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1. DNA: Cimbrians in North Europe and North Italy?
2. Summaries in Isaiah
3. Brit-Am Photos/Family
4. Replies to Queries about Brit-Am
5. Other Ten Tribes Claims: Brit-Am is the only LEGITIMATE answer
6. Brit-Am and Racial Characteristics
7. The Tragedy of the Irish

1. DNA: Cimbrians in North Europe and North Italy?
Am J Phys Anthropol. 2006 Nov 28; [Epub ahead of print]

No signature of Y chromosomal resemblance between possible descendants of the
Cimbri in Denmark and Northern Italy.

Borglum AD, Vernesi C, Jensen PK, Madsen B, Haagerup A, Barbujani G.

Institute of Human Genetics, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Two European populations are believed to be related to the ancient Germanic
tribe Cimbri: one living in Northern Italy, the other living in Jutland,
Denmark. The people called Cimbri are documented in the ancient Roman historical
record. Arriving from the far north their movements can be tracked from
successive battles with the Romans. The Cimbri finally entered Italy from the northeast
and were defeated at Vercellae (present day Vercelli) in 101 BC by Gaius
Marius and his professional legions. Classical sources from the first centuries AD
relate the homeland of the Cimbri to the coasts around the Elb estuary
(northern Germany) or specifically towards the north (Himmerland in northern
Jutland). In the alpine parts of Veneto, northeast of the historical battlefield,
local traditions dating back to late medieval time, identify a local population
as Cimbri living in Terra dei Cimbri. They are considered the descendents of
the Germanic combatants that fled the battlefield at Vercelli. As the defeated
Cimbri that possibly fled to the mountains of Northern Italy most likely would
have been male (warriors), the present study investigated the possible Y
chromosomal diversity of the two present populations using microsatellite markers
and single nucleotide polymorphisms. While Cimbri from Himmerland resembled
their geographical neighbors from Denmark for the Y-chromosome markers, Cimbri
from Italy were significantly differentiated both from Cimbri from Himmerland
and from Danes. Therefore, we were not able to show any biological relationship
for uniparentally transmitted markers. Am J Phys Anthropol, 2007 (c) 2006
Wiley-Liss, Inc.

PMID: 17133438 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

David Faux: re "Cimbri" in Italy:
"there is fairly persuasive evidence that the language and people descend from a group of German woodcutters and charcoal makers invited into the area in the 13th Century.  Thus, this theory holds that Cimbri comes from the Middle German Tzimberer relating to the primary activity of the people there. "

2. Summaries in Isaiah

Isaiah Summary chs 26 to 30
Isaiah Prophecies: In our hearts we always worshipped the One God even though superficially we went after idols. There will be a resurrection of the Dead. The Whole of the Promised Land will belong to Israel. All the Jews of Judah and all the Israelites from the Lost Ten Tribes will return. Disaster will have overtaken Ephraim but a remnant will repent and be saved. Judah will suffer for not keeping the Law as much as it should have been kept. Nature will change. The Assyrians and all other enemies of Israel will be punished.

Isaiah Summary chs 31 to 35

Isaiah Prophecies: God is a Zionist. They who make peace with the heathen will bring disaster. Calamity will occur to Israel. God will protect and guide they who submit themselves to HIM. Begin the journey and the Almighty will inspire his people how they should act. Human nature will change and things will be better.

3. Brit-Am Photos/Family
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Personal Photographs are welcome but some may prefer a
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4. Replies to Queries about Brit-Am
See especially:

Q 7.  Are there General Rules for corresponding to the Brit-Am e-mail list? And if so, what are they?

Q 8. What is acceptable for correspondence with Brit-Am?

5. Other Ten Tribes Claims: Brit-Am is the only LEGITIMATE answer
Zeevveez wrote:

Dear Yair

Do you know that  documentary film director Aran Patinkin made a Full English version of "Legends of the Lost Tribes" which is now available on DVD?
If you want I can ask him to publish the written part of his series on your web site.

See: Untouchables

Sevet Menashe community in Mizoram

Bene Israel Community of India

Best Regards


I understand that the film director in question judging by your own entries
concentrates on groups in India, Kashmir, etc.

Some of the groups may have Jewish origins or they may have picked up
Jewish customs and traditions and some may even have a very vague association
with part of the Lost Ten Tribes having once been in an area that they too frequented,
but on the whole we doubt it.

At all events these groups are a SEPARATE SUBJECT.
They pertain to Judah or to the sphere of Judah.
It is up to Judah to decide how to relate to them
or if to relate to therm at all.
Brit-Am chooses not to be involved with these issues.
In our book "Ephraim" we spoke favorably of the Ethiopian Jews
but only as an adjunct to Judah that deserved consideration
as far we can tell.

From our point of view
The only LEGITIMATE account concerning the whereabouts of
the Lost Ten Tribes today is that of
Brit-Am and related groups in so far as these correspond with
Until now we have been preparing the factual basis for our approach.
This is still what we mainly concentrate upon.
Even so we hope shortly to be able to  make a more assertive approach
and bring this truth of ours to a wider audience.
We are aware that many in Joseph and Judah may be initially hostile
to our message but numerous others will welcome it.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

6. Brit-Am and Racial Characteristics
From: Joan Griffith
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-815
#3.  The Great Irish War Pipe traced to Middle East

That Irish site looks like a gold mine of information!

As for how the Middle Easterners got to Europe, it seems well accepted that one of the first into the Scandinavian countries was an ancestor from what is now Turkey. Interestingly, the Nordic races are blonde, whereas scientists show anyone in or from the Middle East as dark with brown eyes (also known as a black Irishman). Be that as it may, when one person "moves," others will follow, as we also see in the motion of Israel Westward, until they finally reached... Pacific shore of California? Hawaii? Australia? Philippines?  ;)

A minute's success pays for the failure of years. -Robert Browning

It is not correct to say that
"scientists show anyone in or from the Middle East as dark with brown eyes".
Maybe in the 19th century such assumptions were fashionable.
Nowadays researchers agree with Brit-Am that all types exist in the Middle
East and always did so with "lighter" groups being predominant in certain areas.

People in the north (Scandinavia etc) tend to be lighter in complexion
due to environmental influence combined with genetic potential
as we explain.
See also:
Queries on Race

7. The Tragedy of the Irish
"Ireland and the Jews"
Excerpts from a  very interesting article
together with Brit-Am Commentary:

Q3. Are not the Irish in Ireland <>anti-Semitic?
What is the "<>Tragedy of Ireland"?