"Brit-Am Now"-812
1. Junk DNA in Y-chromosome control functions: scientists
2. DNA : University of Iowa scientists explore function of 'junk DNA'
3. DNA Implications: Brit-Am on the right track
4. Questions on Specific Names and Early Jewish Communists.
5. Isaiah chs. 21 to 25 Summarized

1. Junk DNA in Y-chromosome control functions: scientists

 Hyderabad, Nov. 24 (PTI): Scientists at the Centre for Cellular and
 Molecular Biology (CCMB) here have demonstrated that junk DNA in human
 Y-chromosome control the function of a gene located in another

 For long, the scientific community believed that 97 per cent of DNA
 material is junk and has no specific role to play in the functioning
 of organs.

 "The study, published in the international journal Genome Research,
 will open up a new approach to unravel the function of the non-coding
 DNA in our genome," CCMB Director Lalji Singh, who led the research
 effort, told reporters here today.

 The Y-chromosome is present only in men. Two-thirds of it contains
 repetitive DNA that has been thought of as junk or useless.

 However, the CCMB study clearly demonstrated that the Y-chromosomal
 junk DNA interacts and controls the function of a gene located in
 another chromosome that is not limited to a sex.

 "The study shows unequivocal evidence, for the first time, that 40
 mega base repeat block of the Y-chromosome, which was earlier
 perceived as junk DNA, is transcribed into RNA and controls the
 expression of a protein by a mechanism described as trans-splicing,"
 Singh said.

See also:
Genome Res. 2006 Nov 9
Novel noncoding RNA from human Y distal heterochromatic block (Yq12) generates testis-specific chimeric CDC2L2
Zeenath Jehan1,3, Sambandam Vallinayagam1,3, Shrish Tiwari1, Suman Pradhan1, Lalji Singh1, Amritha Suresh1, Hemakumar M. Reddy1, Y.R. Ahuja2, and Rachel A. Jesudasan1

What one would expect to happen is that genetic material believed to be junk
DNA turns out to have a function.   The signficance of that for genetic
testing would be that junk DNA mutates over time much more quickly than DNA
that has a function, because if a function is messed up it affects whether
the organism lives to reproduce.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

2. DNA : University of Iowa scientists explore function of 'junk DNA'
University of Iowa scientists have made a discovery that broadens understanding of a rapidly developing area of biology known as functional genomics and sheds more light on the mysterious, so-called "junk DNA" that makes up the majority of the human genome.

The team, led by Beverly Davidson, Ph.D., a Roy J. Carver Biomedical Research Chair in Internal Medicine and UI professor of internal medicine, physiology and biophysics, and neurology, have discovered a new mechanism for the expression of microRNAs -- short segments of RNA that do not give rise to a protein, but do play a role in regulating protein production. In their study, Davidson and colleagues not only discovered that microRNAs could be expressed in a different way than previously known, they also found that some of the junk DNA is not junk at all, but instead consists of sequences that can generate microRNAs.

"MicroRNAs are being shown to play roles in cancer and in normal development, so learning how these microRNAs are expressed may give us insight into these critical biological processes," said Borchert, who is lead author of the study. "Up to now it's been understood that one enzyme controls their expression, and we now show that in some cases it's a completely different one."

Genes that code for proteins make up only a tiny fraction of the human genome. The function of the remaining non-coding sequence is just beginning to be unraveled. In fact, until very recently, much of the non-coding sequence was dismissed as junk DNA. In 1998, scientists discovered that some DNA produced small pieces of non-coding RNA that could turn off, or silence, genes. This discovery won Andrew Fire and Craig Mello the 2006 Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology. Since their discovery, the field has exploded and small, non-coding RNAs have been shown to play an important role in development and disease in ways that scientists are only just beginning to understand.

3. DNA Implications: Brit-Am on the right track
concerning the two points (items #1 and #2 above):
The so-called "Junk" DNA is what is used to determine
DNA ethnic divisions etc.
Its advantage was that since it was considered to have no definite
function then it was less likely to be influenced by environment.
This assumption  will now need to be reconsidered.
This is what Brit-Am has been saying all along.
All the credit to us perhaps but we were basically making assumptions.
It now turns out that many scientists had been saying the same thing for some time
and one did need to be a "rocket scientist" to see this research development

4. Questions on Specific Names and Early Jewish Communists.

M wrote:
Dear Yair Davidly,

Very interesting website. I was wondering if you had any information on the following names:
In addition, I was wondering if you had any information regarding the Reds that took Russia in the early 1900s. It is my understanding that some in the higher levels of the military of the Red army were Jewish. If this is true,
why have the Russian Jews been persecuted throughout the 20th century. It seems that a handfull of Jewish people enabled the persecution of many other Jewish people in Russia?

Thank you for your time.


(a) Concerning the first question:
We are unable at present to supply information on individual family names.

(b) Re Jewish Communist Revolutionaries etc
It is true that many of the leaders in the early stages of the Russian Revolution
were of Jewish descent.
These Jews (or their parents) however had often been forced by the Russian Government to abandon their
Judaism.  Rather than become Christians they became atheists and when they came to power
 they persecuted their fellow Jews.
The Russian Revolution was against the Czar who was a bad man
and his regime oppressed everyone.
At first the Russian Revolutionaries were divided between genuine progressive
democratic liberals and moderate socialists on one side
and extremist communist types on the other. The Communists were the minority
but managed to stage a coup and take control.
Most Jews were actually anti-Communist and had backed Kerensky whose aim
was a Liberal Democratic American-type democracy.
The Jews who became "Reds" were a small minority of the Jewish population but for a short while
they became prominent amongst the Communist leadership.
This preeminence however did not last
long and after a few years they had been mostly eliminated by their Gentile colleagues.
They were Uncle Toms who played the role of the Judas Sheep
as was expected of them. When they had done their work they were discarded
finding themselves before execution squads, in dungeons, or as slave laborers in
We do not want to get involved in historical or ideological discussions etc
beyond the limitations implied by the Three Brit-Am Rs (Research, Revelation, Reconciliation).
Nevertheless questions like these do come up.
Anti-Semites often recall Jewish prominence in the early days of the
Russian Revolution.
They neglect however to mention  the qualifying factors recalled above
and also that Lenin and Stalin were Gentiles.
They also forget that Lenin hijacked the Revolution after being sent back to Russia
in a German armored train with boxes of German gold.
The Russian Revolution took place during WW1 when  Germany
 was fighting Russia in the east and the British-French-Australians-New Zealanders-Canadians
 and later the Americans in the west.
In the first stages of the Russian Revolution, the Czar was overthrown,
 a liberal coalition was placed in charge
and the Communists were a minority.
The new Russian Revolutionary Government continued the war against
The Germans backed Lenin so that he would overthrow the
Russian Revolutionary Government and take Russia out of the War which he did.
The German Army was therefore at least partly responsible for the Communists in Russia
coming to power.

5. Isaiah chs. 21 to 25 Summarized
Isaiah Prophecies: Babylon will fall. Tyre is destroyed and its Phoenician inhabitants flee first to Cyprus then to Spain and the west. The Exiled Israelites will call to God from the British Isles and from the West. Abandoning the Covenant and the Law brings Calamity. God will save HIS people. The Almighty will rule over the world and change the course of nature.