"Brit-Am Now"-805
1. Steven Collins: THE ISRAELITE
 2. Jews Against Zionism??
3. Giving Ourselves a Pat on the Back?
4. Japanese and the Star of David
5. Kevin Opp: Need for Unity between Joseph and Judah

 by  Steven Collins
A very good informative and interesting article.
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2. Jews Against Zionism??
Phyllis Birdwell wrote:

"True Torah Jews Against Zionism"

Every now and again someone sends us a query concerning
this URL. It is produced by a group of retrogrades who
have been disowned by their own communities.
They also publicly desecrated the Sabbath in Iran
when they went to meet Iranian officials and make anti-Jewish

Apart from that if you really wish to take account of what
Orthodox Jewish Rabbis really do say there are plenty of other areas
to begin from.

For Brit-Am discussion and notes concerning Zionism

3. Giving Ourselves a Pat on the Back?
I think the Brit-Am website can give itself a pat on the back.
We regularly have new articles of value such as the recent one
by Steven Collins mentioned above. We also have a lot of
valuable material on the site itself.
Aesthetically it is not so bad and we try to make it
user friendly.
Our articles are good and useful
and even our news service
has some unique features.
If anyone has anything to add, suggest, or criticize
please do so.
This list is OK, seldom a dull moment,
and often valuable insights or remarks that could be difficult
to come across elsewhere.

4. Japanese and the Star of David
Re: "Brit-Am Now"-804
#1. Japanese are [Not] Israelites article
DB wrote:

Dear Yair,

Regarding Japanese are [Not] Israelites article and Brit-Am Comment here are some notes:

Did ancient Israelites take the Star of David with them to different countries after their first and second Temples were destroyed? A positive answer to this question might help shed some light on the origin of this symbol. There are many groups who are candidates for this investigation: Yemenite Jews, Cochin Jews, lost tribes etc.

Few researchers claim that ancient Israelites arrived to Japan and left there some Jewish artifacts. The founder of the Makuya Japanese cult Ikuro Teshima believed these Israelites were called the Hata tribe and that

They left Kagome crest at some of Shinto's oldest and most important shrines; the crest, a relatively simple shape, is a six-pointed star identical to the Star of David.

Michael S. Sanders writes in his website about LOST TRIBES Japan:

Ise-jingu in Mie-pref., Japan, is the Shinto shrine built for the Imperial House of Japan. On both sides of the approaches to the shrine, there are street lamps made of stone. You can see the Jewish Star of David carved on each of the lamps near the top. The crest used on the inside of the shrine (Izawa-no-miya) at Ise-jingu is also the Star of David. This has existed since ancient times.

In Kyoto pref., there is a shrine called "Manai-jinja" which was the original Ise-jingu Shrine. The crest of "Manai-jinja" is also the Star of David...

Dr. Yoshiro Saeki (1872-1965) claimed he discovered an ancient Hata tomb in a shrine called "Osake Jinja" which he interpreted to be a shrine to King David.


There is a Star of David on a grave in Japan in which according to Japanese local legend, Jesus had been buried.


See: Star of David photo at Sukyo Mahikari shine on

See: Star of David On the outfit of a Japanese boy belonging to the "Makoya" sect on

Hope this helps your research


Brit-Am Answer:
The Star of David is an attractive and easily created geometric form.
As such this form could logically be expected to independently
be applied as a symbol or decorative form.
May cultures use this symbol.
See our notes on this subject at:
There too you will find an example of this symbol
on the weapon adornment  of early North West
European warriors
You related that the HATA who migrated from Central Asia
to Japan have been identified as Israelite.
The term "HATA" however is another form for Hittite
and appears to be what the Hittites called themselves.

You mentioned a star of David on gravesite where
"according to Japanese local legend, Jesus had been buried".
This is hardly proof.
The Japanese have their own tourist industry and need to appropriate
famous people to their own culture.
J is also reputed to be buried in Kashmir or Afghanistan or France
though according to his followers he was never really buried at all!
If you want to know where the Lost Ten Tribes REALLY are read more of
Brit-Am literature, especially the Biblical Aspects:

5. Kevin Opp: Need for Unity between Joseph and Judah
From: Kevin Opp <>

We are facing a global scale battle of the 12 tribes of Israel versus the 12 tribes if Ishmael over the birthright of Abraham.  Though we know the birthright is ours, Ishmael and Edom happen to disagree.  The problem is that they are United and we are to busy hating each other to get anything done!  We could actually learn something from Ishmael here, at least they know they are descendants of Abraham and are all kinsman and are fighting for that heritage.  We fight about if we are or are not, and then hate each other for some reason or another.  While we argue to death, Ishmael has taken over Russia, China, most of Europe; and is now working on America and Israel.  If God wasn' on our side we would be in an absolute heap of trouble.  From a physical human viewpoint I would now say the battle is hopeless, thank God he is with us.
At any moment the president of Iran can have hundreds of thousands of suicide bombers and terrorists in all the western world ready to go, he just needs to snap his fingers.  Thats why he is so cocky.  The senator of Collorado recently spoke up to the nation and said the arabs have been sneaking weapons in through the Mexican border for over ten years now and it's still wide open,  he said if they dont have weapons of mass destruction in the US they are stupid.  Things will go down soon, Israel must UNITE!  The moment we decide that God is with us and trust in him, not ourselves, this whole mess will be over.