"Brit-Am Now"-866
1. Web-site on sub-Roman Britain
2. In Process
3. Slovenia
4. Brit-Am and Secular Research
5. Brit-Am Relevant Articles in "Jerusalem News"

1. Web-site on sub-Roman Britain
nice map, good summarized regional information

2. In Process
An article on the Hycsos Shepherd Kings of Egypt is in preparation and should be
ready soon.
We are also have an illustrated article on Pembroke in southwest Wales to post.
Two new books may soon be available.
Copies of "Lost Israelite Identity|. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celitc Races",
(450 pages) are still available for $40 which includes postage by airmail.

3. Slovenia
Interesting article
<<Jozko Savli maintains that the West Slavs are indigenous to Central Europe and that it was the Slavic Veneti or Wends who were the first disseminators of a major cultural complex in central Europe - the Urnfeld culture. He postulates that in a migration originating circa 1200 BC, they spread over a large area of the continent, (map) including present-day Austria, Slovenia, eastern Switzerland and northern Italy. The basis for this is historical records of contemporary historians, supported by the evidence of place names.

<<Historians now accept the term "Venetic" as a linguistic characterization of the Veneti, including the term "Illyrian". Place names containing the word Veneti, Venedi or Wendi, found throughout central Europe, are supporting evidence of long settlement of the Venetic people.
The areas for which Greek and Latin writers mention Veneti. The earliest historic reference is Enetoi in Asia Minor, Paphlagonia; they are mentioned as allies of Troy by Homer (9th century B.C.).

4. Brit-Am and Secular Research
We in Brit-Am trace many people in Western Europe to the Ancient Hebrews. We take cognizance of whatever secular evidence supports our belief and try to be as updated as possible on relative research. Nevertheless this belief of ours derives from the Bible and is supported by the Bible and all other considerations are secondary to what the Bible says.

5. Brit-Am Relevant Articles in "Jerusalem News"
See Jerusalem News
"Jerusalem News" and "Brit-Am Now" postings of necessity often overlook.
I know that some of you due to pressures of time or priorities of interest
often tend not to visit our Jerusalem News postings.
Even so these are worth checking out since they often reflect directly on Brit-Am matters.
In our latest posting the letter by David T.
[#3. David T.: Disturbing Incident with German Businessman] is worth noting.
In addition,
The article on Lawrence of Arabia is important.
There was and still is a lot of anti-Semitism amongst the English-speaking peoples
This deserves to be known about.
On the other hand it should not be exaggerated.
There is always a danger of going from one extreme to another.
Wrong things are sometimes said and Brit-Am works to correct them.
There was also a lot of important pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist activity
carried out by Israelite "Brit-Am" people. This is important and is often not known of.
Brit-Am has merited here and there to bring such cases to public attention.
This is a service that Brit-Am has been enabled to perform
and is of importance.
Brit-Am holds that despite everything on the whole Brit-Am Israelite peoples
were better for the Jews than any other group.
This can be proven historically but in order to reach the truth and to convince others of
it we need to consider both sides of the question.