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1. Are The Two Sticks Now Coming Together?
2. Dr. Richard Griffiths: Star of King David on US Marine Swords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Ancient Middle East Boats in Britain
4. Q. Why is there so much Support for Bnei Menasheh?
5. The Jewish Viking Replies
6. Brit-Am talks to Visitors and Locals
7. Regarding "Brit-Am and You"

1. Are The Two Sticks Now Coming Together?
From: TW
Subject: A Case for the True Identity of Ephraim

Dear Yair,

I would suggest that Ezekiels stick of Joseph in the hand of Ephraim should be considered a most crucial factor in establishing the true identity of Ephraim.

Ezekiel 37:20 And the sticks whereon thou writest shall be in thine hand before their eyes.

In other words the sticks will be in plain view and clearly seen.

Before our eyes in plain view, we see the flag (stick) of Israel/Judah and the flag (stick) of America/Joseph/Ephraim together.  Together our flags are desecrated while our enemies call for our mutual destruction.  They refer to us as the Little Satan and the Big Satan, respectively.  Some in the middle-east refer to us both as the peoples of the book.

While we sometimes see Great Britains flag with our two flags, it is clearly not as often.

If it is correct that we are seeing the sticks before our eyes, then the restoration of the whole House of Israel must be very near.

It is my strong opinion, that while there are many among us who have become aware of our heritage, nationally, we are still in darkness; and that it is YHVH Himself who will reveal Himself to us to bring about full restoration by the pouring out of His Spirit upon us both, either simultaneously or in close succession, as described in Zechariah 12: 9-10, and in Ezekiel 39:7, 28-29.

Your comments would be welcome.  I appreciate your web-site very much.


2. Dr. Richard Griffiths: Star of King David on US Marine Swords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US Marine Corp recruiting advertisements often display a fearsome Marine in a dress uniform drawing a beautiful sword.  If you look carefully in most advertisements you can see the Star of King David at the hilt of the sword.  American supporters of Brit-Am should point this out to Americans unaware of our Israelite heritage and ask them why is the star of King David on US Marine swords? If you don't know Brit-Am does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Griffiths

3. Ancient Middle East Boats in Britain

<<The Ferriby boat [2060 BCE,+/-70a,cal,2005] was found
on the banks of the Humber River,NE England.It is a
16m long,3m wide,oak plank boat.The planks are set
edge to edge and were sewn together by withes of
yew,in a similar manner to the Giza [Egypt] boat  [ca 2500
BCE].The hull was rounded.There was provision for 9
oars persons on each side.Preservation of the upper
area was not adequate to determine whether it had a
sail.The Ulu Buren wreck off the coast of Turkey is
estimated to have been ca 15m long.>>
<<The "Dover boat" [ca 1955 BCE,cal,2005] is of similar
design,14-15m long and 2.4m wide."Its broad beam and
flat base would have provided reasonable stability in
a moderate sea",[K Parfait,1993].No evidence of a

4. Q. Why is there so much Support for Bnei Menasheh?
Answer: We have partially answered this question in our article
"The Burma Blues"
Christians also support them and do not support Brit-Am.
I asked a Christian who somewhat sympathizes with Brit-Am about this
and he said that  Christians prefer to consider "Asians" etc as Lost Israelites
and not their own people. He said that as far as they are concerned once
someone joins them they should forget ever being anything else.
The budget of Brit-Am (which lately has gone from relatively low
to almost non-existent) is less than a thousand or a ten thousandth
of what was spent on promoting the Bnei Menasseh cause.
Nevertheless, despite everything Brit-Am has achieved quite a lot.
Our web-site now receives close to 1400 visits each day,
a lot of people have read our books and articles by us,
and they who support or sympathize with us are generally of high quality.
On the other hand even though many or at least some of our subscribers must be relatively
well off they have other priorities since assistance to Brit-Am is
not "overwhelming".
Brit-Am at the moment receives very little support from anyone
on a relative basis even though everything that we do receive
we appreciate and things may change.

5. The Jewish Viking Replies
From: William Adelman
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-787
#4. Robert Jones: Academia
#5. Dennis McGinlay: Keep the message coming

Shalom and Howdy fellow tribespeople.  Fact: we all descended from the same
female ancestor in Africa about 150,000 years ago, and the same male
ancestor about 100,000 years later.  (How Adam and Eve didn't know each
other is a fun genetic question with easy answers).  I personally "feel"
that the biblical Adam (earth) and Eve (Existence) is a metaphor for how the
human species became self-aware.  They ate from the tree of knowledge, and
bam. no more eden.

