"Brit-Am Now"-828
1. The Future Return from South Africa
2. Keep Away from Anti-Semites
3. We Are Alone (excerpt from "Proof")

1. The Future Return from South Africa
New Article
South Africa is recalled in Prophecy as the once proud but now oppressed Israelites beyond the Rivers of Cush. They will be rescued and returned to Zion. Historical background of South Africa. South Africa in the Light of Ephraimite Criteria.

2. Keep Away from Anti-Semites
A small minority of people who think along our lines
(that the Lost Ten Tribes are in the west) are against the Jews.
These types often receive a lot of publicity.
Most of them have little of value to contribute but blur the issue by
giving false information about "Identity" which is unnecessary and gives us
all a bad name.
A few here and there might have valid points on "Identity" matters usually having
picked them up from somewhere else.
At all events these people are not friends of ours. They are our enemies.
They are enemies to enabling the truths we have on Identity matters
being considered.
Subconsciously or even consciously this may be their real intention.
They accuse others of "being the seed of Satan" but this is what they are.

3. We Are Alone (excerpt from "Proof")
Brit-Am is preparing a new book named "Proof"
Here is an excerpt from the proposed introduction to "Proof":

Today the Western World is under siege. The State of Israel and the Jews are the center of world attention. Islamic Propaganda depicts the USA, UK, and Israel as the ultimate enemy. They feel they have a religious duty to destroy us. Not only do the Arab nations share these sentiments but so do most other countries to some degree.
 The United Nations may be taken as representing the rest of the world.

The United Nations Division for Palestinian Rights was formed in 1977.  It is the only "Division" of its kind.
If the Palestinians had have had claims against any other group than the Jews it is hard to believe that anyone would still be interested in them. They are not the only "refugees" in the world. Their situation is not so bad relatively speaking. It is also common knowledge that plight of the Palestinian refugees has been artificially created and could be easily alleviated were they not serving as a weapon against the State of Israel.
An example (out of many) of refugees in parallel situations who have been successfully resettled may be found on the Island of Cyprus which is not that far from "Palestine" and whose culture and people are not that different from "Palestinians".
Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean off the coasts of Greece and Turkey. Cyprus was ruled by the British then received its independence.  The inhabitants of Cyprus were Cypriots who identified as being either Turkish (30% of the total) or Greek. Fiction existed between the two sides. In 1974 the Turks invaded and divided the island taking what they felt they needed and creating more than 200,000 Greek Cypriot refugees in the process. Within seven years and without any noticeable outside assistance all the refugees had been re-housed and were gainfully employed.
  According to a Wikipedia  article ("Israel and the United Nations")

<<The only UN day dedicated to a specific people is November 29, the annual UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
There is only one refugee agency dedicated to a single refugee situation: UNRWA (in operation since 1950).
"The General Assembly operates through six committees of the whole. One of them, the Fourth Committee, routinely devotes 30 percent of its time to the condemnation of Israel."
"The General Assembly emergency sessions... began in 1956, and since then six of the ten emergency sessions ever held, have been about Israel. The 10th such session began in 1997 and has been reconvened 13 times. ... a million dead in Rwanda or two million dead in Sudan might have warranted one General Assembly emergency session."
"...the UN's primary human-rights body is the UN Human Rights Commission. 30% of the resolutions condemning specific states ever adopted over 40 years are directed at Israel.">>

Regarding UN and related international forum activities
and their bias against Israel,
<<Hugh Fitzgerald, a lecturer on the manipulation of language for political ends, wrote, "No matter what the subject ("racism" at Durban, the rights of women at Cairo) and no matter what morally moronic U.N. conference is held, it will always and everywhere turn absurdly into a bash-Israel event. Not a single word in Geneva, at the Human Rights Commission, about the grave mistreatment of Hindus and Christians in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, in Indonesia. Not a word about Muslim attacks on Buddhists in south Thailand. Not a word about the Muslim attacks for two decades in the Sudan -- or at least, not a word that stopped the genocide, if the Rapporteur for the situation in the southern Sudan, M. Biro, is to be believed.">>

People do not like Jews.  Regardless of whether Jews deserve it or not and no matter what they do, Jews are not liked. The State of Israel is a Jewish State. Britain is regarded as having helped to create the State of Israel even though at the end stages a semblance of armed hostility between Jews and Englishmen may have been needed to cut the umbilical cord. The USA bankrolled Israel and acted as the de facto patron of the Jewish State frequently serving as its only open ally.  It happens that the State of Israel, the USA, and Britain have common interests.  It also happens hostility against the State of Israel is really only a cover for all nations east of the Rhine and south of the Pyrenees to vent their spleen against the "Anglo" nations.  It is true that in this regard France, Holland, Finland, Norway, and the others can also be just as bad as anyone else. In the case of these last-mentioned nations the feeling is that their antagonism may be only a superficial puerile rebellion against what is seen as a too-pervasive Americanization combined with some irresistible bullying of the vulnerable "Jew Boys".
Whatever the case it should be quite clear that the Jews at present are only the "canary in the cage".  Nations that want to hurt and obliterate the Jews also wish to do the same to Britain and America. If they get the chance no-one can be certain that the Jews will be the first to suffer. Attempts at pre-emption blows against the "Anglo" powers should not be ruled out.
Why is this?
What have the "Anglos" done?
The answer is that in the eyes of the world they have done plenty most of which is not appreciated. Even if they had have done nothing they exist.
They are.
They are different and represent something that the world can only accept if it is forced to do so. Otherwise the world wants it obliterated.
The world is the majority.
We however are not in this case on the majority side.
We are on the side of the Almighty.
We say that Britain, the USA, and the State of Israel along with other related peoples derive from common ancestors, that they are Israelites.
This may not accord with what we are accustomed to think. Our images of reality are often subconsciously clouded by stereotypes.  Jews and Anglos are imagined to look different, think differently, and belong to separate spheres of existence. These stenotype-determined conceptions are not altogether mistaken. Nevertheless for they who are familiar with both groups it will be realized that the differences are not as great as we might imagine. There is nothing that divides the two parties that cannot be easily attributed to the cumulated effect of three thousand years of separate existence.
That they came from the same source a long time ago would not necessarily matter were it not for the fact that according to the Bible they have a mutual destiny.
The Bible talks about these peoples, indicates what will or may happen to them, and advises them what to do.
The Bible talks to us.
The Bible (as this work will show) along with other disciplines tells us that the "Anglos" and related nations represent the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. The Jews on the other hand represent Judah.
Judah and the other tribes of Israel have a mutual destiny.
This is important.
This is so important that there may be nothing more important than it.
We will prove from both Scriptural and secular sources that the Lost Ten Tribes are today to be found predominantly amongst Western Peoples.
We will show that the World is not mistaken.
Israel, Britain, America, and related nations at a higher level of reality are one entity. They are responsible for taming the wild beast-instinct of the heathen nations. They may fail to fulfill this duty. They may sometimes even let themselves sink lower than the creatures they are supposed to uplift. Consequently the pack is liable to attack them. We are not sure if it is possible to turn the wheel around and reverse the process but we are prepared to try.
Even opening the eyes of a few to the reality of what is really happening is worthwhile.
That is what this book does.