"Brit-Am Now"-873
1. "Bnei Yoseph b'Yehudah" [Children of Joseph in
Judah] group forming
2. Janice: Goat Milk and Geography
3. Query on South America and Amerindians
4. Question on Herbert Armstrong
5. David Jackson: lactose Intolerance

1. "Bnei Yoseph b'Yehudah" [Children of Joseph in
Judah] group forming
A group of Returning Ephraimites,
"Bnei Yoseph b'Yehudah" [Children of Joseph in
Judah] is forming.
Those who are interested see:

2. Janice: Goat Milk and Geography
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-871

Just 2 quick points.

1) Lactose intolerance - seems there is an assumption that milk is only from cows, I would think most milk in Israel is goat, people who cannot tolerate cow can goat. In the days before "formula", babies with cow milk intolerance were given goat milk - now they typically get soy and rice.

2) In the Torah in Genesis is says "everything after it's own kind" which should be some like to tribal identity. Many of us could have more than one tribe genes, it's been a very long time you know and we've walked many paths. I think the blessing for sure are irrevocable as it says and a predominance of one tribe in a nation may be seen. Also the tribes tended to stick together in the order they were placed round the Temple. So it would be unusual to see a predominance of Judah for instance long side oh, Simeon. People of like kind tend to stick together, Italian immigrants, the Jewish community, Chinese; it helps them get started in a new land. Many of us don't know; but we have certain great soul drawings to Israel, the tribes, Jewish things and thought; a great affinity. The great affinity desires a walk like the Father's (I don't mean Abe, and George though they were great men).

We had a man come from Israel and give us several classes on geography if you can imagine. We had sets of maps, we learned different rock formation, heights depths, sand you name it. Through out the time spontaneously praise would well up and we stood and what over ROCKS!

Bless G-d! And of course yes garments from one place to another have familiarity with clothing of the priests. Much is about the "nature of a man"; our own American Natives for instance the Cherokee have even a familiar pattern to Hebrew, and customs and stories..

Ms. jan

3. Query on South America and Amerindians
Hello @ BRIT-AM,

I just stumbled upon this site.
It occurred to me as I scanned the homepage
that there appears to be no mention of the
countries or continent of South America.

Can you point to me any info on your site
regarding this question or can you explain why
there is no mention of this area.

Also it occurred to me to the consideration of
the Native Americans. Any info onthese guys ?

Christian Loor

While acknowledging that descendants of Israelites may well
be found amongst the inhabitants of South America they do not on the
whole receive expression in the National Character
as explained in our article on Ephraimite Criteria
nor do they fit the requirements of Biblical Proof
A similar answer applies to the Amerindians though here
the subject is more complex since as part of the North American
existence they could be said to meet the required "standards".
Brit-Am Answers to Queries: Amerindians

4. Question on Herbert Armstrong

Hey love your website. I was wondering what your views on the late Herbert Armstrong were. It would really help me out a lot.


Nathan A.

Amongst our subscribers are former followers of Mr Armstrong.
Some are disappointed in him while others are not.
Looking back from what we know you could say that he brought
many people to consider returning to their "Hebrew Roots"
and also did much to spread awareness of Israelite Origins.
To a degree one could say that the good people do lives after them
while the bad (if bad there was) does not.

5. David Jackson: lactose Intolerance

One can become lactose intolerant. I drank milk and ate a lot of cheese all
my life, but over a short period of time I became completely intolerant of
it. I wouldn't have thought this was possible, but my doctor confirmed it
and pointed out that it's possible to flip back again later.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there are unknown environmental
conditions that can trigger such allergies and that they aren't purely
genetic in nature.

Keller, Texas