"Brit-Am Now"-875
1. Andy Reaume: On Lactose Tolerance
2. Question: What did the Ancient Israelites call themselves?
3. The Brit-Am Family is Lonely
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4. Bill Rasmussen: Appreciation
5. Eddie Chumney: Compliments
6. Kevin Opp: "we are still very much alike"
7. Lee Kelley: Acceptance of the future David

1. Andy Reaume: On Lactose Tolerance
From: Andy Reaume <>
Subject: Cows milk verses goats milk


Reading some of your articles on lactose intolerance, it should be noted that goat milk is more readily absorbed by humans, compared to cow milk wherein lie complex sugars difficult to digest.
Even young nursing wild animals in captivity prefer suckling on goat milk as a substitute to their own mother's milk.
Ancient Israelis were sheep and goat herders; and it is the Western world which adopted the cow as a domestic source of milk, because of its ability to produce huge quantities.
I've always been lactose intolerant to cow milk, and recently began drinking goat milk without the usual bloating and discomfort the former caused.

Andy Reaume

2. Question: What did the Ancient Israelites call themselves?
David Jackson <> wrote:
What term would the members of the 12 tribes called themselves and their
religion prior to the Reahboam/Jeroboam split? I assume it wouldn't have
been Jews and Judaism since those terms refer only to a single tribe, and my
understanding is that "Jew" was not used until Judah returned from the
Babylonian captivity.

The term Hebrew occurred to me, but if it's derived from the patriarch Eber,
Eber had sons and daughters in addition to Peleg, who was the ancestor of
Abraham and so would not seem specific enough.

Given that what we now know as "Judaism" was the original faith of the 12
tribes, I wonder if there was a more encompassing term at one time.

Dave Jackson
Keller, Texas

The Prophet Jonah explained to foreigners that he was a Hebrew
and worshipped the Almighty.
[Jonah 1:9].
It is true that some opinions related the term Hebrew to all descendants of Eber
but the Commentary of Rabbi Abraham Iben Ezra (1080-1164)
emphasizes that the term in Scripture
only applies to Israelites and that is how Jonah uses it.
Later we find the same term applied to the Western Celts.
The Western Celts never called themselves "Celts".
They called themselves IBERI which is another form of the word "Hebrews".

Apart from that the term Israel is applied to Judah and the Ten Tribes together.
The Ten Tribes are also often referred to as Israel in juxtaposition
to Judah.
We also find Judah alone referred to as Israel in the Books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Ezekiel.

3. The Brit-Am Family is Lonely
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4. Bill Rasmussen: Appreciation
From: William Rasmussen <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-874

Yair, once again I thank HaShem for the wisdom that he has given you. I appreciate your congeniality and willingness to work with Christians who support the concept of the restoration and repatriation of all the tribes of Israel. While I don't always agree with some Christians' interpretations of scripture, I appreciate your efforts to listen to what they have to say and to incorporate them into the Brit Am mission. Your diplomacy is what is making Brit Am work and assists in exposing the concept of all the tribes of Israel to all potential Ephraimites.

May HaShem bless you mightily and continue to give you the wisdom, faith and discernment to continue the work of Brit Am. You are a blessing to so many of us.
Shalom, Bill Rasmussen

5. Eddie Chumney: Compliments
From: Eddie Chumney <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-874


You gave a good and professional response and answer.

I am not aware of anyone else in the Jewish world who is able and has historically been able to handle these tough issues and all the complications with them better than you.

May Brit-Am continue to be blessed by the Almighty.

Eddie Chumney

6. Kevin Opp: "we are still very much alike"
From: Kevin Opp <>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-874

Shalom Yair

Your statements of clarification I know will mean a lot to many it's recipients. Christian Ephramites are very weary of supporting what they view as anti-Christian organizations.

Conditions are strange between Ephraim and Judah, we are estranged from each other, dont understand each other very often offend each other without even realizing it. I am in an unusual position most the women in my family line Are Ashkenazi Jews who married German Luthern settlers of the Russian Steepes in the 1800's. Of course both the Jews and the Luthern's quickly disowned them as family, but from this I can understand both Ephraim and Judah. All I know is as different as we are we are still very much alike.
And as much as we annoy each other we still love each other and have a divine connection. And upon humility and understanding barriers can be rebuilt that are between us, and that can be done without either side converting.

Regardless of offenses and misunderstandings, Yair does do a good thing for both the Jews and the Christians, and has gone against the common thought of both to do what he believes is right.

7. Lee Kelley: Acceptance of the future David
From: Lee Kelley <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-874
#2. Brit-Am and Christianity
<<...Jewish sources indicate that the Lost Ten Tribes will convert to Judaism but this could mean anything and in our understanding should take the form of a ceremonial Renewal of the Covenant...>>

In brief compass I contend it's a matter of King (Mashiach ben David), Kingdom (rule of Elohiym), and Constitution (Torah) may be addressed under the auspices of the Law of Recurrence (double happening) re David...

This would seem correct in light of...
Yirmeyahu 31:31's RENEWED Covenant and
Ezekiel 37's ekh-awd of the two houses and their companions
in addition to the fact that Messiah ben David-Yahudah will sit upon the throne of David as the greater David in the Messianic Kingdom and then KOL YIsrael will be Yisreeled as Ammi and Ruhamah (Hoshea 1) and Micah 4:2 will come to fruition...

1Chronicles 11:1 Then all Israel gathered themselves to David unto Hebron, saying, Behold, we are thy bone and thy flesh.
esis 12:2-3].