"Brit-Am Now"-843
1. Forward to "The Requirements of Judah"
2. Yoel Kramsky: The Requirements of Judah
3. Genealogy: Your Royal Ancestors?
4. White Rose of York on Mayflower
5. Skull Shapes Changing in US and Elsewhere?

1. Forward to "The Requirements of Judah"
Eventually as described in Ezekiel 37 the Lost Ten Tribes headed by Joseph
will return, re-unite with Judah, and all descendants of Israel along with they who identify
with Israel will inherit a portion in the land of their Tribal Inheritance (Ezekiel 47).
At present Brit-Am and others have the task of revealing who the Lost Israelites are,
spreading this knowledge, and preparing the psychological background for
ultimate unity.
This is encompassed by the three Rs of Brit-Am:
a. Research: Proving where descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today.
b. Revelation: Revealing Research findings to others especially to those who are identifiable as "Lost Israelites" and to the Jews of "Judah".
c. Reconciliation: Working for the Recognition that the Lost Tribes and Judah have a mutual destiny and common origin and interest and therefore need to accept Israelite identification and the unique role of each other.

We are getting closer to the time when these matters will take on great importance.
An arousal is taking places in some cases this arousal springs from intellectual and spiritual awareness
and in other cases it is more emotional.
There are some who do not want to wait.
There are those who feel they should be accepted by Judah as they are NOW.
Others feel they should be allowed to take a portion in the Land alongside
Judah NOW without having to meet any requirements set by Judah.
These are extreme examples of a trend of thought prevalent amongst quite a few

The time has not come.

Judah and "Israel" (Joseph, the Ten Tribes) are separate entities.
Divine Providence arranged that Judah should experience much of his national
development in Exile and as inextricably bound up with the Jewish religion.
Accept the Jewish religion and be accepted by Judah.
Otherwise wait for the Messianic Era for such questions to be resolved.
Judah at the moment rules over a portion of the Promised Land.
Judah is supposed to develop this land and prepare it both for his own descendants
and for the Ten tribes who at some stage will join with him.
At the moment it is the responsibility of Judah and we should help Judah in this task.
Nevertheless Judah is the one who decides in this sphere.
We can help Judah and we can also inform Judah of Brit-Am findings in order that
they who decide in Judah may be enabled to take account of them.
Informing Judah also involves spreading the knowledge amongst Joseph.

An additional option exists:
The Promised Land stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates.
It includes areas not at present controlled by Judah
and in which Judah is not really interested.
Judah would welcome a presence of Joseph in these regions.
Prophecy indicates that Joseph will begin his return by settling
in Syria and Lebanon.
Zechariah 10:6-10

Despite all this there will be some who still wish to be accepted by Judah
and find it difficult to accept that Judah does not want them as they are.
To these Yoel Kramsky sends the reply below.
The explanations in square brackets [..] are our own.

2. Yoel Kramsky: The Requirements of Judah
From: Yoel Kramsky <>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-832 "Questions from Elisheva"


Shalom Yair. I've been extremely busy so I haven't had a chance to check my emails lately:

Why to they need to convert to yehudah if they are of the 12 tribes?

An answer for Elisheva:

Religion = reuniting to Hasher as it was before Odoms [Adam the first man] sin. We all know that attempts by different Biblical individuals were made until Avrohom avinu [Abraham our father] came to the world. Hashem [the Almighty] assigned Yehudo to be the law giver and it remains so until this day. 10 tribes lost their identities on the way and defiled their selves beyond human hope. While in the oilom Hazeh [this world] our Rabbis have said that any Anusim [forced converts] or members of the 10 tribes must go through a type of conversion process to remove the doubt of who is who -gentile or Hebrew. Hashem of course has no doubts of this nature, but then again Hashem is no other than the Creator. It isnt egotistical in my opinion that Yehudo requires these conversions, its just that peoples faiths need to be tested of any foreign ideas to the  requirements given to our forefathers and then to Moishe Rabbeinu [Moses our Rabbi] and the prophets and sages. If any person (of Hebrew descent) isnt ready to rid themselves of foreign ideas to the Toiroh [Torah], then they must wait for Moshiach [the Annointed Messiah]to come to discern between good and bad ideas and to accomplish in the Hebrews the state of purity Adam and Chava [Eve] lived in. On the other hand Yehudo has always understood that faith goes hand in hand with dogmatic obligations as well, that prove the faith one has. Again, any person that considers him/herself to be Hebrew, must conform to Yehudos requirements in the oilom hazeh [this world].

Yoel Kramsky

3. Genealogy: Your Royal Ancestors?
From: Joan Griffith
Subject: Royal Heritage for All


4. White Rose of York on Mayflower
From: "Lillie B. Smith"
Subject: the rose
Hello Yair,

I enjoy your website and agree with almost everything
on it.

I just wanted to pass on an interesting tidbit regarding
the rose emblem.  I saw a picture of a white flower on
the Mayflower replica.  I could not find out why it was
used but in researching it,  I came across information
on the red rose for house of Lancaster and the white
rose for the house of York.  Maybe the flower on the
Mayflower had something to do with the house of York.
Anyway it got my attention because it so reminded me
of the white center on the brit-am rose.

Have a wonderful day,
Lillie Smith

5. Skull Shapes Changing in US and Elsewhere?
From: andy_blackard <>
Subject: [HumanMigrations] My skull shape study database online
I'm sure you too have heard talk on the Internet about proposed ancient
mystery races of longheaded (dolichocephalic) individuals. Or possibly
categorical statements about H. Erectus and H. Neandertal being
distinctly longheaded. I compiled this set of data to get a picture of
what the DATA actually say for myself.

My interpretation is that there is one continuous distribution for
hominid cranial index (100*width/length) that includes modern humans,
archaic humans, H. Ergaster, H. Erectus and H. Neandertal.

There are a few interesting skulls at the extremes that beg further
attention, but overall very homogeneous.

However, I did discover several interesting facts.

1) Human skull shape is showing a long-term shift towards rounder
skulls. There are dramatically fewer longskulls today than during the
ice age.

2) Human skull shape made a step change during the ice age towards
rounder skulls in the higher latitudes,like northern Europe and Asia.
Cold is a selection factor favoring rounder skulls.

3) As recently as the early 1900, there appears to have been much more
diversity and more longer skulls in the worlds populations.

4) Infant care and other undetermined environmental factors affect
skull shape. Studies have consistently shown American immigrant
families exhibiting consistently rounder skull shapes from generation
to generation.

5) The turn of the century suggestions of a relationship of cranial
index and social position or intelligence are probably flawed and
racially motivated. However, they collected tons of data that may be
used for other purposes.