"Brit-Am Now"-829
1. Thomas Grey: The Brit-Am Family
2. Rabbi Dovid Siegel: The Reunification of Judah and Joseph (Excerpts)
3. Thomas Gray: Suggestions
4. Cyprus- source
5. Robert Graves: Need to know the "Jewish mind"
6. Why it is Forbidden to believe in Conspiracy Theories
7. Dolmens in Bible Codes

1. Thomas Grey: The Brit-Am Family

2. Rabbi Dovid Siegel: The Reunification of Judah and Joseph (Excerpts)
As we explained, every week in the Synagogue a long section of the Five Books
of Moses is read together with a shorter excerpt from the Prophets known as the
Haftorah. Usually the theme of the Haftorah has some connection to the Torah
The Haftorah for this week is taken from Ezekiel 37 that speaks of the union of the
Stick of Joseph with that of Judah. This is related to the Torah portion
that deals with the revelation of Joseph to his brothers.
Genesis ch 44 to ch 47.
(see the Brit-Am Commentary there).
It is known as "VaYagash" (meaning THEN HE CAME NEAR
or "he approached")
after the opening words in the portion.

Below we have posted excerpt from a Rabbinical study on the haftorah.
What the Rabbi exactly meant when referring to the Lost Tribes
is not clear but his teaching is worth our attention.
There are points in the message we in Brit-Am can take to heart.
Remarks in square brackets [..] are additions of our own.
The word "Hashem" literally means "The Name" and is a reverent way of referring to the
The Rabbi applies the word "Jew" and "Jewish" to the entire Israelite nation.
Excerpts Only:

From: Rabbi Dovid Siegel <>
Subject: Haftorah - Parshas Vayigash

Parshas Vayigash
Yechezkel 37:15
by Rabbi Dovid Siegel

This week's haftorah is devoted to the Jewish [Israelite] nation's future unification.
it opens with Hashem instructing the Prophet Yechezkel to take two pieces
of wood and inscribe them with names of the Jewish [Israelite] kingdoms, Yehuda and
Yosef. Hashem then said, "Bring them near one another to appear as one and
they shall unite in your hands." Radak interprets this to mean that
Yechezkel should hold the pieces alongside each other and they will
miraculously unite into one solid piece of wood. He explains that this
refers to the future miraculous unification of the Jewish [Israelite] kingdom. The
individual pieces of wood represent the individual kingdoms of Israel.
Although Hashem unconditionally granted Dovid Hamelech's dynasty the
kingdom of Israel this did not preclude fragmentation. In fact, soon after
Shlomo Hamelech's [Solomon the King] passing the kingdom suffered a severe split. Yeravam ben
Nvat, a descendent of the tribe of Yosef led a powerful rebellion against
the Judean dynasty and gained control over most of the Jewish [Israelite]  nation. The
split was so intense that the seceding camp of Yosef totally severed ties
with its brothers never to return to them. Yechezkel prophesied that these
kingdoms will eventually reunite and form one inseparable unit. ...

Yechezkel continues and states in Hashem's name, "And I will purify them
and they shall be a nation to Me and I will be G-d to them...My Divine
Presence will rest upon them ... forever." (37:23,28) These verses predict
the final phase of unity- Hashem's unification with His people. In the
Messianic era all aspects of unity will be achieved. The entire Jewish [Israelite]
nation will become one inseparable entity and Hashem will reunite with His

It is important to note the order of this unity. The first phase will be
our nation's unification and after this is achieved Hashem will return to
His people. [The book named] Sefer Charedim sensitizes us to the order of this development.
He reflects upon Hashem's distinct quality of oneness and explains that it
can only be appreciated and revealed through His people's harmonious
interaction. Hashem's favor and kindness emanates from His perfect oneness
and reveals this quality in full. When the Jewish [Israelite]  people function as a
harmonious body they deserve Hashem's favor and kindness. They project and
reflect Hashem's goodness and express His oneness and bring true glory to
His name . However, if the Jewish [Israelite] people are fragmented and divided they
display- Heaven forbid- division in Hashem's interactive system. Their
divisive behavior gives the impression that Hashem's influence is
disjointed and fragmented and not achieving its ultimate purpose. At that
point Hashem removes His presence from His people and disassociates
Himself from their inappropriate ways...

We now understand that the Jewish [Israelite] people's unity is a prerequisite to
Hashem's return to His people.

In truth, the foundation for this unity was laid in this week's sedra [Torah portion].
Yosef developed an ingenious scheme to silence all his brothers'
suspicions and convince them of their grave misjudgement of his actions.
He successfully removed their deep seeded jealousy and hatred and brought
about a sincere unification to the household of Yaakov. Yosef and Yehuda,
the two powers to be, embraced one another and displayed a true sense of
kinship. Unfortunately, irrevocable damage already occurred that would
ultimately yield a severe split in the Jewish [Israelite] kingdom. Yosef's descendant,
Yeravam would eventually severe relations with Yehuda's descendant
Rechavam and establish his own leadership. (see Gur Aryeh to Breishis
48:7) However, groundwork was already established to reunite these
kingdoms and return the Jewish [Israelite]  nation to its original perfect unity.

