"Brit-Am Now"-874
1. Ruth: Pasteurization at fault?
2. Brit-Am and Christianity
3. Extract from a letter by a leading Ephraimite Christian and Genuine Friend of Brit-Am

1. Ruth: Pasteurization at fault?

Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-873
In regards to lactose intolerance: I have learned that many people have become or are lactose intolerant because of the pasteurization and/or homogenization process, apparently, enzymes are killed off in the process, making the very rich cow milk difficult to digest. My daughter & I both get really congested & get migraines w/ dairy, so we use goat milk & sheeps cheese (sheeps milk is more mild in flavor than goat--we prefer it to goat, but can't readily find sheeps milk!)
Ruth M.

2. Brit-Am and Christianity
Chris Josephson of Bible Lite Ministries once told Yair Davidiy that if she was not
a Christian she would not believe in the Bible and not be interested in the Lost Ten Tribes.
The same point probably applies to a good proportion of our followers and sympathizers.
We see Christianity as an agent of Divine Providence to bring Gentiles in general and
the Lost Tribes in particular closer to the Truth in preparation for the Messianic Era.
Jewish sources indicate that the Lost Ten Tribes will convert to Judaism but this could mean anything
and in our understanding should take the form of a ceremonial Renewal of the Covenant
such as the Ethiopian Jews and Jews in general who return to the fold are sometimes
required to undergo.
Ezekiel 37 says that Judah and the Ten Tribes (Stick of Joseph) will unite and be one kingdom
and no longer separate entities. On the other hand it also says (Ezekiel 48) that each tribe
will inherit its own territory and dwell in its own area.
Also until they unite each side has its own unique task to fulfill.
[a book of ours, "The Role to Rule", that should soon be available is dedicated to this issue]
Even if they did we would not know what to do with them
since under present circumstances the Establishment in Judah could not deal
with most of them.
Also at the present time converts become effectively part of Judah.
It may be that Divine Providence wants JKudah to be as it is today and Ephraim as it is.
Whatever the case the task of Brit-Am is to concentrate on proving who Ephraim is
before anything else.
Whether we like it or not religious Christianity is good for Brit-Am.
Our only option is to buckle down and do what our task is which is to get the message
of Bnei Yoseph out to whoever is prepared to listen.
Brit-Am has three Rs (Research, Revelation of knowledge, and Reconciliation).
We are not out to undermine the Christian Faith but rather to increase Biblical understanding
and Biblical awareness especially in the light of Brit-Am Israelite Identity Bnei Yoseph beliefs.
Soon we hope to have one or two new books out which may well even further strengthen
our position.
Nevertheless there are Gentiles in the West who become Jewish or adopt Jewish customs
to a degree of identifying with Judaism. Some of these believe they are descended from Judah or from
the Lost Ten Tribes. We refer to them as Bnei Yoseph in Judah.
Most of these keep a quiet profile in order to merge with Judah
and on the whole they have nothing to do with Brit-Am.
[Some of them are reserved about Brit-Am since they consider the "heredtiary"
message irrelevant]
Judah is open to the idea of the Lost Ten Tribes but more in the direction of eastern peoples
since a small minority of such people claim openly (or it is claimed on their behalf)
that they descended from Israelites and because of this a few of them have converted to Judaism.
see our article "The Burma Blues.
Who is Israel? The Burmese or "Danny Boy"?
We have nothing against such people as individuals but we doubt that they are part of the Lost Ten Tribes
though almost anything is possible to some degree.
At all events if in the west a group or a few individuals make a similar claim
(and they could do so with much more legitimacy) Brit-Am is not about to disown it.
In light of this see the letter below.

3. Extract from a letter by a leading Ephraimite Christian and Genuine Friend of Brit-Am
We received this letter from a friend and supporter who is important in the
Ephraimite Christian world.
It was not clear if he wished us to publish his views or not
but the points he raised may be important in the eyes of others.

<<Knowing the mindset of "Ephraim" (meaning I am speaking of OTHERS), perhaps part of the reason why "Ephraim's" support of Brit-Am (financially) comes and goes is that
Brit-Am seems to extend a "hand of friendship" to 'Christian' Ephraim (which is appreciated) but 'Christian' Ephraim often feels that Brit-Am doesn't do enough and this ends of frustrating 'Christian' Ephraim. 'Christian' Ephraim (Ephraim that believes in Yeshua and the NT) often tends to express this frustration by not supporting Brit-Am as generously as it once did.

<<Furthermore, 'Christian' Ephraim tends to get frustrated when Brit-Am says they endorse those who claim to be 'Ephraim' but renounce ... the NT especially when 'Christian' Ephraimites know that ... the NT has much to say about the Ten Tribes.

All Brit-Am can say is that our views concerning this issue
are outlined above in item #2.Brit-Am and Christianity

Brit-Am will attempt to be sensitive and not offend others.
Brit-Am recognizes the value of Christianity.
Brit-Am wishes to be open to both Jews and Christians.
That is as far as we can go.
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