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1. WG: Is the Ark in North Ireland?
2. Questions on Family and Tribal Significance
3. Brit-Am and the Karaites
4. Biblical Truth
5. Question on Race and Color

1. WG: Is the Ark in North Ireland?
Subject: Re: A Question about Ephraim and the Ark of the Covenant

Dear Yair:
The Ark rested in Shiloh (Ephraims territory), which was is central Israel until King David brought it to Jerusalem, where it eventually resided in the inner sanctuary of the Temple.
Since the throne of David is in modern-day EphraimEnglanddo you think the Ark of the Covenant must be in the territory of its control (United KingdomScotland, more specifically Northern Ireland)?
I thought if there were sound reasons why God chose Ephraim to safeguard the Ark until a proper holy place was prepared for it, just like in the past (Shiloh to Jerusalem), there might be a reasonable argument that the Ark could be hidden in the United Kingdom.
Devenish Island in Northern Ireland may be this place (it's about 3 miles NW of Tara Hill), as tradition hold that Jeremiah the Prophet was buried there. Also, Devenish Island in Irish, daimhinis, means Ox Island: The Ox was the symbol of Joseph and his sons, which was passed on to Ephraim.
Without going into more detail, what do you think?
Best Regards,

2. Questions on Family and Tribal Significance
re "Brit-Am Now"-833
#5. Question on Continuing Conversion process
"Your  question included information about your origins
implying that you well maybe descended from the Lost Ten Tribes.
This knowledge should strengthen your decision but in our opinion
(at this stage at least) it should not be the major consideration."

(1) If I did descend from the lost ten tribes - then why are my relatives with the same ancestry not interested in Torah - I am the only one.
(2) What do you mean "(at this stage) it [Lost Israelite Ancestry] should not be the major consideration?


You are asking questions in a way that is close to being pertinent to you
as an individual and not necessarily applicable in a general sense.
Each family is different.
This is also  a field that we do not want to deal with for several reasons
one of them being the necessary extra uncertainty that any answer must entail.
At all events,
(1) It could be for all we know that only a few will be called to return?
Alternately it could be that you have merited to be
the forerunner for others of your kin and friends who will come later,
maybe much later.

(2) Theoretically, Decisions based on possible Israelite Tribal ancestry
should perhaps be those of groups and involve large numbers of people
all of whom have reached similar conclusions.
These decisions should be coordinated with responsible parties from both
Judah and Joseph.
These conditions do not prevail at the moment and are unlikely to do so
in the near future though one never knows.

3. Brit-Am and the Karaites
A pseudo-Karaite is sending a letter around with a quote from us
implying that we somehow agree with his nonsense.
He also quotes from "The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia"
which is not a good source when employed on sensitive matters without
evidence from other areas.
The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
 was a secular anti-religious production produced in the spirit
of 19th century academic know-it-all nonsense.
There are no end to articles and claims that can be made
against the Bible. it is not the task of Brit-Am to defend the Bible in general.

Brit-Am does however deal with the Bible and with secular studies concerning the Lost Ten Tribes.
Proof of Brit-Am identification of the Lost Ten Tribes also proves the Bible.
The "Karaites" sometimes claim to be Jewish.
They claim to re-interpret the Bible according to its simple meaning.
In effect these people usually do not know Hebrew very well
and are not interested in the truth.
Their major aim is to present contrary interpretations to the Orthodox one.
if you wish to be amused they might interest you
but if you want to know what the Bible says they are not the answer.

4. Biblical Truth

The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel in the West
According to the Book of Genesis

            The book, Biblical Truth is based on the series of Biblical Commentary that Brit-Am sent out over the internet. Many people subscribed to these lessons and they were much appreciated. Their popularity was equal to, or exceeded that of, the regular news items and commentary and related features that would have been expected to have been more in demand. Biblical Truth is an improved rendition of the lessons together with much new information of great value and interest.

Biblical Truth goes through the Book of Genesis and discusses all verses that refer to the Lost Ten Tribes and how they may be identified today. In point of fact all the blessings and prophecies concerning "Lost Israel" in Exile emanate from Genesis. Biblical Truth discusses the identity and destiny of the Lost Ten Tribes through the eyes of Genesis.
            Whether you know the Bible well or are a relative stranger to it you should find this work interesting, free-flowing and exciting. It imparts much of the overall message of Scripture while concentrating on the promises to the Children of Israel Through analysis of these promised blessings the present day identity of the Lost Ten Tribes is conclusively revealed.
"Biblical Truth" has ca. 230 pages.
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5. Question on Race and Color
peter castro-solomon <> wrote:
Hi Yair

Iv'e read your article on the colour of ancient Israel. Are you saying that the original Hebrews were white? Because someone has red or blond hair doesn't make them white -Aboriginals have high instances of blond/red hair and are clearly not white. Indeed iv'e been to Israel several times and have seen Palestinians with reddish hair but clearly brown skin.

On the other hand i agree that Adam could have been red skinned the same colour as Native Americans ,are Native Americans white? If Adam was white then how could there be black yellow people? If he was brown then it could be possible.

Iam a dark skinned Sephardic Jew and have many other dark skinned friends- are we less Jewish because of our complextion? NO!! At the end of the day God is not a racist he looks at mans heart furthermore Judaism is not a white mans religion don't forget Hebrew is classified as an Afro-Asiatic language- and studies have shown that Hebrew was in fact a dialect of the Canaanite language. The Torah clearly states that Canaanites were decendents of Ham who is the father of Africa. Might i add that Judah married a Canaanite woman and Moses married an Ethiopian woman.

Early depictions of jews in Europe shows them with dark skin and curly hair- indeed my mothers boss is a Greek  Jew who carries the surname Judah and looks just like and indian not tanned but brown- neither black or white.


Peter Castro-Solomon

If you read our article

carefully you would have noticed an attempt by us to
show that much difference in color is due to environment working on existing genetic potential.
This was our understanding from the beginning.
It was borne out by scientific studies then and further studies have confirmed it since.
Short summaries or abstracts of these studies are often included
in our regular postings to the Brit-Am e-mail discussion group.

Nowadays color as such has become somewhat less important in these matters that it may have
been in the past.
These days DNA findings and how to reconcile them with our studies
or even how to just understand them on their own terms are a major challenge.

Dark skinned people usually have much lighter skinned babies.
When first born the babies frequently have blue eyes.
After birth an inborn mechanism triggers off the working of melanin
that causes color change.
Theoretically under certain circumstances the said mechanism
if it had no environmental justification to trigger itself off might not do so.
Some of the Canaanites spoke a language similar to Hebrew.
Phoenician is considered a Canaanite language but its affinity with Hebrew appear
to have been possibly exaggerated.
Jews are admittedly darker than North Europeans and we admitted as much in our article.
Even here things are not however so clear cut.
In the Persian work "Arabian Nights" blue eyes are considered an indication of Jewish blood.
In some parts of North Africa blond hair amongst the Arabs was considered an indication of
Jewish ancestry.

We never said any one type was superior to the other.
The object of the article was mainly to show that superficial differences in the popular stereotypes
image of certain peoples is not in itself an impediment to they having once had the same progenitors.