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1. Stephen Ray Hale: Thistles in Texas
2. Notes on Red Hair
3. Brit-Am Articles on Messiah son of Joseph
4. Stephen Spykerman:  The British Liberation of the Holy Land
5. British Versus Latins
6. The Unicorn
7. Interesting articles on National Symbols

1. Stephen Ray Hale: Thistles in Texas
From: Stephen Ray Hale <>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-857

Concerning the thistles as being discussed so far, Texas must also be
considered.  When I came to Texas I heard that in Texas "everything either
sticks, stinks or stings." And talk about the major thistle, it is the
Russian Thistle that we call, "tumbleweed."  Apparently our gift from Russia
came to us from Russian explorers in California and all that West coast of
the United States.  The seeds were, apparently, carried along in the cuffs
of their trousers.

We also have other type of sticky things called the yucca plant. In one form
of this plant a rather stout stick shoots forth to bear the flowers at the
point of death of the entire plant.  I discovered that if you let that plant
stay in the ground for about a year after it dies, the stick hardens to a
very light but extremely strong stick that can be used as a walking stick.

I trimmed one down...CAREFULLY...of the wicked scythe like thorn laden
leaves toward the bottom of the plant. The look of it after I sawed the root
area off was as a very long trumpet shaped stick.  The wide bottom becomes
the top of the walking stick, after cutting the smaller end so that it is a
foot above one's head. I lightly sand only the leaf scars because the fungus
colored skin of the stick is now a beautiful chocolate color that sheens
when stabilized by a clear coat of deck sealant (actually the color comes
through when you wipe the fungus off with a wet rag, and then immediately
set it out to dry).  When one looks down the length of the stick it looks
like looking down a long burning candle whose wax has dripped or run down
from the wick. It becomes a very impressively beautiful article that is both
light and extremely stout so as a stout person as myself can lean out on it
without the stick breaking.  As an added bonus, I carve out the matrix
around the letters of a name (I even have one that I donated to a local
museum that has the Hebrew name of Moses carved in the Phoenician or Old
Hebrew letters).  I used a Sharpie pen or a pen with indelible ink to paint
out the background of the letters, so that the letters are the color of the
rest of the stick socketed in gleaming black.  I was very generous in this
area with the sealant.  I called the stick, "Texas Sojourners Staff" in
honor of Moses who sought a city not built with hands.

Of course, if you look at the latitude, a meteorite crater just south and
west of Odessa Texas, the next town down from Midland, Texas happens to be
exactly the same latitude to the very degrees and minutes of that passing
through Jerusalem.  This ODESSA METEORITE CRATER happens to be the second
known discovered astrobleme when folk began to realize that these craters
are relics of stones coming from the sky.  The strength of the stick is in
the fact that it is a solid bundle of tough fibers.  The same fibers when
taken from the long needle shaped leaves can bind the stone point of an
arrow, and when dipped in the resin coming from some pine trees, it becomes
an extremely tight seal to cement the fibers together around the arrow and
the point.

By the way, there seems to be a whole bunch of Stephens occupying this
Brit-Am site.

Stephen Ray Hale from Midland, Texas

2. Notes on Red Hair

Judas and Red Hair
It is said of
the Poles that they can always spot a Jew. Redness is one of the criteria
used. In Eastern Europe red hair is a trait that is considered Jewish.
There are Romanian folk songs of "beautiful Jewish red-haired girls". In
Poland and the Ukraine, red hair was always a tip-off that the person was
Jewish. The gentile population has an ash blond appearance with none of
the ruddiness and strawberry blondness one sees especially among Litvaks
*and* Irishmen!
The genetic populations that have the highest chance of red hair: Anglo-Saxons (last I heard, it was actually higher than celtic chance), celtic, Western Russians, Ashkenazic Jews and Swedes (but not Norwegians or Finns, particularly).
Sholem Aleichem published his contribution to the ever-burgeoning theme: "The Little Red Jews." In this short story, a Jew from the Land of Israel visits the "small red Jews" who live beyond the mythical river of the Sambatyon, which, according to medieval Jewish tradition, had been separated from their brothers since the time of Babylonian exile.

3. Brit-Am Articles on Messiah son of Joseph


Messiah son of Joseph

Messiah Son of Joseph and Manasseh

4. Stephen Spykerman:  The British Liberation of the Holy Land
From: Stephen Spykerman <>




Here is a story about the liberation of the Holy Land that puts Great Britain in a good light, and perhaps you can find a place for it into your Brit Am posting. Great Britain clearly was being used as a divine instrument to prepare the ground for the subsequent establishment of the State of Israel. The British nation was given a holy task and God placed some very fine God fearing men in their positions of responsibility to bring about His purpose men such as General Edmund Allenby, Colonel John Patterson, Major John Gilbert, and Orde Wingate among others. All of these have a most remarkable story to tell. The most remarkable of these is that of General Allenbys capture of Jerusalem without a single shot being fired.

