"Brit-Am Now"-804
1. Japanese are [Not] Israelites article and Brit-Am Comment
2. New Names on Brit-Am Genealogy
3.  Enemies of Brit-Am Pretend to be Jewish!
4. "Shavei Israel" and Alternative Identifications
5. Help Spread the Brit-Am Message
6. William Rasmussen: Letters to JPost in Support of Brit-Am
7. Brit-Am Projects

1. Japanese are Israelites article and Brit-Am Comment

OvadYah Avrahami <> wrote:
Shalom Yair

In following up the Jerusalem Post article re. Lost Tribes, I found this link.
I pass it on for whatever it may be of value for your research.

Keep up the Good Work.


The article you refer to is
"Israelites Came To Ancient Japan"
by Arimasa Kubo.
We quote at length from this article and others like it
in our article:
The Japanese are not Hebrews!
In this article Brit-Am shows that the Japanese are not Israelites
but probably contain an element from Edom or something close
to it.
In our opinion the Brit-Am article is more interesting, contains more valuable
information, and is aesthetically more pleasing, and just as readable (if not
more so) that the Japanese one.
If Brit-Am supporters and those who think along similar lines
would only promote our material  to the same degree that articles
from the "opposition" are promoted we would be in better shape.

2. New Names on Brit-Am Genealogy
New surname entries courtesy of Betty Matteson Rhodes
on behalf of Brit-Am:
Abbott, Abrams, Adams, & Alderman
Aldrich, Altman, Ambler, & Andross

3.  Enemies of Brit-Am Pretend to be Jewish!
Re: The "Lost Ten Tribes Of Israel" -they are not British-... article
Danny  wrote:

I was just wondering if you folks are aware of this article "The 'Lost Ten Tribes of Israel' -they are not British-". The very title is a contradiction of what this un-named writer alleges. The article consists of mostly insults to your organization accusing you of being raciest! I could not get through the entire article as it was an insult to my intelligences. The writer goes on twisting the scriptures and ignoring the others that supports the scriptural fact that the Anglo/Celts are in fact part of Israel.
   Read the article, it's a sad mess.. and by the way, I don't hate Jews!  But this guy thinks we are all a bunch of Jew hating raciest, just because we discovered our Israelite/Hebrew origin.
  Well, I just thought you would find it interesting and you may want to answer this allegation. But I could not even find where the article originated from; only that it was on a Messianic web-ring.

   Sincerely: Danny Walden

Brit-Am answer:
The person writing the article is a single individual
but we had the impression that he may have been funded and encouraged
by other elements.
This person spent a lot of energy and time dedicated to attacking Brit-Am in every way he could
and does not seem to have lacked resources.
The article you are referring to is:
"The 'Lost Ten Tribes of Israel' -they are not British-"
The person writing the article has been known to us for some time.
He changes his name frequently.
This is the Internet. Anybody can say they are anybody else.
His apparent real name or most commonly-used pseudonym is
Avraham Sandor - email :
Judging by his own testimony He is not Jewish by ancestry
and he is not Jewish by religion
nor has he ever been.
He may however have spend a short time in Israel doing Christian missionary
work amongst Arabs and Jews where he sometimes pretended to be of Jewish
Yemenite origin.
He works  for a "Jews for Jesus" type group
who claim to be Jewish and for all we know maybe.
He has been very active in the past on a number of e-mail discussion groups.
In these groups he has made extreme anti-Semitc statements such as claiming that
all Ashkenazi (European) Jews are Khazars etc.
He himself is apparently of mixed Christian Arab-Hungarian Gypsy  origin
as he has (at least concerning the Arab part) admitted
and regarding the Gypsy part he comes close to it in one of his articles.
He seems to believe that only colored people and groups that look similar to the Gyspies
can belong to Israel.
He works for a "Jews for Jesus" organization that proselytizes amongst
Gypsies in Europe.
The last contact we had with him he claimed to be living in Germany
though he  uses the services of an Italian attorney and Italian e-mail server.

"Brit-Am Now"-195
#3. Enemy of Brit-Am Partially Exposed
(At that stage he called himself "Levi"
and we mistakenly (?) identified him with an Italian
lawyer named Revello who represents him and appears to share his views
and interests).

"Brit-Am Now"-539
#5. Reply to Criticisms
(same person)

"Brit-Am Now"-777
#3. Brit-Am Enemy Suspect

see also:
The Completeness of the Exile
  Answers to Deniers of
  Biblical Truth

Note: There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being Arab, or Gypsy,
or Hungarian or anything else.
You can be proud of whatever you are.
There is also nothing necessarily wrong with not agreeing with
Brit-Am. If such is the case then one is merely in error and we are all
The person in  question  ("sandor" or whatever his real name is)
as well as being wrong in his beliefs also
 tells lies and uses foul language.
He is an example of low moral standards and hatred of the truth
found amongst opponents
of Brit-Am.

4. "Shavei Israel" and Alternative Identifications
From: healingforthenations <>
Subject: Shavei Israel

Yair Shalom,

Will you please comment about Michael Freund's organization, Shavei Israel.

Do you (Brit-Am) have any relationship with this group?
What is your position on their views? Looking around Shavei Israel's web- site it seems to me everyone/anyone but the LTT views of Brit-Am are sought after, helped, welcomed. Why is this ?

 I found this quite frustrating and am wondering if there is some sort of agreement among those who do not consider the LTT of origins to views held by Brit-AM. Is it ignorance or fear or politics and power that has closed minds?

God bless you and the work of Brit-Am, Diane

"Shavei Israel" is the successor of "Amishav" the group founded by
Rabbi Avichail.
They are in error.
Brit-Am has the true message but perhaps we too are not doing something right?
Maybe another group alongside our own is needed?
Or maybe in time we will make our own breakthrough.
Without funding we cannot do very much but we are doing something
and do have an effect.

See also:
"Brit-Am Now"-788
#4. Q. Why is there so much Support for Bnei Menasheh?

5. Help Spread the Brit-Am Message
Brit-Am at present cannot afford to advertise and many of you cannot
afford to support us more than you are (if you are)
if you believe in the Brit-Am message
you may be able to help.
Find something you like on the Brit-Am Web Site
such as
"Main Biblical Points"
or any other article you consider worthwhile
and send it to a friend or to people
you have e-mail connection with and who may appreciate it.
This does not cost anything and it could help a lot.
At the least something will have been done.

6. William Rasmussen: Letters to JPost in Support of Brit-Am
From: William Rasmussen <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-803
#4. Afghanistan: Brit-Am Subscriber on Front Page of Jerusalem Post

Shalom Yair:  I would recommend that all Brit Am members post in the section about the Pathans being one of the lost tribes of Israel.  My comment is #2 under the moniker B'Chayil Ben Dan.

I remarked that this research was similar to that of Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail.  I then went on to state the best research on the subject is Yair Davidiy of Brit Am.  If others would do the same, Brit Am could get more exposure.  -Bill

7. Brit-Am Projects
Brit-Am is in need of funds to function.
Shortly we hope to publish one or two new books.
We also hope to begin advertising in the Hebrew-language
and English-language Press
in Israel or in similar venues.
These activities also require funds.
This is how Brit-Am functions and spreads the message.
Help Brit-Am do what it has to.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy