"Brit-Am Now"-861
1. New Articles:
(a) Why Brit-Am should or Should not be Supported
(b) List of Articles according to Subject
2. Athol Bloomer: Very Offended by Brit-Am
3. Patricia Robbins: Brit-Am Involvement
4. Questions from David and Some Brit-Am Answers
(1) Are there some Germans who are not Edomites?
(2) Which Tribes Can Conquer Which territories?
(3) Present day heads of the different Tribes today?
(4) Is Judah too Zealous?

1. New Articles:
(a) Why Brit-Am should or Should not be Supported
A. Why Some People Do Not Support Brit-Am.
(1. Introduction.
(2. Reasons for Jewish Reticence.
(3. Conspiracy Freaks.
(4. Move to Israel Adherents.
(5. Christian Prejudice.
(6. Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism

B. Why Brit-Am Should be Supported.

(b) Brit-Am List of Articles according to Subject
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Biblical Proofs
Biblical Studies
Countries and Peoples
Current Affairs
Jews (Judah)
Legends, Traditions, and Symbols

2. Athol Bloomer: Very Offended by Brit-Am
From: Athol Bloomer <>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-860/ Very offended
#5. Christianity and Identifying the Lost Ten Tribes

Dear Yair,

While you are entitled to believe what you like about Christianity I don't think you should publically express such views in the Brit-am forum if you intend for it to be an organisation that works with both Jews and Christians... I also find Christians who speak like that offensive. This is not the position of a great Orthodox Jewish figure Jacob Emden. You would win more support if you take his ideas rather than make statements which are highly offensive to the people you are trying to get to support Britam. When I read things like that I am very loathe to support you financially or in any other way or advise others to do so. I would find it very hard to recommend your site to other Christians if such anti-christian views are expressed. Please read Jacob Emden.

Athol Bloomer

Brit-Am Reply: No offence was intended.
Brit-Am directs the same message to both Judah and Joseph.
We do not really have private as distinct from public beliefs.
We do believe that the Lost Ten Tribes are in the west and one of our
Proofs is that fact that they are Christians which is what it was prophesied they would be.
Eventually we may learn to formulate our reasons for this belief in a manner which is less offensive.
Please read
Why Some People Do Not Support Brit-Am
#5. Christian Prejudice

3. Patricia Robbins: Brit-Am Involvement
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-860
#6. How Can Brit-Am Believers Become More Involved?
Hi Yair,

I am addressing the "How Can Brit-Am Believers Become More Involved" question.  I love J's enthusiasm, but I'm not sure how to implement the prescribed action.  Are there specific people among the Jews of Israel who need clothing and food?  Is there a mechanism in place to offer such aid as we may be able to muster?

And Yair, when you say that our best efforts to help should be expended in getting the word out, I'm left wondering if we have a specific game plan to do so?  I mean could/should we come up with an official introductory letter from Jerusalem (i.e. Brit-Am) to be distributed to pastors in our local areas?

I am in a community that has a Church on every corner, and the people here seem to be devoted to following their pastors' leads.  If we could get Brit-Am's message over to the pastors, we could turn the people.   I'm not a member of any Church nor am I even from this State, but I would certainly be willing to go to the pastor's one by one with a missive from Jerusalem.

I've yet to discover any Jews living down here, but I have made it a point to speak both long distance and by email to my Jewish friends about the Brit-Am message.  Those friends to whom I have spoken seem to accept what I am saying.  I think they view me as living proof of this theory.  I find the Jews much easier to reach than the Christians, but conversely, maybe the Christians would be more amenable to receiving Brit-Am's message from a Jerusalem Jew..............YOU!!!!

The message could just be something to the effect that you are a Jewish historian from Jerusalem who has made it your life's work to identify and locate the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel who according to the prophets have been scattered among the Gentiles and now even believe themselves to be Gentiles.  You could say something like, "Pastor, your pews are probably filled with the descendants of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.  G-d says that He has never lost track of them and that in the end times they are to be regathered.  It is my endeavor to search for them and I would appreciate any help you may feel led to render in getting G-d's message out."  Then a list of Scriptures evincing your mission could follow.

Do you think such a letter feasible or am I just engaging in wishful thinking?


Brit-Am Reply: I am posting your letter in the hope that others will respond with positive feed-back on the matter.

4. Questions from David and Some Brit-Am Answers

Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-860

Dear Yair,

My name is David. I live in the USA and am currently serving in the US Army, recently returned from a tour in IRAQ.
I love Israel and am very encouraged by your website.
Your explanations about the 'lost tribes' have been encouraging.
My heritage is German/Afrikanner ( RSA) and Anglo/Saxon, Celtic, Ggerman (Canadian). Quite a mix.
Great Grandma had redhair and green eyes,
Great granpa was 6'8 Dutch ( Afrikanner)
Other great grandpa was a Prussiaon Army doctor.
Other grandpa farmer
My father is a minister (Swedish or American Baptist)

Family goes back to Templar Knights who settled in Germany after kicked out of Palestine.

