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1. Questions on Manasseh and Gog
2. Message from Steve Mathe
3. New Brit-Am Article in German on Web Site
4. The Celtic Influence on the English Language
5. Not necessarily everyone can give

1. Questions on Manasseh and Gog
thomas malloy <> wrote:
Dear Yair;

Thank you for the interesting article on Manessah. The subject is the source of unending fascination for me. When I read your post on Machir's connection to America I looked up his name in Hebrew. That was four years ago when I was just learning to read Hebrew, it is among my most cherished memories. I don't follow your connections between the sinew, the rights of a creditor, forgetfulness, no taxation without representation, and the willingness of the Yankees to fight in the American Revolution, but that's the nature of Hebrew.

I looked up Manessah in Hebrew, shouldn't his name be transliterated as Maneshah?

In this week's show, the eschatologist Hal Lindsay reported that President Ahmadidajad has published a book? (magazine, video), on Islamic eschatology. I'd like to get a translated version of that item. He went on to say that Achi has announced that the 12th Iman will return on the spring equinox. Certain people seem to believe that G-d's plans can be brought to fruition by their actions. Included in this group are the Edomites, and Islamists, although I think that might be redundant. Achi apparently believes that his war will cause the 12th Iman to make his appearance.

When I sent you the link for Hashem1's page on a part of Iran being Gog Magog, you responded that you disagreed with some of what it said. I'm wondering what you disagree with?

(a) The meaning of  "Manasseh"
"And Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh: For God has caused me to forget [Hebrew: `Nashani'] all my troubles and my father's family (Genesis 41;50-51).
S.R. Hirsch pointed out that the word translated as "forget" has two meanings both of which are applicable.
Broadly speaking he translated "Menasseh" as "Delegated Responsibility" or "Responsible Representation".
He explained the verse to say something along the lines that:
<< By virtue of  all my troubles [that I did not deserve] and my father's family God has compensated me >>
As if to say
<< all my troubles [that I did not deserve] and my father's family>> are Representative Advocates on my behalf before the
He is not denying that Manasseh also connotes "forgetting". He is implying that both meanings are applicable at one and the same point.
He bases his claim on the meaning of root "Nosheh" which is the root of the name "Menasseh".
To illustrate his point he goes through different words that are based on this same verbal root "Nosheh".
In English there is the word "Delegete" meaning "authorize to act as Representative"
from the Latin "de" meaning "away" and "legare" "to send" or "Legate" connoting "someone who is sent".
We could take "Legate" as the root of the word "Delegate" and write it as "DeLegate".
So too, in the name "Menesheh", "nesheh" (or "Nosheh") is the root and we could write it
as "MeNesheh".
Think of a telephone on a cord. You can move the phone around but it remains attached to the wall.
This is the principle of "Nosheh" the root of the name "MaNasheh" (Manasseh).
The name Manasseh is derived from the root "NoSheh"
meaning basically a thing that moves while remaining attached to its point of origin:
The sinew (siatic nerve) was dislocated (i.e. moved) but not extracted altogether, i.e. it remained attached to the muscle.
It is called Gid [sinew] Ha-Nosheh.
A creditor gives credit but retains a claim on what he has given [he wants it back, plus extra].
He is a Nosheh. "Nosheh" in Hebrew means "creditor".
Forgetfulness occurs when something in your mind slips your recollective faculties though still
there somewhere in your mind. It is in a state of Nosheh ("Noshiah" means Forgetfullness).
You pay taxes by giving money to the government but in principle you want some say on what happens to this money,
You are still connected to it.
This is the principle of MeNasheh where the "Me" is a verbal prefix to the root "Nosheh".
S.R. Hirsch in effect demonstrated that "Menasseh" means "Responsible Representation".
Americans choose representatives to govern them who remain responsible (i.e. attached) to them.
The early Americans where prepared to fight for this principle and ever since
it has remained very important in the USA existence.
This is because it embodies the USA national essence.
This is Menasseh.
The principle of "forgetting" is also applicable to the USA
People came to the USA to make a better life, to make what they had formerly suffered
a "representative claim" to enable them to do better so that they could "forget"
what formerly existed.

