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2. Freda Music: Appreciation and Comment
3. Chinese and Albanians Discuss Scythian Origin of Scots and Irish
4. Significance in National Nicknames?
5. "Lost Israelite Identity" now available in limited numbers

 2. Freda Music: Appreciation and Comment
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-863
#1. Jonathan Tillotson: "Israel should be the servant of all the world"

Dear Yair:

Thank you so much for what you are doing.  I met you in Jerusalem in 2005. I was there with a group of people from different Messianic congregations. You spoke to our group about the Ephramites.  I had no idea who you were at the time.  I bought the book "Ephraim" and had you sign it.  I am so glad that I did.  I treasure that book and your signature.  I have since ordered "Joseph" and just now ordered "Tribes".

When I was younger, I read the book "Exodus" by Leon Uris.  That was the first book that changed my life.  That book started my love for the Jewish people and Israel.  When I read the part where Zev got tangled up in the wire, I wanted to pick up a gun and go to Israel.  I have since been to Israel 3 times and am currently planning my fourth trip.  After reading the book "Exodus", I came away feeling that I had to have Jewish blood in me. At one time, I had a picture of Israeli dancers dancing around a Menorah, hanging on my living wall.  After discovering who the "Ten Lost Tribes" were, it made perfect sense to me.  I finally realized that I wasn't crazy after all.

I would also like to address an email from Jonathan.  I would strongly suggest that he study up on his history of the Bible and of the Middle East and of the Arab mindset and would strongly suggest he take a trip to the Middle East.  In addition, no matter what the Jewish people do, God's covenant was with them for all time.  He gave them that land!  I would also like to know if he has ever looked at a map of the Middle East.  You have to really look to even find Israel, and it is surrounded by huge blocks of Arab land.

Yair, thank you, thank you, thank you for what you are doing.


3. Chinese and Albanians Discuss Scythian Origin of Scots and Irish
This was apparently borrowed from a similar Albanian discussion
Interesting, some Useful sources

4. Significance in National Nicknames?
John Doe, Joe Blow, Joe Bloggs, man in the street

The noun Joe Blow has one meaning:
Meaning #1: a hypothetical average man
  Synonyms: John Doe, Joe Bloggs, man in the street

The noun Joe Bloggs has one meaning:
Meaning #1: a hypothetical average man
  Synonyms: John Doe, Joe Blow, man in the street

GI Joe
A nickname for United States soldiers, particularly during World War II.
GI is short for government issue, a descriptive term for supplies distributed by the government.

5. "Lost Israelite Identity" now available in limited numbers
Brit-Am published "Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races"
in 1996.
This is a large work full of invaluable referenced detailed information
that is unavailable elsewhere put together from a Brit-Am perspective.
The book gives an outline of Ancient Israelite history, proves that the Hyscos
shepherd kings of Egypt were Hebrews, describes the exile of Northern Israel,
proves that the Cimmerians were Israelites, describes Ancient Israelite
and Phoenician seafaring achievements and the exile to Spain and from there
to the British Isles. It shows how the Cimmerian-Israelites helped found Celtic civilization.
It also shows that the "Celts" in the British Isles
came from Israel. British and especially Irish traditions are analyzed in detail
to show how they contain records of Ancient Israelite History and prove that
the "Celtic" migrating waves that came to the British Isles belonged to the Ten Tribes of Israel.

After publishing  "Lost Israelite Identity" in 1996 we ultimately sold all the books.
Quite a number of copies had been purchased by Gooitzen van der Laan
of the Netherlands.
Now Gooitzen has traded a number of copies he still had with us
for copies of "The Tribes".
We therefore now have a limited number of "Lost Israelite Identity" books available.
This book is very valuable, revelatory, and good reading.
We are selling a portion of the copies we have received while keeping a few
with us for the sake of posterity.
We may eventually reprint the book but it is more likely that
in the future we shall incorporate some of the information contained within it
in other works.
Certain unique, very valuable, and very interesting aspects of this work may never be available
in the same form (if at all) again.
You are invited to buy a copy of the book from us now
while we have it with us. This is recommended.
Our asking price is $40 per book.
This probably sounds expensive but the book is worth it
and the money will help us.
Send us a check or put the money in our PayPal account.
If you use the PayPal account put it in the DONATIONS box
and send us a  note that it is for
"Lost Israelite Identity".