"Brit-Am Now"-811
1. Runes
2. Jeremiah chs. 11 to 15
3. HWA Idea Shelved
4. Brit-Am Dolmen article in German
5. Robert Jones: Legend and Archeology
6. Heraldry Site of Interest?
7. David Jackson: More Brit-Am Books Would be Preferable

1. Runes
From: r
Subject: Runes/ Hebrew

 I am amazed as to how your site has put together many things for me. I am a bit of an expert on Runes, and am trying to learn a bit of Hebrew since last week. The site for Runic / Hebrew is absolutely correct.
Reading those Rune Backwards phonetically IS Hebrew. No doubt about it.
Clarkson Family

2. Jeremiah chs. 11 to 15

Need to Keep the Law in the Land of Israel. US Civil War Reflected Ephraim-Manasseh Rivalry. Ecological Disaster. Return of Judah and Israel to the Land. Prophecies applicable to Judah in the time of Jeremiah will later be applied to Israel! (Jeremiah 13:11). Need to take Refuge with the Almighty.

3. HWA Idea Shelved
re "Brit-Am Now"-808
#5. Proposed Extracts from Herbert W. Armstrong?

Tracy Phillip Osborne is in favor of our original idea
since they who wish to see ALL of HWA's work can easily
do so and what we suggested could help others.

ED TADEUSZOW suggested that we should write a longish article
or booklet quoting very generously from HWA but showing more sources,
where we differ, where we agree and why, etc.
Something I suppose similar to what we did concerning
William F. Dankenbring
(and his idea that the USA is Ephraim)
only longer and more thorough.

This could be a worthwhile project and someday we may do it.
For the moment however we have quite a few books, articles,
and studies in various stages of completion
and these should have priority.

For the moment at least,
the idea has been shelved indefinitely.
We do not really need it and it could give the wrong impression.
Our own explanations of the simple meaning of Scriptures
are valid and worthwhile.
Our use of Rabbinical sources is also valuable and unique to us.
Our researches in secular areas are also up-to-date
 providing original insights and genuine revelations.
We have no reason to even look as if we may be contemplating
an encroachment on the territory of
anybody else.
If we ever do get around to doing anything in this regard it will be with
the intention of furthering the cause of Joseph and Judah
as we assume HWA probably also intended.

4. Brit-Am Dolmen article in German
von Yair Davidiy bersetzt von S. Durski

5. Robert Jones: Legend and Archeology

Mr. Davidiy,

I wanted to relay this quote I got from a Parthian study group.  I believe that legend and mythology play an important part in understanding our past.  They give clues to who these people are and where they migrated from.  I think for many of us who believe in the 2 House's of Israel comes, because it is plainly stated in scripture.  When you have that as a reference point, the study of the Origin of nations becomes so much clearer.  It then becomes only a matter of time before archeological evidenc backs it up.

However, you may never find the perfect evidence your looking for and then it requires a little faith and understanding.  To many of these "scholars", they want all the evidence to be perfectly laid out for them, and that rarely happens.  I felt is was appropriate to show this quote and why its so hard to convince many to become adherents or at least students of BritAm:

"......In the first place it is quite common for pre-industrial peoples to make grand claims about their origins. Thus the ancient Britons were thought to be Pheonicians; the Early Irish claimed to come, as Milesians, from Spain, whilst their religious elite even postulated an Egyptian origin; Bulgarian museums claim that the Bulgarians originaged in China. Especially with marginalized poor folk these grand claims give them a sort of status and legitimacy and also the hope that they can rewin their former glory.
If the people under study are Muslims then their claimed source of origin is normally an area or city near the origin of Islam or near the source of its early cultural flowering. Thus the Hausa of Norther Nigeria claimed to come from Baghdad. Such claims underline the strength and antiquity of the people's "Muslimness. " One will find such myths of origin thoughout the Islamic world irrespective of race and location.
However, such claims cannot in themselves be given much scientific credence. The correct way ahead is normally through archaeological and historical researches, though recent genetic advances would seem to be quite authoritative on these matters......."
Rob Jones

6. Heraldry Site of Interest?
Subject: site that may be of interest

 Shalom Yair, I came across this site which may be of interest, I have not read  much of it but appears to be  British Israel to some extent.

 Keep up the good work

With kind regards
 Philip Gilchrist
Philip Gilchrist Architect Limited
6 Emerson Street
Tel 64 3 488 1869
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Brit-Am Comment: We glanced quickly at the site.
On the one hand
It is aggressively Christian in its approach
and contains ideas and statements on Identity issues that we consider
mistaken. Nevertheless from the little we saw the site also contains insights
worth considering and some old-fashioned but worthwhile British-Israel
maps and illustrations.

7. David Jackson: More Brit-Am Books Would be Preferable

From: david jackson
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-809-810

I read your article on Ephraim and Mannaseh and enjoyed it.  I try to read
most of your postings, but don't always have time.

My only coment/suggestion is that it is often easier for me to set aside
time to read a complete printed book than to regularly read web postings.

If you collected your work into books more frequently, I think I would get
more out of them.  I have all the ones you have written so far.