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1. You are what you Agreed to be
2. Viewing the Brit-Am Web Site
3. "Ephraim" out of print.
4. The Brit-Am and Tudor Roses
5. A Specific Biblical Overview

1. You are what you Agreed to be
There is a principle based on hints in Biblical verses that everything that was
created had agreed in advance to be created as they were.
This applies especially to people.
We are who we would have wanted to be if we had have been asked in the first place.
We may not understand it all.
Everyone has some kind of imperfection that they are aware of.
This too is part of what we are.
We should accept ourselves and try to do our task in this world as well as we can and
this means helping others in our sphere do their task when we can help.
We would all like to know more about who we are and how that fits in with everything
This is what the Bible is about.
This is what Brit-Am seeks to help do.
Brit-Am believes that the Lost Tribes are among western peoples,
that the Jews are Judah and that Joseph and Judah should work together.
This to our understanding is what the Almighty expects of us
and of all others who reach this understanding.
This is the demand of our time.
I personally believe that I am of Israelite descent.
Nevertheless for all I know I may not be.
Even if I were not I would still consider it my duty to deepen my understanding
of Brit-Am belief and share this knowledge with others.
We think others should have the same approach.

2. Viewing the Brit-Am Web Site
The Brit-Am Web Site is best viewed through
Internet Explorer.
We try to make our articles compatible with other viewers
but do not always succeed and we were not aware of
the problem until recently.

3. "Ephraim" out of print.
"Ephraim" is not out of print.
Please see the Brit-Am Contributions and Orders
attachment at the end of this posting for current
publication offers and prices.

4. The Brit-Am and Tudor Roses
New Articles with quite a few illustrations.
Well worth looking at:

5. A Specific Biblical Overview
Adam and Eve were the first human beings. They produced offspring who increased and multiplied. All of mankind corrupted its way so the Almighty sent a Deluge upon the earth. Only Noah and his three sons Shem, Ham, and Japhet with their families were saved. The offspring of Shem, Ham, and Japheth reached seventy souls. These became the forefathers of all major ethnic groups in the world today. Abraham was descended from Shem. Abraham was told to go to the Land of Canaan which his seed were destined to inherit. Abraham was married to Sarah who had a maidservant named Hagar. From Hagar Abraham begat Ishmael.  The Almighty told Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away. Through Sarah Abraham begat Isaac who married Rebecca. They gave birth to twins, Esau and Jacob. Esau was red and hairy. He was destined to live by his sword in beneficial regions. Eternal rivalry for rulership over the world, at times for very existence, was to exist between Jacob and Esau. Warrior ruling elites such as the Spartans and part of the early Romans and others descended from Esau who is also known as Edom. Jacob was renamed Israel. Israel had twelve sons who fathered the Twelve Tribes of Israel. These were Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulon, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Joseph, and Benjamin. Joseph begat Ephraim and Manasseh who were counted as Tribes in their own right.
In his youth Joseph had dreamt dreams of grandeur and antagonized his brothers. They sold him as a slave to a caravan going down to Egypt and told his father that a wild beast had devoured him. In Egypt Joseph rose to become the second-in-command to Pharaoh and effectual ruler of the Land. There was a famine that Joseph had foreseen and prepared for. The brothers of Joseph came to Egypt to purchase food for their families.
In Egypt Joseph became reconciled to his brothers and induced his whole family to come to Goshen in Egypt.
The sons and grandsons of Jacob who went down to Egypt were seventy souls parallel to the seventy ethnic divisions of mankind.
Eventually a new king arose over Egypt who enslaved the Israelites and subjected them to hard toil. Under Moses from the Tribe of Levi the Israelites were redeemed from Egypt. Led by Joshua from the Tribe of Ephraim they conquered the Land of Canaan. The first king was Saul from the Tribe of Benjamin. After him David from the Tribe of Judah became king and made Jerusalem the Capital. Solomon the son of David built the Temple in Jerusalem. Rehoboam the son of Solomon caused a rebellion. The Ten Northern Tribes under Jeroboam from the Tribe of Ephraim set up their own kingdom named "Israel" as distinct from "Judah" in the south. A few centuries later the Assyrians conquered "Israel" and exiled all of its inhabitants. They disappeared from history as a recognizable Hebrew entity and are known as "The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel".  Most of the present day Jews are descended from former inhabitants of "Judah".  They too were exiled several times but retained consciousness of their origins. Both Judah and "Israel" have tasks of their own to fulfill as predicted by Scripture.  In the End Times the Lost Ten Tribes of "Israel" who are also known as "Joseph" and as "Ephraim" will be made aware of their origins. They will be re-united with Judah. They will return to the Land between the Nile and Euphrates and divide it between them according to their Tribes. The Temple will be rebuilt.
The task of Judah will have been to Keep and develop the Law of Moses and obey it.
The task of "Joseph" will have been to elevate humanity along with themselves in the sense of judgement and justice.
Together with his task "Joseph" will have been blessed in such a way as to have enabled him to fulfill his mission.
All this is predicted in Scripture in great detail.