This week's sedra records the immediate result of the unity of the
household of Yaakov. After Yaakov Avinu discovered Yosef's existence and
salvation the Torah states, "And their father, Yaakov's spirit was
restored to life." (Breishis 45:27) Rashi quotes the Sages who explain
these words to refer to the return of Hashem's Divine Spirit to Yaakov.
(ad loc) Yosef's absence from Yaakov's household indirectly prevented
Hashem's Divine Spirit from resting upon Yaakov. Now, after twenty-two
dark years Yaakov Avinu's household was reunited and Hashem returned His
Divine Presence to Yaakov. This development is indicative of the Jewish
[Israelite] people's future experience. The ten lost tribes representing the kingdom
of Yoseif will be divided from the Judean kingdom for over two thousand
years. This will result in Hashem's removing His Divine Presence from
amidst His people and throughout their long dark exile they will have no
direct contact with Him. However, the time will eventually arrive for the
Jewish [Israelite] people to reunite and become one inseparable entity. This
miraculous unity will immediately lead to a second unity, that of Hashem
and His people. In response to their total unification Hashem will return
His Divine Presence and rest amongst His people us and "The spirit of
Israel will be restored to life".

This lesson is apropos for our times where so much potential diversity
exists. We pray to Hashem that we merit total unification thereby yielding
Hashem's return to us resting His Divine Presence amongst us.

Rabbi Dovid Siegel

Kollel Toras Chaim
Kiryat Sefer, Israel

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3. Thomas Gray: Suggestions
From: Thomas Gray <>
re "Brit-Am Now"-828
#3. We Are Alone (excerpt from "Proof")

Subject: Suggested re-write

I like the idea of the new book "Proof", apparently being written to reach
out to those who still have not heard or are not convinced.  I suggest that
you try for a bit more clearness, and that you understate the case a bit.
The facts on the UN are very good and appropriate.  However, I don't think
that you should state that Britain and the U.S.A. are descended from Israel
in that manner.  Actually, you don't believe that every U.S. citizen is
Israelite, yet that gives the impression that you do.  For that matter,
neither is every Israeli citizen.  Your statement might come as too big of a
shock to those to whom this idea is new.  Rejecting your too broad of a
statement, they are liable to reject your whole message.  How about saying
something like this at the end of the introduction:

"We say that the U.S.A. and Britain, and some other areas of Western Europe,
contain a predominance of Israelite descendents that have marked the culture
of those countries.  This does not just refer to the Jewish minority in
those countries, but to others that have lost the consciousness of their
Israelite ancestry (as many Jews even recently did due to the Inquisition in
Spain).  Thus, we believe that this number may be much higher than many
people have thought.  We say that this Israelite influence is so strong in
these countries, that the anti-Israelite sentiment against Israel and the
Jewish people is also being directed against these countries.  If this is
true, as we plan to demonstrate in this book, then it is urgently important
for us to understand this, because the Bible links all Israelites into a
mutual destiny.  This destiny includes a role in taming the wild-beast
instinct of the heathen nations.  It is not for nothing that those heathen
nations feel a resentment against the Israelite people.  If we don't
understand what is going on here, we will be caught off guard, divided and
weakened in the face of these attacks, instead of standing together as we
should.  Therefore, we urge you to carefully consider what follows, even if
it might seem unusual or perhaps remind you of a similar but off-base

Well, it's your book.  Perhaps I should write my own instead, but I hope
that these suggestions may help you be more effective in getting the truth
of this matter out.

Thomas Gray.

4. Cyprus- source of information
re "Brit-Am Now"-828
#3. We Are Alone (excerpt from "Proof")
In the above excerpt we used the case of Cyrpus
as an example of the succesful rehabilitation of refugees in the Middle East.
The source for this information was an article by Yoel Bannerman posted out in
a "Root and Branch" <>
Usually we are quite strict in quoting our sources but in this case we did

5. Robert Graves: Need to know the "Jewish mind"
From: Robert Graves <>
Subject: BritAm 827 - Do Jews Know the Bible?

Shalom Yair,

I want to thank you and Yoel Kramsky for Yoel's comments on the question, "Do Jews Know the Bible"

His comment about Christians learning the Scriptures from the "outside in" rather than from ancient sources was so insightful and I realized that he is least as far as I was taught from my youth.

But during the last few years I came to realize that I could not fully appreciate or understand scriptural truths without the 'expertise' accumulated by Judaism since the covenant at Mt. Sinai. So now, when I need to know the "Jewish mind" regarding a scriptural subject, such as, "The Age to Come" I consult the Talmud and Mishnah for help in understanding the mind of Adonai.

My experience with the wisdom I find therein has convinced me that Christian scriptural understanding would be greatly enhanced by consulting the views of the Jewish Sages.

Thanks again and may Adonai bless you and the work.


Robert Graves

6. Why it is Forbidden to believe in Conspiracy Theories
Good people, intelligent people, people who support Brit-Am, in some cases the best people
there are keep writing me again and again with their "inside" information on Conspiracy Theories.
The information is invariably uncorroborated and false.
Conspiracy Theories are lies.
It is forbidden to believe in Conspiracy Theories because:
They are lies and it is forbidden to accept lies.
They are almost always against the Israelite Peoples and frequently against the
They are therefore against the will of the Almighty.
In addition more or often than not they unjustly malign specific individuals
and inculcate pagan thought processes.

7. Dolmens in Bible Codes
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