"Brit-Am Now"-870
1. Questions on the Purpose of Brit-Am, Pertinence of Message to Possible Non-Israelites,
Intuited Lack of Clarity in Brit-Am Message
2. DNA. More on Lactose Tolerance
3. Brit-Am Appeal for Funds

1. Questions on the Purpose of Brit-Am, Pertinence of Message to Possible Non-Israelites,
Intuited Lack of Clarity in Brit-Am Message
Clayton wrote:

I stumbled across your website whilst 'googling' around.... and I must say it is one of a kind from my vantage and experience of this accursed electronic web.

What exactly is the purpose of your endeavour? in altruistic terms, are you seeking a remonstration of time ago or a betterment of time afore, are you showing a better way for taking another step forwards? or is this site a work of art and faith for learning of things past??? I am just trying to a read on the wind, or a sense of the set in your sails. is it the wind or the sails that you are for yourself and others?

Where goes the remainder in your grand division? if say i am part Mongol part Australian Aborigine, how am i to relate to your work? if i am part mayan part cherokee how again?

I find language a beautiful thing, and an art and as science, as well as a code... further: language is codifier and decodifier, it is its own purpose, creation, game and mystery.... your site is a constant delving of language and sound, but I feel nothing beyond its finger pointing backwards on the wheel of ages and time.
I understand the response of revelation or charity you might have, and you have duty and research on your side (don't we all?).

perhaps sadness is my reprieve, or unknowing, or artistry.

I care for your response, and am faithfully yours as a listener and curiousophist...


You asked:
a. What is the purpose of our endeavors?
b. How does it apply to those who may not fit the "ancestral profile"
we propose?
c. Why is there not a sense of Clear Cut Purpose in our Presentation?

a. The Purpose of Brit-Am encompasses:
Belief in the Bible; Practical Application of Biblical Message on the individual and national levels;
Reconciliation between Judah and Joseph;
The three Rs of Brit-Am:
Research, Revelation (of research results), Reconciliation
Our efforts should be seen in the context of
the worldwide return to "Hebrew Roots" of Christian groups
and individuals amongst Western Nations;
the focus of international events on the Middle East and the State of Israel;
the Israelite isolation of the USA, Britain, and related nations
in the international scene.
We tell people their ancestry and the Hebrew ancestral origins of the most important
entities and only active powers for good in the world today.

b. None of us can be absolutely sure concerning our own ancestral identity.
Even those who think for some reason or other that they "do not belong"
should wish to fulfill the will of the Almighty.
Those who do feel they "belong" should also strive to be worthy of their "belonging"
as should all of us.
Brit-Am efforts result in true knowledge.
The bottom line is that a person determines who he is and will become.
We can help others and ourselves in this.

c. We believe what we are doing as far as it goes is the will of the Almighty.
We are not prophets and have to work through conventional means using conventional
sources and resources.
We do not feel it our task to provide all the answers but we can contribute a positive
input to help along the way.
We do keep trying and have been guided along our path.

We have answered similar questions to the above in the past several times over.
Please brows through our Brit-Am Answers to Questions

2. DNA. More on Lactose Tolerance
In Jerusalem News-590
#2. DNA. Early Europeans unable to digest milk
Brit-Am Note on Inherited Lactose Toleration
We remarked:
The Ancient Israelites were promised "A LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY" [Exodus 3:8].
Harold Hemenway suggested that this indicated that the Ancient Israelites were lactose tolerant.
This is supposedly an inherited trait though we think it is in fact initially acquired.

The above article would suggest keeping the following possibilities (facts?) in mind for possible future reference:
a. Ancient non-lactose tolerant Europeans were not the ancestors of modern lactose-tolerant Europeans
b. Ancient Israelites were lactose tolerant
c. North Europeans are also lactose tolerant

This does not mean that individuals that not lactose tolerant are not Israelites.
We were only taking notice of a certain tendency that may (or may not)
be worthy of attention.

In this context the following extracts from a letter by Brian Quinn
to the are of interest.
Subject: [DNA] swedes highest lactose tolerance but last with goats??

<<Interesting that the Swedes have the highest percent lactose tolerance when
it was the Anatolians and Middle Easterners who had dairy animals way
earlier. Why didn't the people who domesticated these creatures first have
the higher tolerance? What is it about high latitude people that means they
had high tolerance of lactose before they had goats etc.

<<High latitude Europeans have high cholesterol which is an advantage in low
light levels as the higher cholesterol in skin is converted by sunlight to
vitamin D. So maybe they really needed the extra fat for the low light
levels and vitamin D. Which is all an advantage for the babies rather than
the adults who get the cholesterol disadvantages.

<<Swedes have a lot of Coeliac disease compared even to Danes. Must be a link
to dna I would say. So Swedes show intolerance of glutens/cereals.

<<So maybe the Swedes have a mutation that gives you lactose tolerance in
adulthood but unrelated originally to dairying, maybe very late weaning
originally an advantage to low light level latitude people, because get
extra cholesterol and thus extra vitamin D.

A thought anway.

Brian Quinn

3. Brit-Am Appeal for Funds
Recently Brit-Am Made yet another Appeal for Funds.
This (so-far) appears to have gone unanswered.
Brit-Am is expanding and improving.
Our message and research efforts as well as our other activities
are bearing fruit as may already be seen
and will become further apparent.
Nevertheless as far as funds go things are not the best.
Publication sales are low possibly because we have saturated our immediate market
with what we have available.
Offerings are also lower than usual while the needs of Brit-Am have not abated
but if anything increased.
We all have our own considerations and we release that all available monies
have numerous contradictory claims placed upon them.
Nevertheless Brit-Am is important.
It should be important to you
and it should be supported.
God bless you all
Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am.