Why I love this place: seems like most here have the same general goal -
they seek knowledge and spirited debate (and fulfillment of biblical

Why I had to duck when I entered this place as a newcomer: my misunderstood
suggestions met with violent reactions.

Theory on why this happened: fear of the "other." (plus I came across like a
pompous fool?)

Reminds me of: anti-semitism.

Some responses:

Rob Jones:  Way too many assumptions here. If there are experts in a certain
field, I want to know about it to because I give more weight to those who
have made a career of studying something - in academia or otherwise.  I did
*not* call to stifle the voices of those that didn't have a 30 year stint in
school.  It was a suggestion to announce qualifications if they existed,
academic or otherwise - not to silence those who don't have degrees.  If we
have a world class expert here in bible studies, archaeology, genetics, etc.
I would love to know about it.  You probably didn't notice it, but your post
seemed more concerned with silencing mine than with engaging in a dialogue.

Dennis McGinlay: Give in to my "demand"???  I made no demand.  It was a
suggestion that "by default" emails are suppressed, and that anyone who
wants to can have it visible.  It is tyranny to require that everyone's
identity and email addresses are automatically visible.  As I explained, I
received an unsolicited phone call which turned out to be quite enjoyable as
well.  At the same moment, however, I realized that any crackpot could do
the same thing. Perhaps the solution is to move the list to a google or
yahoo group where such issues can be easily addressed?

DNA: After posting, I did a little poking around the internet, and found
that there are large projects going by both National Geographic and by
Family Tree DNA.  Haven't found the nice tidy bundle that shows us
comprehensively where the tribes are yet - but it certainly did reveal that
genetically we are as spread out as the bible predicted.

Celtic Britain: Interesting stuff!

Here's an example of how book-learnin' can mess you up:  In a college music
class we learned that the Gregorian chants were direct ancestors of Hebrew
prayers.  Wikipedia tells us now:
"Unaccompanied singing has been part of the Christian
<> liturgy
<> since the earliest days of the
Church. Until the mid-1990s, it was widely accepted that the psalmody
<> of ancient Jewish
<> worship
significantly influenced and contributed to early Christian
<> ritual and chant. This
view is no longer generally accepted by scholars, due to analysis that shows
that most early Christian hymns did not have Psalms for texts, and that the
Psalms were not sung in synagogues <>
for centuries after the Destruction of the Second Temple
<> in AD
<> 70.[3]
<> However, early Christian
rites did incorporate elements of Jewish worship that survived in later
chant tradition. Canonical hours
<> have their roots in Jewish
prayer hours. "Amen <> " and "alleluia
<> " come from Hebrew
<> , and the threefold "sanctus
<> " derives from the threefold "kadosh"
of the Kedusha <> .[4]
<> "

So. anyone for rebuilding the temple?  We'd need a great pr firm as I think
there are bunch of people who would oppose this violently if we don't
smooth the way first.

Vilhjalmur Eidels
One of now TWO known living Jewish Vikings in Southern California
Agenda: Truth

 6. Brit-Am talks to Visitors and Locals
Brit-Am is interested in giving talks about the Lost Ten Tribes
to groups visiting Israel and to local residents.

7. Regarding "Brit-Am and You"
See the separate message
"Brit-Am and You"
sent out alongside this posting.
The message is important.
Please respond if possible.
Brit-Am is in need of a response.

Brit-Am and You
Brit-Am promotes the truth that descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes today
on the whole are to be found in western nations.
We believe that this is an important message.
The Brit-Am messages consists of information already gained and presented
and which presentation is constantly being improved.
The implications of this message are on the whole
still to be realized.
Our efforts involve improving the presentation of this information, spreading it,
as well as confirming our knowledge and adding to it
through ongoing research.
The implications involve most of you and your families and the peoples you belong to.
This knowledge is important and spreading this knowledge is a sacred task.
Moses asked the Almighty to show him HIS workings in history
in order that Moses may better know HIM and thus find "GRACE IN THY SIGHT".


Beyond mere knowledge, which is important in itself,
the Brit-Am message tells you how you should relate to those around you
and to Israelite peoples and the Bible in general.
This is what the Bible requires, that the message
be understood and delivered to those whom it concerns.

We are not able to promise you salvation if you help us BUT we sincerely
belief that this is the will of the Almighty and that they who assist Brit-Am will
be blessed because of it.

Please make an offering or purchase our publications
by sending us a check or making a deposit in the Brit-Am PayPal account.

This posting is being sent out to EVERYONE on our list.
No-one is to take it personally.

If you cannot or do not want to assist us with money forget that we asked.
On the other hand our request relates to you and everything we have said above is the truth.
God bless you all
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of