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1. Questions from Elisheva:
2. Jeremiah chs 16 to 20
Brit-Am Commentary
3. Photos from Lebanon

1. Questions from Elisheva:
shalom Yair,
My name is Elisheva and I met you some time back with avraham feld. I am also a regular visitor at your site. I am very intrested in the subject of the 12 tribes. A point that seems to be continuesly elluded is with the finding of certain tribes. what next? what is their status in perspective to israel. At this point we only recognise the tribe of yehudah as g-d's chosen people. all people found so far of the decent of israel must convert to the tribe of yehudah. why?
why to they need to convert to yehudah if they are of the 12 tribes. It doesn't make them any more of g-d's chosen people. does it? If they must convert, isn't that in itself delegitemizing the other 11 tribes and their g-d given rights. outside of the fact that the messiah will come from the line of david, why does the tribe of yehudah recognize only themselves as the legitimate people of israel and g-d's chosen. It seems rather egotistical.

From the point of view of Judah non-Jews in order to be fully obligated
by the Law need to convert to Judaism.
I was not born in the USA. If I want to become an American I have to go through
a certain process. They might not accept me for reasons I disagree with but that is
their prerogative.
Since I am not an American citizen I am not obligated by American law
and do not have the rights of an American.
Becoming Jewish by religion does not mean that one denies Israelite Ancestry
from Tribes other than Jewish.
There are two distinct aspects:
a. Religious obligations
b. Physical descent
There is some overlap between the two.
Not all Israelites are Jews though all Jews are Israelites.
In the future (Ezekiel 37) there will be no difference between the two but today there is.

2. Jeremiah chs 16 to 20
Brit-Am Commentary

Judah and Joseph will return. Sin brings disaster. Prophesying disaster is a bitter experience. If we repent the Almighty will have mercy upon us. The source of all true good is from the Almighty. Rabbi Manasseh ben Israel and the Lost Ten Tribes.
Ch.16: The people around Jeremiah were to be expelled for not Keeping the Law of Moses. In the Last Days both "Judah" (the Jews) and "Israel" (the Ten Tribes") will return.

Ch. 17: We must trust in the Almighty. He who does not trust is accursed. The Hope of Israel is God. Rabbi Manasseh ben Israel and the Lost Ten Tribes. The Israelite inhabitants of Jerusalem must keep the Sabbath.

Ch.18: If we repent and do good God will have mercy upon us. The Almighty has proven Himself to us. Why should we leave Him? He is the source of all the good we have ever known. He will continue to succor us if we stay with HIM.

Ch. 19: Jeremiah warned the people to cease from sinning. He foretold disaster would come upon them due to their iniquity. There were some amongst the people who desired to do away with Jeremiah. They were practising child sacrifice similar to what abortionists do today.

Ch. 20: Jeremiah was a Prophet. He was bitter that it had fallen to his lot to prophesy about the disaster and destruction that would come upon his own people because of their sins.

3. Photos from Lebanon
from commercial set; miniature recontraction of Tyre

1980?, megalith used to build temples at Baalbak, by Bruce Hertogz

1983, British army in Lebanon after 1st. WW., Nahr el-Kalb, by Elie Wardini

1983, Bristish and Australian troops in Lebanon after WW2, Nahr el-Kalb, by Elie Wardini

1983, British in Lebanon after WW2, Nahr el-Kalb, by Elie Wardini

Lebanese Cedars

Tyre Peninsula