"Brit-Am Now"-827
1. New Brit-Am Articles in German
2. Yoel Kramsky: Ultra-Orthodoxy and Scripture
3. In Defence of Brit-Am

1. New Brit-Am Articles in German
prepared by S. Durski

Von Judah getrennt

Licht fuer die Nationen

Ein Segen fuer Andere

2. Yoel Kramsky: Ultra-Orthodoxy and Scripture
From: Yoel Kramsky <>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-825
#2. Do Jews Know the Bible?


Yair, is this good for your readers? -Chanukkoh Someiach

Do Jews Know the Bible?
Q. I have heard claims that religious Jews do not really know the Bible.
Is this true?

We the Ultra-Orthodox Jews could definitely know the Tanach [Bible] better. We are still in exile due to the disobedience to Hashem previous generations accumulated since about 2,200 years back. Had we known the Tanach better in those times, and had unity among ourselves been better, the Holy Temple would still stand to this day, all the nations would benefit from it and Moshiach [Messiah] would probably already be here giving us the luxury of great abundance, peace and harmony between nations and without wars.

Yes we the Ultra-Orthodox Jews could know the Tanach better.
Just as in the world there are doctors that specialize in different areas of cure / medicine, so do our Rabbis specialize in some area in our approach to Hashem. Some are experts in family matters, others in building mikvaot (ritual baths), others in food (kosher), others in Shechita (animal slaughtering), others study the ancient tabernacle and past and future Temples while others specialize in prophecy, mysticism and the education of children. Since the topics are so many and vast I am probably failing to mention some areas of specialty. Not even our Greatest Sages today can assure us "They know the Tanach / Bible in its entirety since themselves teach us that "the learning to Tanach has no end". Some of our Sages have learned from unbroken chains of teachers dating back to Biblical times and they still feel this way. They show to have a level of the Holy Spirit that allows them to discern matters that the average practitioner of our religion is not able to, often when asked for blessings they are able to perform Miracles. Their approach to that is always meek and non-self glorifying, perhaps other religions don't have all these specialties or divisions of specialties. The Ultra-Orthodox leaders of every generation are able to become very well versed in all these matters since they are Souls above the average ones living in this world, with mental and self-sacrifice (seeking the benefit of others, not for themselves) capacities beyond the normal. Always seeking G-dliness and simplicity. These traits stem from the examples set to us by our patriarchal forefathers and then by the chain of Prophets and Sages that have lived throughout our long history.

Today's sages lean for their wisdom on data that was handed down by a few generations that lived between the prophet Malachi, and from Malachi back dating back to Har [Mount] Sinai. Most of the famous prophets we know today were the leaders of the Sanhedrin. Our prayer formula used today called the "Amidah" or "Sh'monei Esrei" [Eighteen Blessings] was set up for us the prophet Ezra. All information eventually got documented around 1600-2000 years ago in fear of getting this Oral wisdom of Biblical Rabbis lost. Today we know these works as the Mishnah, which serve as the base for our Talmud, which in turn give us the Oral Law as handed down to Moshe Rabbeinu [Moses Our Rabbi] at Har Sinai which gives us today a link to the knowledge of that era. In the Talmudic Rabbinic discussions they quote from the Tanach from just about any topic one can think of. In this fashion Orthodox Jews know the scriptures quite well. It could be said that an Orthodox Jew knows the Tanach from quotations in the Talmud while the people of the west know it from the outside (by reading it laterally, at face value from the Bible itself). In our religion the farther a generation is from the time of Har Sinai, the less power it has to make arguments against Biblical decisions. The Biblical ignorance of today goes in line with the Rabbinical saying that what we are called the "generation of Moshiach" which is to be the poorest in knowledge and good traits and lives just before Moshiach is revealed and Eliahu HaNavi [Elijah the Prophet] will come to heal our distance from Hashem.

Seems to me that in all religions there are those that are knowledgeable about their believes, and then others that are ignorant of the religion they were born into. In Hoshea Chapter 11:11-12 , which deals with "end times" prophecies as the context proves, gives Hashem's perception of the spiritual state of the spiritual leaders of both the House of Yaakov and the House of Y'hudoh.

Hoshea 12:1 says:  "Ephraim has surrounded me with lies, and the house of Israel with deceit, but Judah still rules with G-d, and with the Holy One he is faithful." The proof that this refers to the spiritual leaders of each house is the fact that Hashem doesn't consider the spiritual leaders of Y'hudoh to be "chasing after the wind" in the "end of days" but feels that way about the house of Yisroel as verse 2 says. Both houses as stated above have the Biblically unlearned and aren't alluded to in this verse, whom are like "chasers of wind". Neither is Hashem concerned with non-Biblical, secular or political matters. These verses are about specific Spiritual or Biblical Theocratic ways of running a nation, only ways that enrich and nurture the soul of the Hebrews, and of course benefits all non Hebrews. We learn this from verse 2 that tells us:  "Ephraim joins the wind and chases the east wind; all day he increases deceit and plunder, and they make a treaty with Assyria, and oil is brought to Egypt".

Yoel Kramsky

3. In Defence of Brit-Am
A few days ago we sent an appeal for funds.

As far as we know this appeal was received sympathetically
but no one concrete response resulted so far.

We understand that some people are in favor of our work but hesitant
in financially supporting us due to our religious beliefs being different from
our own.
This is fair enough.
It should be pointed out however that our focus is very specific.
We use Biblical and secular evidence to prove the Brit-Am case.
We do not use these sources to push our own beliefs in other matters
or at least not in such a way that is unacceptable.
By way of analogy, we believe that abortion is against the will of the Almighty.
We might be hesitant in supporting a Minister who campaigned against abortion if that
minister  in his anti-Abortion campaigning mainly emphasized his own sectarian religious convictions.
If however this hypothetical Minister spoke in general terms acceptable to
most Bible-believers and if he was effective we would want to encourage him however we could.
When one goes to a dentist etc the primary consideration is or should be
does the person do his job?
So too with us.
Brit-Am fulfills a function to the benefit of all.
Whatever your beliefs if you belief in this cause then I think you will agree that is
good  that there is someone like ourselves in the field.
Show your appreciation and assist us in functioning through your support.