward
4. Sally: Encouragement
5. Is Judah Occupying the Land of Joseph?
6. What do you mean by Repentance?
7. The Brit-Am Judah Fund

1. VE: Where's the kosher beef?

Here's a link to a paper I downloaded from by what looks
like serious genetic researchers from Calcutta India who examined claims
that some northeastern Indian tribes were of Jewish descent. The paper is *not* peer reviewed.
They conclude that there is no relationship along the paternal lines, but
that along the maternal lines, it can't be ruled out.

Where do we find more research of this ilk?  Has there been any
consolidation of this information (a map, for instance, showing locations of
peoples that have been proven to descend from the original jewish tribes?)

Also - 2 suggestions: 1) Could those that write articles or emails here give
a brief description of their academic or other background, and indicate if
they have any agenda other than "the truth."  It would be nice to see some
attempt at synthesizing well researched information and *then*
cross-checking it with biblical accounts, rather than applying spotty
information to *fit* one's own biblical interpretations. 2) Yair, please
suppress email addresses by default on these "posts."  After my first
message I received a phone call from someone who had tracked me down by
email or website.  Turned out to be a very interesting and pleasant caller,
but you can imagine how this could easily turn problematic.

Vilhjalmur Eidels
The Last Known Living Jewish Viking in Southern California
Agenda: Truth
Education: State University & Life

Answers:  (1. a) The posting of academic credentials etc in our experience is
unnecessary and sometimes misleading -especially since we have not got any!
Seriously, they do not necessarily say anything apart from exceptional cases such as
criticism of a DNA paper etc in which evidence that what was written
was probably understood could be an advantage. They who wish to post
their credentials may do so.
(1.b) "Brit-Am Now"- postings serve as a forum for people to make relevant comments,
impart knowledge, ask questions, express their interest, and for us to give information, maintain contact,
and request funding, etc.
It is to be expected that many people have agendas but within limits this is acceptable.
It also happens that many valuable informational-leads are posted alongside much that
with hindsight could be considered trivia or at least of no-lasting value.
In our Questions and Answer Section
an attempt has been made to categorize questions answered
on Brit-Am Posts and elsewhere.
Material of great value is there and with a little effort can be accessed.
Regarding articles on the Web Site I wrote most of them
(apart from the Genealogy section which belongs to Betty Rhodes)
and am responsible for them.
My son is onto me to put more order and logic into the presentation
of the web-site and some improvements will probably eventually be made.
Even now however it is not as bad as it looks once you start reading through
the articles and it has a certain advantage as it is.

(2) The point about not posting e-mail addresses is well taken and is our usual
practice these days. There are however exceptions and in your case a mistake
was made for which we apologize.

2. Mormon Parallels

Hello from the U.S.:

We are a faith of over 12 million worldwide members who uniformly believe that our first prophet of the Restoration, Joseph Smith, Jr. (born c.e. 1805 in Vermont, U.S.A., ), is the Messiah ben Joseph who also is described in your Britam message.

We also believe that Joseph Smith is (and that the majority of us members of the faith today are) literal descendants of Ephraim and are of the House of Israel.  When we are of age (about 13 or older) each of us receives a personal blessing, called a Patriarchal Blessing, which includes our lineage that is our link to a tribe of Israel.  Coincidentally, a large portion of us are of Anglo-American heritage.

... I have no doubt that we would have our differences of interpretation, but I, personally, have been amazed by the similarities of our beliefs to your Biblical interpretations as presented on your website.  I also feel you, because of your heritage, have some keys of Biblical interpretation of which I could learn.

Thank you,

Daniel Harvath
Daniel, Utah, U.S.A.

 3. Timothy F Murray: Pleased and Looking Forward
Subject: re "Brit-Am Now"-785
Yair, on a light note, let me congratulate you on this most wonderful headline response to a buzzing gnat--!  Outstanding!  As a writer, I am almost jealous.  Keep the faith!

Alan Brook Brookmanship and Brit-Am
        a. Brook goes over the Brink
        b. Brit-Am  Brooks, Brakes, and Breaks the Brinkmanship of Brook Book Brokery


Regarding the conclave about "How can Ephraim Return," I really wish I'd been there to join in.  I look forward to further summarization and postings about this meeting.  The time is soon, and may even be now, for the Return to be realized.

Tim Murray

 4. Sally: Encouragement
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-785
#4. Brit-Am Meets With "Ephraimites" in Jerusalem
"How Can Ephraim Return?"

Hi Yair, I am glad to hear about the "How Can Ephraim Return?" meeting and looking forward to the various reports. As for the complainers and nay sayers .... they can go somewhere else. I say "you know you're over the target when you start taking flak." Keep on target!! Sally

5. Is Judah Occupying the Land of Joseph?
Question: How can Judah not recognize us as Joseph?
Samaria once belonged to Joseph and is now ruled by Judah.
What right does Judah have to do that?

