"Brit-Am Now"-787
1. The Hebrew Calendar
2. Anna Arnold:  thanks
3. Paul Velasquez: "britam" is complete wrong
4. Robert Jones: Academia
5. Dennis McGinlay: Keep the message coming
7. Reply to DNA Query
8. Judah Outreach on PayPal
9. Q. Why is Brit-Am Not a Corporation?

1. The Hebrew Calendar

2. Anna Arnold:  thanks

Shalom Yair,

I've been reading your mail for 2 months or so, and I want to thank you for
the work that you do. I know it's hard to see now, but with all my heart I believe your work of teaching and informing those who are Ephraim about
their physical and spiritual link with Judah will bring forth fruit, may it be soon.

I especially love the way you explain Scriptures that pertain to the promises of reconciliation between us. It brings healing to my soul. I've many friends who have a great love of Judah, because they love our heavenly Father and want to follow His Laws again, and are wondering how to go about it. I know it will not turn them into observant and practising people all at once but it is a beginning. They'll love your site that I see as a bridge to learn how Judah thinks and I pray learn to listen well to what you have to say.



3. Paul Velasquez: "britam" is complete wrong
Subject: lost tribes

Mr. Davidiy,

With all respect for your person, I need to express that your point of view about "britam" is complete wrong.
You have a tweested view of the Tanakh, and History.

British people has been one of the most anti-Semitic people in History, only this fact proove your point of view wrong.
There's nothing Israrli or Jewish in the western people..

Paul Velasquez

4. Robert Jones: Academia
Re: "Brit-Am Now"-786
#1. VE: Where's the kosher beef?

Mr. Davidiy,

I just would like to respond to Mr. Eidels comment about having the right degree or pedigree in order to make comments about the subject of Lost Tribes.  These comments are so typical of people of academia, that anyone that doesn't have "the right degree" should keep their comments to themselves because they don't have the years of study or right background.  I have no idea what kind of background he has.  One great thing we have here in the United States is freedom of expression, not freedom for those who have a degree or were raised in the "right family".

The Blog developed because the little guy was always told what to think by the press and academia, and in so many ways were being told to conform to there leftist point of view, or whatever agenda they were trying to espouse.

One thing I love about your system is you allow different views to be heard as long as it stays within the theme of Britam.  If Mr. Eidel and people who think like him where allowed to control the freedom of thought this site would have never grown or been accepted by so many different types of people.

Lastly, the definition of "the truth", has changed many times in respect to the lost tribes.  If we listened to most Biblical scholars and their view about the truth of the lost tribes, none of the work or books that have been published by you or Steve Collins would have ever seen the light of day.

I think its time for Mr Eidel and others who think like him to understand that most of us are trying to gain more knowledge, but no one has a corner on all knowledge and you can learn from everyone.

Rob Jones

5. Dennis McGinlay: Keep the message coming
From: dennis mcginlay <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-786
#1. VE: Where's the kosher beef?

Dear Yair
I read the posting by ...Vilhjalmur Eidles and beg you not to give
in to his (or her) demand that you suppress the Email addresses of your
contributors. I have had lively and interesting Email conversations with a
number of your contributors, and they with me, which I thought was the point
of the Brit-Am Forum. Bow to no pressure! Keep the message coming. Ignore
the malcontents.
Best regards
Dennis McGinlay
The Last Known Living Ephraimite  in  Scotland.
Agenda : Reunification of Israel.
Education:  None.-----

"It is stated in very old copies of The Book of Invasions and other ancient
documents that it was the Mosaic law that the Milesians brought into Errin
at their coming; that it had been learned and received from Moses in Egypt
by Cae Cain Beathach, who was himself an Israelite, who had been sent into
Egypt to learn the language of that country by the great master Fenius
Farsaith, from whom the Milesian brothers, who conquered Errin, are
recorded to have been the twenty second generation  in descent; and it is
stated  in the preface to Seanchas Mord that this was the law of Errin at
the time of the coming of St.Patrick".
LOUIS HYMAN, . "The Jews of Ireland", Jerusalem, Israel, 1972,
quotes Eugene O'Curry, 1873, Dublin..

                  Leslie Hardinge (quoted by Deborah K.E. Crawford,
"St..Joseph In Britain: Reconsidering The Legends. Part 2", Folklore 105
(1994): 51 59.) says that the Celtic Christians of the British Isles placed
a "strong emphasis on the legal aspects of the Old Testament"5.
An Irish work ("Liber ex Lege Moisi") from ca.800 c.e. uses Old Testament Law as "a
prime directive, for the proper conduct of everyday life". It is claimed
that the Celtic Church was closer to Judaism than any other branch of
                 "The shared elements include the keeping of the Saturday
Sabbath, tithing, the definition of `first fruits' and offerings, the
establishment of walled precints for the priestly/monastic families,
inheritance of religious office, and fasting and dietary restrictions. It
also appears that the Celts kept Easter by older methods of reckoning, one
of which caused Easter to coincide with the Passover"6.

                 "Other scholarship suggests that Irish Churchmen of the
seventh and eighth centuries actually considered themselves to be priests
and Levites, as defined under Old Testament law"7.
                 Gildas apparently believed the British Celts ("Britones")
to be of Israelite descent8. At all events, he accused them of wanting to
join the Jews.
       "Theodore, Gildas, and Wilfred all associated the Celtic practices
with the Jews"9.

                  Celtic Christianity was a cultural continuation of Celtic
Druidism which emphasised Oral tradition and the learning by rote of
ancient law.

                 There existed a cultural continuity between Druidism and
Celtic Christianity which was especially apparent in relation to
                 "The stories brought by the Irish monks, and the brief
references written on the margins of manuscripts, demonstrate the ongoing
existence and importance of traditional Celtic accounts"11.
    Boswell adds to the above listed Jewish features of Celtic religion:
                 "...the prominence of Hebrew features in Irish canon law
collections (including Biblical cities of Refuge and Jubilee Years)
together with Mosaic prohibitions on diet and injunctions on tithes...There
was also a Hebrew treatment of the sanctuary ...and finally there were many
Hebrew words occurring in cryptographic monastic Irish works such as
Hisperica Famina"12.
       Mosaic parallelisms found amongst early Celtic Christians include
the prohibition of sex in the menstrual period and after birth, also ritual
animal slaughter was kept, and usury was prohibited13.

                 Old Testament Biblical  injunctions were generally
regarded as binding.. Members of the Celtic Church were suspected by the
Roman Catholics of Judaising and its members in Scotland were accused of
really being Jews14.
         "A total absence of any sculpture in the round and the rarity of
reliefs using human figures, suggests again the Semitic dislike
of  personification of the god"15.

see also:
The Food Taboos of Old Scotland
  The Law of Moses and of Caledonia

7. Reply to DNA Query

<<With regards to the Viking/Ashkenazi Jew connection, there are many
different lines of evidence (including about 3 or more types of DNA)
which could be investigated further. However, everything is not tied
up in a neat bow for presentation to the public (as I see it). >>

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9. Question. Why is Brit-Am Not a Corporation?
Answer: For answers to related matter see our article

"Well, No-body is Perfect,
Are They?"
Answer to Criticisms
of Brit-Am

As for becoming a Corporation etc this is something we should do eventually.
It would however cost us ca. $4000 a year as well as some additional effort and extra work hours
some of which could be handled by an office assistant.

At the moment we get by from month to month through miracles.
If you would like to solve our subsistence problems, help us maintain basic
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