General Edmund Allenby:

In the liberation of Palestine and the city of Jerusalem by British and Anzac forces there occurred many incidents which in all truth can only be described as God incidents. It is a great shame that the remarkable story of the liberation of Palestine is hardly ever told today. One of those God incidents concerns the fact that the Ottoman Turks had a ceturies old legend that, come 1917 was already four hundred years old. It was not so much a legend but rather a prophecy about Jerusalem. The Turks used to boast about their invincible control of Jerusalem by citing this prophetic legend. It maintained that Jerusalem would be under the control of the Ottoman Empire until a prophet named Allah-en-Nebi would bring the waters of the Nile across the desert into Palestine. The exact wording of the prophecy was as follows: When the waters of the Nile flow into Palestine, then will a Prophet of God come and drive the Turks out of this land. The Ottoman Turks considered, as it was utterly impossible for anyone to transport the waters of the Nile hundreds of miles across the desert all the way into Palestine, that for them the prophecy only confirmed their belief that the sword of Islam would forever hold sway over Jerusalem. Clearly, no human agency could ever evict them from it! Of course they did not recon with the Royal Engineers of the British Expeditionary forces who caused the waters of the Nile to flow into Palestine via a pipeline laid all the way from the Nile Delta. The British Infantry was trained to march on decreasing supplies of water to prepare them for the enormous task ahead. They together with some 150,000 horses with mules and donkeys, plus some 60,000 camels were all supplied with water from the Nile. The name Allenby translates in Arabic to Allah-en-Nebi e.g. PROPHET OF GOD! Thus their own prophecy was fulfilled in that a leader who was named the Prophet of God had caused the waters of the Nile to flow into the Land of Promise, and he did indeed drive the Turks out of the land.

Allenby was a man who believed in God. He often consulted his Bible for spiritual guidance and for the valuable historical and geographical insights it offered for an army campaigning in Palestine. Frequently he would ask his staff officers to bow their heads and pray with him for the success of an attack with few casualties. One particular incident was told to the Reverend Cecil Taylor by the New Zealand officer Colonel C.E.R. Mackesey. British artillery had come within striking distance of Jerusalem and were under fire from guns obviously within the city itself. Allenby did not want to fire back, feeling it would be unworthy of the British nation to fire on such a sacred spot. So deeply did Allenby feel about this matter that he cabled the Prime Minister Lloyd George for directions, and received a reply that the Cabinet left him free to do whatever he deemed necessary. Not satisfied Allenby then cabled the King for guidance. H.M. King George V replied, Pray about it! Gathering his staff about him, Allenby followed the Kings advice. Not long afterwards the firing stopped and Allenby was told of the Turkish surrender. Thus the Holy City was taken without a single shot being fired!

Another God incident is that the liberation of Jerusalem took place at Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights. It is also known as a Festival of Deliverance that calls for rededication. In that fateful year of 1917, Hanukkah fell on the 9th December (24th Kislev in the Hebrew calendar). A few days later General Allenby, being a devout man of some humility, dismounted from his horse and entered the Holy City on foot at the head of his army. As the liberating British and Anzac forces marched through Jerusalem nearly all of the 65,000 Jewish residents of the city lined the route. The elation and joy knew no bounds and many of the onlookers had tears of joy and release streaming down their cheeks. Many could be heard crying out: The days of Mashiach are here.  The deliverance of Jerusalem was accomplished in forty days (31st October: Beersheba falls 9th December, mayor surrenders Jerusalem), a familiar period in the history of the children of Israel.
It is little realised that the Prophet Isaiah prophesied both the means and the method whereby Jerusalem would be delivered.
Like birds flying about, so will the Lord of Hosts defend Jerusalem. Defending, He will also deliver it, passing over, He will preserve it!
(Isaiah 31:5). At the beginning of the campaign the Royal Flying Corps had wrested control of the skies above Palestine from the Imperial German Air Force, who were allied to the Turks. The Royal Flying Corps had absolutely cleared the skies above Palestine by the first days of December 1917 in fulfilment of  Isaiahs prophecy. Once Jerusalem had been occupied the Turks made up their minds to get the city back at any cost. Heavy shelling took place and attempts were made to bomb the city from the air. The human agencies which God used to accomplish His purpose, and to fulfil the words He had inspired Isaiah to prophecy 2,500 years prior to the battle, were doing His work. General Allenby in his official entry recorded, There had broken out considerable fighting to the north and east of the city, where our lines were nowhere more than 7,000 yards off. The bursts of musketry were carried down the wind, whilst droning aeroplanes in the deep blue vault overhead told of our flying men denying a passage to enemy machines. In his special order of the day, on the 15th December, the Commander in Chief made the following reference to his airmen: Throughout the operations, the Royal Flying Corps have rendered invaluable assistance to all arms and have obtained complete mastery of the air. Again, on the 27th December, the Turks made thirteen determined attacks. During this period of fighting, the inhabitants of Jerusalem were on the roofs of their houses, praying that the British might have the strength to withstand the onslaught. The attacks all failed, mainly, according to Turkish prisoners, because of the bombing and machine gunning by aircraft like a flock of angry birds said one captured officer. Isaiah had prophesied that at some far distant time in the future, God would, defend, deliver and preserve Jerusalem, and he used a special phrase as birds flying, a curious way to write of the capture of a city.

Another amazing God incident directly connected with this incident was to be found in the Church of Englands Prayer Book. Its morning lesson for the 8th December 1917 contained Isaiah 31, including verse 5. December 8 was the eve of Hanukkah when the Turks began to make their disorderly retreat from Jerusalem. Thus from thousands of scriptures which could have been chosen for December the 8th, the very prophecy which was fulfilled on that day just happened to be the lesson for that same day! Coincidence???? - Maybe not!

(Some of the above material has been gleaned from, AS BIRDS FLYING by Andrew Adams, Pubished by Artisan Sales 1993, as well as from various other sources)

 5. British Versus Latins
<<An anecdote on British versus Latin colonies: a few years ago, a Spanish government minister complained that Britain should not retain the colony of Gibraltar because she had broken the treaty by which she held it. Her crime? The Spanish had originally required that neither Jews nor Moors be allowed to settle there, but the current Gibraltarian Prime Minister was both a Jew and a Moor. The British tend to be proud about a chap like Sir Joshua Hassan, the aforesaid P.M.

6. The Unicorn

7. Interesting articles on National Symbols
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