Answer: You can ask such questions and make such complaints of Brit-Am since
to a degree we understand you. Others however may not be so charitable
as ourselves.
What,  to someone unacquainted with Brit-Am, is there to distinguish you from
a Chinaman or Arab or any other non-Jew?
If you are so convinced of your Israelite identity why do you not create an Ephraimite
"Zionist" movement to create a settlement in Lebanon like the Jews did
in that region of "Syria" once referred to as "Palestine"?
If you take your present attitude elsewhere
you are liable to be considered both offensive and deranged.
Nevertheless, here are some answers:
 (a) Judah, despite what some lowlife cretins claim, did not loose his identity,
The Lost Ten Tribes did.
There was a Divine Purpose in this as we have explained.
Joseph NEEDS Judah to recognize him or the recognition of a Prophet
as well as an awareness of who he is based on authoritative knowledge and not mere wishful-thinking.
These matters will be dealt with in a separate article.
(b) The Land of Israel stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates and beyond
and includes parts of Turkey, part of Iraq, all of Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, parts of Saudi Arabia and Egypt,
the Island of  Cyprus and some other Mediterranean areas.
When the Lost Ten Tribes return at first they will go to Lebanon and Syria.
See Brit-Am Commentaries to
Zechariah 10:10-11
Micah 7:14,
Their path of advancement appears to be from the region of Kurdistan which at
present is under British and American control.
Micah 7:12
After the final re-unification and division of the Land the Tribal apportionments
will be different that they previously were,
see Ezekiel ch. 48
Even in Biblical Times indications exist that certain outlying areas of the Promised
Land were re-divided after conquest amongst the Tribes somewhat differently
from the original tribal apportionments.

Apart from all that,
There is a commandment on all Israelites to participate in the Conquest and
Settlement of the Land of Israel irrespective as to whether  the Land being fought over
belongs to your individual Tribal Portion or not.
The Tribes of Gad and Reuben received their portions east of the Jordan  but they had to
cross to the west side of the Jordan and stay there for fourteen years helping their
brother Israelites conquer and divide the Land BEFORE they could enjoy their own
inheritance that had already been given to them, as described in the Books of Numbers, Deuteronomy,
and Joshua.
Judah may not be entirely aware of it but in the eyes of the Almighty the State of Israel
and Judah are fulfilling their duty both on their own behalf and on yours.
You should help and support Judah in this and other matters as much as you can.

Judah is dominated by the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi
but ALSO includes representative contingents of all the other Tribes.

6. What do you mean by Repentance?
Note different people have asked me personal questions
on the subject of repentance and coming to live in Israel.
Here is an approximation of the type of question asked:
Q. I live a life that is righteous according to my understanding.
I even keep some of the Biblical commandments as I understand they should be
kept. I may be wrong. I am willing to learn, if someone can teach me
and sincerely convince me.
Brit-Am has said that Joseph needs to repent.
What do I need to do beyond what I have already done?

Answer: Brit-Am does not provide personal spiritual guidance since
we are not qualified to do so or at the least this is not our calling.
By Joseph repenting we mean the Lost Ten Tribes as a body.
The Lost Ten Tribes should realize who they are, endeavor as a group to fulfill
their duty as "Joseph" as well as each Tribe facing up to their Tribal destiny.
They should also support Judah.
Judah also needs to better himself but that is a separate issue.
From the Brit-Am point of view as an Israelite you exist within an Israelite Tribal
framework. You may either work to better yourself and your own
tribe including Joseph as a whole
you can become a guest of Judah on the terms of Judah.
This is the reality at present though in the future things may change
as indicated by the Prophets.

7. The Brit-Am Judah Fund
As will be explained the recognition of the Ten Tribes
depends on  either the declaration of a Prophet-like figure
or the acknowledgment of the Jews (of Judah) or both
along with  accepted knowledge of this fact amongst the
peoples concerned.
Prophecies and traditions also exist that in the Last Days
it will be people from Judah who will go out to the "North
Country" to bring the Ten Tribes back.
See the Midrash and Brit-Am Commentary to
A good portion of "Joseph" themselves may well NOT be open to this
truth until receiving it from Judah.
Judah being aware of  Brit-Am belief is important both to
Judah and Joseph.
Brit-Am proposes to increase its activity amongst Judah.
We will do this through the distribution of our Hebrew book, "Achim Acharim".
At present of our Hebrew book, "Achim Acharim" is given away freely to those who are interested in Israel
but for overseas orders we charge $10.
Already this work is making an impression in sectors of importance.
We propose to send copies of the work to
 Rabbis, Teachers of the Bible, they who show interest in general, and select VIPs.
(Nearly all members of the previous Knesset and most of the present one were sent copies).
In addition we hold person to person talks on the subject and various activities conducted by both Yair Davidiy
and Rabbi Avraham Feld.
Rabbi Feld has been quite active and succesful in this sphere.
All of this costs money.
Running Brit-Am in general costs money and the present situation
is quite difficult.
We understand that there are they who would like to make offerings
to Brit-Am  that
are specifically dedicated to Brit-Am outreach to Judah.
We are therefore setting up a separate category,
"The Brit-Am Judah Fund".
Each month we will give a public accounting of money that came into this fund
(assuming that such will be the case)
and what was done with it.
This is a trial case for us. If it is successful the same principles may be extended to all
Brit-Am activities.
Please give to this fund and when you do say it is for the
"Brit-Am Judah Fund" as distinct from Brit-Am in general.
Also tell us if you want a public record of your offering
or prefer it to remain anonymous as is the case for offerings
to Brit-Am in general.

Whether you give to the
"Brit-Am Judah Fund"
or to Brit-Am in general please give what you can
with a good eye [Proverbs 22:9] and a generous heart.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy