"Brit-Am Now"-862
1. Brit-Am Web-Site: International Ranking
2. German Spies in Hebron: Pictures
3. Concerning the Complaint of Athol Bloomer
(1) Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am
(2) Dennis McGinlay
(3)  Robert Graves
4. Trouble With Brit-Am Website?
5. Brit-Am Outreach
(2) Tim Murray
(3) Yair Davidiy

1. Brit-Am Web-Site: International Ranking
The Ranking below is from "Alexa".
Different ranking programs tend to give different answers.
Nevertheless we consider Alexa more reliable
since in a test case it gave what seems to be a more reliable answer.

The high figures for the USA may be statistically misleading
since many overseas e-mail addressees use US servers.

This information can change
significantly from one day to another, e.g. users come from these countries:
Day 1
United States 41.7%
Australia 16.7%
Israel 16.7%
New Zealand 8.3%
United Kingdom 8.3%

Day 2
United States 36.4%
<>New Zealand 9.1%
<>United Kingdom 9.1% traffic rank :

New Zealand 52,154
Israel 102,216
Australia 121,094
United Kingdom 533,314
United States 548,113
World: 1,284,486

What does this information mean?
There are ca. 400 million websites on the web.
Most people who visit our site are from the USA
followed by Australia, Israel, New Zealand, and the UK.
[It could be that the proportion for non-US countries is higher
since many use US servers and may be registered as US users (?).]
The relative proportion of internet users amongst the general population
who visit our site is highest
in New Zealand, followed by Israel, then Australia, the UK, and the US.
Even though the relative proportion of users is lowest in the US it is still
twice as much as that found for the rest of the world.
Relatively speaking in absolute terms we only reach a small number of people
but we still receive ca 1300 visits per day which is quite good
and on a world-wide basis are in the top 0.3% of web sites.

These figures are interesting.
I never realized we were so appreciated in New Zealand.
If the figures are correct and we understand them correctly
it means that we are more popular in New Zealand than anywhere else.
The New Zealanders appreciate us twice us much as the next in line
(Israel and Australia) and ten times more than the Americans!

2. German Spies in Hebron: Pictures
Consider Sending this message out. It might help.
It does not really say much apart from the fact that a few minor German officials
visited Hebron to snoop around.
Even so its the principle that counts and these people are not seeking the good
of the Jewish population.
Sending this message out could have some benefit.
It could also help Brit-Am since our feature "Jerusalem News" serves as a conduit
for information worthy of notice.
Concerning Hebron in general and the Brit-Am connection.
Yair Davidiy used to work in Hebron as a builder
whilst preparing the manuscripts of what later became "The Tribes",
"Ephraim", "Lost Israelite Identity", and "Joseph".
At the time, Yair was filmed working and then interviewed in a promotional film
for the renewing of Jewish settlement in Hebron.
[An American tourist later saw me in the street, recognized me and called out,
"Here he is! The Movie Star!"]
Yair can testify that  agents of foreign governments would openly walk around
Hebron, photograph and monitor the extent of Jewish building and activity in the
area  [-which incidentally is very modest.]
They would sometimes deliberately harass Jewish settlers they took
a dislike to or had "marked down" for some reason.
I was personally witness to such an incident.
At that time the major culprits were CIA types who were sometimes half-tolerable
but these seem to have since been replaced by European EU culprits
and Oslo War collaborators who are far worse.
I doubt that any other "Western" nation would tolerate such behavior in its own

Non-Jews who are otherwise sympathetic to Jews sometimes consider
the Jews to be too sensitive but Jews often find themselves having to justify
their very existence and almost apologize for the air they breathe!

Hebron was the city from which David ruled before moving to Jerusalem.
Hebron contains the Cave of the Patriachs which was built by Herod over
the graves of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah.
Hebron in Hebrew comes from the root "Cheber" meaning "unify"
and is connected with the future unification of Judah and Joseph.