Are there some Germans who are not Edomites?

I keep shabbat, kosher, feast of God yet believe in [Christianity].
Dont really belong to any church or movement. but I study my Bible and history a lot.

I have been trying to figure out what tribe I would fit into.

 Is it true that only the tribes who were commissioned by Moses and God to take their inheritances in Israel will be able to conquer the inhabitants of those regions, even in 2007.

Understand statement?

I wonder if that is why so much of Israel has been taken by current Israel ( Judah) and then returned to 'heathen' (Sinai, Bethelhem etc)

If we who are part of the lost tribes were to return to Israel we would have to know what portion of Israel was given to our Tribe and work towards expelling the inhabitants.

Are there heads of the different houses and tribes today?

Our should i just plan on moving back to Israel and  carving out a piece of land for my family in the Arab controlled regions that belong to my 'tribe'?

Whatever tribe that is?

I figure if I cannot find out I will have to pick one that is closest to my character and family character and then trust God and walk in that house.

Isreal------------------has to be strengthened and restored.

Joshua was from Ephraim and God used him with Caleb (of Judah) to cross the Jordan. I know there are a lot of men in America who would fight for a Israel that was not dominated by Judah but knew that there was space for 11 other tribes.

Judah is very strong, sometimes too strong and Zealous. The other tribes despite backsliding were grieved by the strength of Judah and left. Jeroboam ( taxes issue from Rehaboam)
Gengkis Khan had a general. i cant remember his name but he was not put in charge of all the armies only one because he was too fit, too strong, too hard charging.

For this unification to take place again....Good people skill have to prevail and be guided by Yahweh.
Each tribe has to know its weaknesses and strengths and then work with the others or there will not be a unification and Israel will flounder for another generation.

Joseph was grieved by the archers' but his bow remained steady and strong. He had  a trait of not being malicious and a back bitter or treacherous.

 Perhaps the only one with these strong people skills that allowed the other tribes to trust him and his steady hand.

I think this is the reason for Ephraim leading the tribes into Canaan.

Levi---------- broke the ground, gave the law. lead the way.( Priests)
Joseph-------led tribes into Canaan militarily defeated Canaanites. ( unified)
Judah ( Caleb) was last to die....symbolizing Judah's strength and determination.( tough as nails)

I hope these insights are a little right. Please critique.

I am going to plan for a return to Israel in years to come once I have made some good money, and prayed for a plan.............Need wisdom.

thank you,


(1) Are there some Germans who are not Edomites?
Most Germans ARE NOT Edomites.
[There is nothing however intrinsically bad about Edom.
Many of his descendants were great people]
There is a distinction between Edom and Amalek who came out of Edom.
Edom can be positive, negative, or neutral.
Amalek is almost always negative though individuals can be saved by making
a complete switchover of character.

It is considered that Germany is basically from Magog, Gomer,
Canaanites, and others and that later a group from Edom
settled in Germany.
Edom also settled in several other regions.
Israelites and Jews also sojourned in Germany
and though they mostly left a portion probably remained.
Many of those who migrated to North America from the area of Germany
were actually descended from Manasseh as explained in our work
"Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of America".

(2) Which Tribes Can Conquer Which territories?
You suggested that only the descendants of Israelite Tribes
whose ancestors conquered specific portions of the Land of Israel
would be enabled to conquer and settle their own Tribal portions.
This is not correct.
Any and all of the Israelite Tribes can conquer and hold All of the
Land of Israel.
That portion encompassed by the present State of Israel
(including Judah and Samaria) has a special sanctity.
It can only be held by Israelite who keep the Law.
Judah is required to conquer, hold, settle, and prepare as much of
the Holy Land as possible both for  the sake of Judah himself and also
as the agent of the other tribes for when they return.
The other tribes as they are can also at present conquer and settle
the peripheral areas of the Land of Israel such as south-east Turkey, Cyprus,
Syria, Kuwait, part of Iraq, part of Saudia and the Persian Gulf, Lebanon,
Jordan, and part of Egypt.

See our answer to the Question:

1. Who Has a Right to Live in the Land of Israel?

(3) Present day heads of the different Tribes today?
In ancient times each tribe had its own Leader.
The tribe was divided into groups of thousands, hundreds, and tens
each group also having its own head.
I understand that these positions of leadership were not hereditary.
If however a son of one of the leaders was suitable he would have priority
over someone who has not so related all other matters being equal.
it may be that over time leadership positions may have run in the family.
It may also be that our present leaders in some way fulfill a similar role.

(4) Is Judah too Zealous?
As for Judah being too "Zealous" if you knew what I know now you might
be complaining that they were not zealous enough.