"Brit-Am Now"-793
1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: The Almighty Wants Return!
2. Spain and Scotland: Ancient Connections
3. Compliments
4. The Readmission of the Jews to England
5. Question on the Samaritans
6. Edward Anderson: "to witness AND warn"
7. Amerindians, Lost Tribes, and Martial Arts

1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: The Almighty Wants Return!
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-792

Yair Davidiy wrote:

Brit-Am Reply: We agree with both of you.
Nevertheless before Judah can decide to agree or disagree
he should know what you are talking about.
The same applies concerning MOST of Joseph.
First let them know.
Let they who are so led can then share our inner conviction and intellectual appreciations of these matters.

Zechariah 9 says he will bend Judah his bow and I feel that is what we are waiting on. (Perhaps this is the phrase you wanted to know what I was talking about?)

What I was talking about is the matter of Judah allowing Ephraim/Joseph to come to the land and become a part of what is happening there. However, Judah will have to know what it means to be a bent bow ready to be fitted with an arrow. I can say it is allowing Joes into the country but maybe they think of themselves as bending for some other reason. My interpretation of an arrow is a 'son of God'.  Psalm 127 say a man is blessed to have a quiver full of arrows, meaning his sons.  If God has arrows as the prophet says, then they must be his sons.  He wants to use them together with his bow to win a battle. It seems to me the arrows can't be in some other place in the world if they are going to be fitted to a bow.
Charlotte Mecklenburg

Brit-Am Reply: Israelites are called "Sons of God" (Deuteronomy 14:1).
You are saying that the Almighty wants the reunion of Joseph and Judah
and that this can only take place after both return to the Land of Israel.
We agree.
It was not however a problem of knowing what you were talking about.
It is a problem of letting the bulk of JOSEPH AND JUDAH know what
WE are talking about.
First spread Brit-Am (or related) knowledge somewhat more.

2. Spain and Scotland: Ancient Connections
An interesting short article with nice illustrations.

3. Compliments

I have for some time received and learnt a good deal from your newsletters and certainly have respect for the work that you are doing.
Ron, Oklahoma

"I have just finished reading JOSEPH and  I feel it's the best presentation of the subject matter I have ever read. "
Lee, Arizona

4. The Readmission of the Jews to England
The Readmission Of The Jews To England
by Jonathan Mark Tillotson
This is a valuable and interesting paper by a scholar who may or may not be a supporter of
Brit-Am but he is interested in the subject, searches for evidence concerning
early beliefs along Brit-Am lines, and shares his information.

Note the Quotation from Oliver Cromwell:
" I profess to thee I desire it from my heart, I have prayed for it, I have waited for the day to see union and right understanding between the godly people (Scots, English, Jews, Gentiles, Presbyterians, Independents, Anabaptists, and all)."
In 1655 in a commissioned pamphlet he is seen to look forward to a "glorious union of the people of God, made to be of one spirit".

Tillotson concludes:
<<Anyway, here it is. The reasons why I chose this topic are not wholly clear to me. I am not Jewish but have always been interested and somewhat enchanted by Jewishness, despite the attachment to Christ that I felt at the time of writing. I thought there was something noble too in English philo-semitism, given the general rarity of this attitude at the time. I was also motivated to enquire into how prevalent and public British Israelite ideas were in the Seventeenth Century. On the basis of what I read, the answer to that question seemed: not much, since the main focus on the 'lost ten tribes' regarded the question of whether American Indians were descended from these tribes. The notion of a connection between English and Old Testament Israelite society seemed more ideological and analogical than literally ancestral.>>

Tillotson however has overlooked John Sadler
who according to the Encyclopedia Judaica claimed in a speech in Parliament
that the English were descended from Israel.
John Sadler was also a friend of Oliver Cromwell and the author of
"The Rights of the Kingdom" in which he traces Anglo-Saxon institutions to
Ancient Israelite ones.

Another article on the readmission of the Jews to England is to be found at:

5. Question on the Samaritans
Shalom brother Yair,

Are the Samaritans that live in Israel part of the lost tribes?and if yes, then what is your best guess as to which tribe (or tribes)

I enjoy your site and pray for you and your work daily. Be blessed and stay strong in Him!  Cindy W.

The Samaritans are discussed in our work "Ephraim".
Originally they were mainly Gentiles colonists brought in by the Assyrians.
A small remnant of Israelites may have intermixed with them
and Jews from Judah at one stage may also have intermarried with them to a small degree.
They now number a few hundred.

