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1. New Article
Biblical Studies: Edom to the North of Israel
2. Tea Tephi - A Masonic Tradition?
3. Isaiah Summary chs 56 to 60

1. New Article
Biblical Studies: Edom to the North of Israel

2. Tea Tephi - A Masonic Tradition?
The note below by Dr Hoeh attributes the tradition of Tea Tephi
to Masonic sources.
We think rather that people (probably in Ulster) who were also Masons
used an exiting sentiment that their members were descended from Israel
in order a little "romance and adventure" to their meetings.

Source Herman Hoeh: A Compendium of History book one:
    <<Now we come to one of the most remarkable events in history -- the
joining of the lines of Pharez and Zarah in Ireland after the fall of
Jerusalem in 585 B.C.
     The Bible records God as saying that David would never lack a
descendant to sit on his throne. Now consider, all of Zedekiah's sons
were slaughtered before he was carried to Babylon. But his two
daughters escaped with Jeremiah. Part of the story of how the line of
David through Zedekiah continued has been preserved in Masonic
tradition, and well known as recently as one century ago. Remember,
kings and royalty of Britain have commonly been Masons.
     According to this Masonic tradition, a Prince Eochaid of Ireland
came to Jerusalem several years before 585. He was present during the
siege. This Eochaid (meaning Knight) was none other than Oilioll
Olchaoin, the son of Siorna Saoghlach mac Dian called the Heremon.
Eochaid was blood royal of the Milesian Zarah line. After the fall of
Jerusalem he married Zedekiah's daughter, named in the Masonic
tradition Tea Tephi, of the Pharez line. They fled in 585 with Jeremiah
and Baruch to Egypt.
     The last Biblical record places them in Egypt. Masonic tradition,
however, traces their journey to Ireland. Irish histories relate the
arrival of a royal party in 569 B.C. (See "The Irish Prince and the
Hebrew Prophet", New York, 1896, pages 137-145). The arrivals included
Prince Eochaid, his wife Tea Tephi, their son and a prophet called
Ollamh Fodhla and his scribe Baruch. When they reached Tara, Eochaid
was proclaimed king since his father had just died. A description from
the Masonic tradition reads: "Jeremiah had joined the hands of the
prince and princess over the sacred stone (lia fail) ... and commanded
the blessing of Israel's God to rest upon the throne of David." ("The
Irish Prince and the Hebrew Prophet", page 139).
     This ceremony was not the marriage of Eochaid and Tea Tephi but,
the symbolic joining of the lines of Zarah and Pharez. >>

Isaiah Summary chs 56 to 60

We must keep the Sabbath and act righteously, doing justice and good deeds. The Oppressors of Judah will be shown the error of their ways. God will always be with HIS people even when they are not aware of it. The Lost Ten Tribes will be in the Isles of the Sea and the West. First Judah will return then the Ten Tribes in stages. The return will be by air travel.