3. Concerning the Complaint of Athol Bloomer
(1) Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am
Re: "Brit-Am Now"-861
#2. Athol Bloomer: Very Offended by Brit-Am

Whether Athol was right in his complaint or not Brit-Am should probably
in future try to be more diplomatic.
We are not anti-Christian and not conductiing an anti-Christian campaign.
For some time now we have realized that the Almighty wants us to
concentrate on the task of spreading the Brit-Am message and put other matters aside.
Athol Bloomer himself is considered a valuable and valued associate of ours.
Athol contributes notes of importance to our various discussions.
He has conducted genealogical research of value which is appreciated world-wide.
He also sent us offerings from time to time that helped us.
Athol belongs to a sector of the population that does not usually interest itself
in Brit-Am themes but does include those of Israelite origin.
Even without these "pluses" the remark of Athol is pertinent and needs to be considered.
We have received quite a few letters for and against the matter.
A few extracts from the relative correspondence are given below.
These letters involve theological considerations and inter-faith matters that are liable
to take us beyond our parameters.
We are therefore ONLY posting a few excerpts and we are attempting to close the thread

(2) Dennis McGinlay
From: dennis mcginlay <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-861
#2. Athol Bloomer: Very Offended by Brit-Am

Dear Yair

Athol Bloomer's objections are worth nothing. I consider myself a Christian
insomuch that I believe that the Jewish Jesus Christ is the forthcoming
Messiah though I'm affiliated to no modern churchianity, The whole point of
BRIT-Aim's message is to bring the two halves of the Israel to-gether.
Nothing more. Whatever happens in the future after the re-unification is up
to God. Let us wait for his determination. Let us simply RE-UNITE.

(3)  Robert Graves
From: Robert Graves <>
Subject: Brit-AM 861

Shalom Yair,

As a matter of fact, my Scriptural knowledge has been greatly enhanced by what you have written and by what others of scholarly mind have written which you have graciously published.

As I study to learn more of the history of our Israelite forefathers and YHVH's dealings with them and seeing the great plan that YHVH is working our here below for the good of all mankind I am convinced that the work He has led you to do is of utmost importance for the fulfillment of His plan to awaken Christians (Ephraim/Manasseh, etc) to the awesome blessings of restroation promised to us by virture of His convenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Jacob Emden cautioned that we should not fight each other for, as he wrote, "For heaven's sake; we are ALL brothers"!  .... the majority of G-d's people who call themselves Christians have completely forgotten that their roots are deeply planted in the covenants made to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses and the promise made to David.  As for me, I recognize and appreciate that YHVH has commissioned you, through the agency of Brit-AM to awaken His people to their awesome heritage.  Once we understand our heritage we should lovingly embrace our brethern in Judah and share in the pangs of their sufferings throughout history while joyfully, with them, anticipate the glorious coming of our Messiah!

This great work of YHVH is why I choose to support Brit-AM.

May YHVH continue to bless, prosper and enlarge His work through you and Brit-AM.

Robert Graves

3. Trouble With Brit-Am Website?

Cannot click on any of the articles, says you might have a broken server or something. Would really love to read some of it.

Shalom, Hannah

Trouble with our web-site
 could be due to sabotage from antagonistic elements.
Or it could be due to difficulties of our server.
Our web-site is hosted by Seanic which in the past was quite reliable but lately
has been having problems.
We are considering purchasing an additional site to operate alongside the present
I suggest you try again within a day or two

4. Brit-Am Outreach: Reactions
RE: "Brit-Am Now"-860
#6. How Can Brit-Am Believers Become More Involved?



This is the very thing I have awaited since 2004 and realizing that there were two houses,that we may truly be scattered Israel,why I always felt sorry for the jewish hardships and many others things.I was called to Torah by G_D I whole heartedly believe. It isnt like one wakes up one day and says Today I will follow Torah I knew it must be followed by did'nt quite know how. Since 2004 I have learned much and I know many other Israelites are awakening I see it on your newsletters,in the growing Messianic movement which to me seems to be centered around following Torah ...

I didnt know how to get to your forms but read this below and when you decide on  plan I will do my part in my local area to visit Pastors & Chruches etc.

 (2) Tim Murray
From: Timothy F Murray <>
Subject: response to letter to pastors

Greetings, Yair--
        In response to the letter below, it strikes me as a valid avenue
for spreading the word.  If the writer feels so moved, after prayer and
consultation, I would think a properly-phrased letter from you (something
like what she proposed), distributed to pastors in the area, stating your
basic premises and offering website information, etc., might be an
effective tool.  If pastors were to post such a letter on their bulletin
boards, or copy and distribute it to their people in other ways, who
knows?  It might strike a responsive chord in many hearts.
        Tim Murray

(3) Yair Davidiy
We need to get the message out. We also need sensitivity towards others.
As Tim Murray says we need to ask the Almighty for guidance.