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2. Brit-Am Web-Site a hit (relatively speaking) in Slovenia??
3. Stephen Pursley: Encouragement

2. Brit-Am Web-Site a hit (relatively speaking) in Slovenia??
[Or is Slovenia merely the address for a major European server?]
Slovenia was once part of Yugoslavia.
It borders Austria to the southeast, Italy to the east,
Croatia to the north, and Hungary to the east.
Its population is classified broadly
as Slavonic.
It has ca 2 million people.
Brit-Am appears relatively speaking to be more popular in Slovenia than anywhere else?
In absolute terms  9.1 of our web site users come from Slovenia.
This translates into about 120 visits to our site per day.
This is equivalent to the number of users from the UK and New Zealand!!
These figures however do not tell the whole story.
As far as we know we have never sold a single book to Slovenia,
very few to New Zealand, and much more to the UK.

According to Alexa Web-Site Ranking
The Brit-Am web-site is ranked
as follows (the smaller the number the more
viewers there are relative to the population):

Slovenia 38,951
New Zealand 52,444
Israel 101,699
Australia 119,926
United Kingdom 526,311
United States 628,244

This makes Brit-Am more popular per head of population in Slovenia
even than in New Zealand.
Are there any Slovenian lurkers out there who can comment
on this phenomenon?
[Could it be that Slovenia  is the site of a major server in Europe
so that surfers from other European countries become registered
statistically as Slovenian?]
By way of comparison Brit-Am is more popular in both Slovenia
and New Zealand than Arutz-7
is in Belgium, the UK (41,110), Iran, and the Netherlands.

Average Page Views per User for Arutz-7 is 3.4
whereas for Brit-Am it is 3.1
This is quite high.
Other sites "comparable" to Brit-Am appear to be significantly lower.
The Arutz-7 program is put together by a whole team of professionals
and has a substantial budget and resources yet Brit-Am
holds its own concerning viewer interest once the viewer enters our site.

Our site loads up relatively quickly:
Speed:  Very Fast (83% of sites are slower), Avg Load Time: .8 Seconds
Online Since: 12-Jan-2002 users come from these countries:

United States 36.4%
Australia 18.2%
Israel 18.2%
New Zealand 9.1%
United Kingdom 9.1%
Slovenia 9.1%

We could perhaps do better.
Nevertheless considering that Brit-Am is virtually a one-man operation
on a shoe-string budget we are not doing so badly in our outreach efforts
all things considered.

3. Stephen Pursley: Encouragement



As a bit of encouragement, it seems to me the Brit-am message is becoming timelier every day.  In the past year, I have found people to be more willing to consider this truth than in the previous several years.  No matter how discouraging it may seem to us at times, the truth of the Bible will accomplish its purpose regarding all things.  Thanks for your work and dedication.

Stephen Pursley