(b) The Pronounciation of "Menasseh"
Menasseh is pronounced as "Menasheh" in Modern Hebrew.
It is spelt in English with two "ss" which originally signified the sound "sh".
Nevertheless it may be that in the Northern Kingdom it was pronounced
as a single "s" as we pronounce it now.
At all events Brit-Am usually employs accepted English pronunciations of
Biblical Hebrew names when referring to Biblical figures.
An exception is my own name which is written in the KJ as "Jair" but pronounced in Modern
Hebrew as "Yair" which is how I prefer it.

(c) The location of Gog
You refer to a web-site which identified Gog with a border area of
Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran
We recommended that people look at this site though we partially (but not entirely) disagreed with it.
The article contains useful background information.
We agree with the source (Saadia Gaon) he quotes to the effect that "Gog" is a separate nation alongside
We disagree on a few points, e.g.
(1) Magog may have been in Scythia but the  Scytihians in the Classical sense
were not from Magog.
(2) We do not think Magog is the area mentioned.
For our own opinions see the Brit-Am article on the subject:
We tend to agree with the definition of Steven Collins
Russia, China, Iran,  etc, but we would look for a possible pronounced involvement of
Mongolia and Korea.
At all events we are wary of too specific a definition in these matters
and of too precisely detailed non-Israelite Biblical national identifications.

2. Message from Steve Mathe
From: Steve Mathe <>
Subject: Bulletin board restored

Yair, Shalom,

Please be informed that after a server crash and a month of being off the Net, the bulletin board style discussion forum of has finally been restored. For those not familiar with it, the forum has two main purposes.  One is to form a worldwide "cyber community" of those interested in the return of the Ten Tribes. Though we are scattered, we can meet in the "one place" of a discussion forum where we can discuss our journeys and issues.  This in turn can give rise to local communities where we can eventually gather.  One of these is the recent site: . The second purpose is to discuss spiritual issues of concern to returnees of the Ten Tribes.  Coupled to this is a new feature on Prayer Research, . Its aim is to collect reports from returnees on how their payers concerning spiritual issues on their journey of return are answered.  This is considered of vital importance, since the final arbiter of spiritual issues is the Guide of Israel, who has guided Israel through the wilderness in ancient times, and will also guide us homeward through the wilderness of nations, ideologies and isms.  Unite Our Heart is dedicated to seeking this Divine Guidance for all Israel.  All concerned readers of Brit Am and those concerned seeking Divine Guidance for all our peoples are invited to read, contribute and pray for that Guidance to be restored to us.
Yours for the restoration of all Israel,
Steve Mathe

"Only prayer and Torah will unify the Tribes of Israel."

3. New Article in German on Web Site
"Die Trunkenbolde von Ephraim"

4. The Celtic Influence on the English Language

Are we ready yet to let a historian claim that English is a Celtic language with Germanic words?

5. Not necessarily everyone can give
Shalom Yair,

I hope this finds you well.

I read all the things on the website and hope things work out financially well. I have sent all I can afford at this time with my book order...There is much to learn and much to do to help.

Surely there may be other things supporters and friends may do other than send money? Some of us cannot afford to send more money.
God Bless

Just by taking the Brit-Am message in you are already participating.
If you could you might also help by sending the Brit-Am message out to potentially interested associates.
Brit-Am needs money but we only expect those to contribute who can do so and know that the
Almighty will re-imburse them but are prepared for the eventuality that this may not necessarily always take place immediately.
Most of our subscribers do not contribute financially and this is acceptable to us.
The financial pleas  we make are necessary for Brit-Am but they are general and not directed towards specific
On the other hand someone who can help us and feels called upon to do so should follow that call.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy on behalf of