Mills (1864) writes:
            "There was a tradition amongst them which has yet hardly died out that large numbers of their brethren were dwelling in various parts of the world in England, France, India, and elsewhere".
            The Samaritans attempted to identify themselves as northern Israelites from the Tribes of Ephraim and Menasseh. Some few of them may have been descended from the ancient Israelites and this may explain their claimed link to England and France. The Samaritans still highly revere Joshua ben Nun and regard him as their founder.

A short video clip on the Samaritans may be seen at:
[We have NOT looked at this ourselves so cannot say whether it is worth it or not]

6. Edward Anderson: "to witness AND warn"
From: edward anderson <>
Subject: Brit-Am #792:
#4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: The Key Lies with Judah

Dear Yair,
   I would like to make a comment if I could in
response to the post that Charlotte Mecklenburg wrote.
She asked, "who is the judge of whether that has been
done sufficiently" that is, the putting away of all
other gods in order to be able to enter the land. The
answer is "God IS the Judge"!!! Ezekiel Ch.20 is a KEY
chapter as it details the happenings of the 10 tribes
from their time in Egypt clear into the time that they
are regathered back into the land. In Ez.20:37-38 And
I (God) will cause you to pass under the rod, and I
will bring you into the bond of Covenant. (38) And I
(God) will PURGE out from among you the rebels, and
them that transgress against me: I will bring them
forth out of the country where they sojourn, and they
(the rebels and transgressors) shall not enter into
the land of Israel; I believe there is some confusion
as to the role that Judah plays in the return of the
tribes. Yes it is true that Judah will be instrumental
in their return, but we should realize that all of
this will take place at God's timing and directions,
NOT when Judah decides to do what they are supposed to
do. The role of Brit-Am and others of like mind is
that of the "watchman" that Ezekiel was called by God
to be. They are to witness AND warn. The witness will
be to those that God awakes to their message, and a
warning to those that choose to stay asleep, as was
seen in the above verses where there will STILL be
those that rebel and transgress against God right up
to the very borders of Israel. So, this should clearly
tell us that EVERYTHING, the sending of the
messengers, those that heed the message, those that
ACT on the message, and everything that transpires
because of the message sent, is ALL the result of what
God does and is doing, not on anything that we, they,
you, or whoever is supposed to do. God is not
"waiting" for anyone to do anything. He has the power
to act on anyone to do anything that He chooses WHEN,
WHERE, and HOW He decides. We simple get the privilege
and the honor to act out what He has decreed. And
thanks for the privilege to reply to these posts.


7. Amerindians, Lost Tribes, and Martial Arts
AG wrote:
What's your opinion of this by Lazer Brody?

Our opinion concerning the Amerindians boils down to
the possibility that SOME Hebrews may have reached North America
and intermixed with SOME of the natives.
Brit-Am Questions and Answers on Amerindians
He mentions
<<My very close friend Yonatan Sofer, a brilliant analyst and researcher and brother of Abir Aluf Yehoshua Sofer>>.

These are friends of Yair Davidiy.
Yonatan knows very much about the Amerindians and has personal acquaintance with them.
He is also very knowledgeable in  other fields such as Kabbala, Hasidic Thought,
Jungian Philosophy, and other fields.
"Abir Aluf Yehoshua" Sofer is his brother.
I did part of a course in Kuksool and Hapkido [Korean Fighting Skills] with Yehoshua Sofer
some years ago. He emphasized physical and mental preparation, discipline,
and stratified advancement. His system was effective for those who could master it.
It was not for me (I moved over to Siamese Boxing) but Yehoshua
has much to teach.
His present attempt to present a "Hebrew" form of Martial Arts is interesting.

<<Blackfoot Indian Story of Creation
<<For those of you who are new to the Beams, last year we wrote a five-part series about comparing the plight of the Cherokees in the USA and the expulsion of the Jews from Gush Katif. The series, entitled The Trail of Tears, won a silver medal from the Jewish and Israeli Best Blog 2005 awards Best Series division, an earned me an honorary Indian name from the Cherokee Nation as Wa ya Udo, or "Wolf Brother". Since then, I've been in contact with quite a few native Americans, mostly Cherokees, but also Navajo, Nez Perce, Sioux, and Blackfoot. In addition to the mounting evidence, I firmly believe that many American Indians are descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. My very close friend Yonatan Sofer, a brilliant analyst and researcher and brother of Abir Aluf Yehoshua Sofer, thinks so too.>>