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1. New Book Claims Ancient Egyptian is Welsh!
2. Brit-Am Commentary to Jeremiah
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1. New Book Claims Ancient Egyptian is Welsh!

Moses In The Hieroglyphs by Grant Berkley
<<Perhaps even more amazing is the assertion (pages 507-523) that the copper scroll (scroll 3Q15) found near Qumran, Israel, was written in Colbren rather than Hebrew and the Welsh were part of the "Ten Lost Tribes of Israel". >>

<<Berkley, of course, has an agenda. He suggests that accepted history has ignored the "true" history in which the Welsh/British played a major role. He offers his proof that the ancient Welsh language, Khumric, was the original Egyptian language. He suggests that the Rosetta stone decipherment wrongly used ancient Coptic (which was similiar) but should have used the more ancient Khumric. He says many of the ancients migrated to England as early as 1600BC bringing their language with them.>>

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Joseph, Moses, Solomon & Sheba
<<The assertion that there are no ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic texts that make mention of the Hebrew Patriarchs Joseph, Moses, and Solomon and the Queen of Sheba is incorrect. There are unmistakable Hieroglyphic texts. The Nation of Khumry, who are misnamed as the "Welsh", are reliably traced back in time and distance as the "lost" Ten Tribes of Israel. Their deportation from Israel to Armenia around 720 - 700 BC was followed by their march west through Asia Minor to the Dardanelles. Half the Nation went to found Etruria around 650 BC, and the remainder sailed for Britain in c 504 BC. This means that before they arrived in Canaan to found Israel, they were in Egypt. A strange Khumric Triad notation of around 100 years ago indicates the Egyptian connection and specifically refers to the Hieroglyphic writings. The clear inference is that Khumric is the basic language of the Hieroglyphics. Professor Sir John Morris Jones wrote a Thesis in 1898 that demonstrated the identically of the complex Khumric Syntax and that of Ancient Egypt. Plus the fact that the same seven vowels - A E I O U W Y - were used in Ancient Egypt and the Khumry. Other 19th Century scholars including Bunsen were alert to this ancient Language connection. As there are well known huge chronological mismatches scattered all through the Histories of the ancient Nations of the Near East and the Mediterranean, and considerable confusions in the Ancient History of Egypt, it appears logical that there must be something wrong with the Historical Data. As there are thousands of Egyptian Hieroglyphic texts, there should be no problem with the order and chronology of the History, if these texts are read correctly. The fact that there is confusion indicates that the Texts have not been properly read and automatically this means that the present accepted method of reading the Ancient Egyptian History is used as the yardstick to establish the dates and full chronology of all the other Ancient Nations. Wars, royal intermarriages, treaties of alliance and trade agreements, and so on, are all "dated" by reference directly or indirectly to Ancient Egypt. As the present accepted order and grotesquely distorted. Historical gaps, and dark ages, of five, six , and even eight hundred centuries litter the scenario, and every investigator who has dared to step into this arena has pointed the finger directly at Egyptian chronology.
<<.....It is a simple task to test the possibility that the ancient Language of the Khumry in Britain that can be traced back through Etruria, the Aegean, Asia Minor, and Assyria, to old Israel, is the basic language of the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. As a number of scholars have attempted to raise the issue of the chaos existing in the chronology of Ancient Egyptian History, and in 1990 Peter James and four other academic archaeologists published "Centuries of Darkness" and pointed out the historical mismatches, and later David Rohl published hi Pharaohs & Kings and made his TV series, and the problem of incorrect dates and order were clearly illustrated. Between 1950 and 1970 Immanuel Velikovsky published a series of books outlining the problems in "Ages in Chaos, in Ramesses II & His Time, Oedipus & Ahkenaten, The Peoples of the Sea, etc". Velikovsky was viciously attacked in a disgraceful exhibition of academic barbarism. Peter James et al and David Rohl, were quietly ignored. Nothing positive was done by the entrenched establishment who are willingly, deaf, dumb, and blind, to the situation.

<<The fact that researchers identifying the two British Kings named Arthur I son of Magnus Maximus, and Arthur II son of King Meurig should somehow be led along a long forgotten historical trail leading back in time and distance from Britain to ancient Etruria and Rhaetia, (Italy and Switzerland), and then further back to the Aegean and Asia Minor and on to ancient Armenia and Assyria around 730 BC and finally to Palestine, may at first appear strange.>>

2. Brit-Am Commentary to Jeremiah
Now contains chapters 1 to 10.
Commentary consists of a brief summary of each chapter
in groups of five followed by the Chapter Verse and
Brit-AN explanations.

Jeremiah chapters 1 to 5

Enemy from the North; Israel and Judah Rebuked for going after Assyria and Mitsrayim (Egypt? Russia?); Northern Israelites (Lost Ten Tribes) divorced and suspended from being considered under the Mosaic Covenant; Modern warfare described; Christian Israelites of Ephraim and Dan; Need to Repent

Jeremiah chs. 6 to 10

All Gentiles to be punished for idolatry and persecution of Israel; Go to Shiloh and contemplate the ruins that now have been excavated and can be seen; The "Peace Now" movement in Israel is condemned by the Almighty; Scandinavia and Zion are condemned; Why is Gilead (the USA) not helping? Avoid adultery and causing harm to others; the cities of Judah to be destroyed; the enemies of Israel will receive their retribution

3. New Feature: Brit-Am Photos
Present entries include:
Yair with parents
Diane Herndon visits with Brit-Am in Jerusalem