"Brit-Am Now"-878
1. Question on the Irish
2. Question on Melungeons, Amerindians
3. Robert Jones: Early Hebrew Alphabets followed by Brit-Am
Remark on British Silos
4. New Article by Steven Collins
"DNA Study and Israelite Brotherhood"
5. List of articles by Steven Collins

1. Question on the Irish wrote:
re "Brit-Am Now"-877
#1. Did the Lost Ten Tribes intermix with other peoples?
>Thank you, that was very informative. By the way, I ,myself, am Irish and
>was wondering if the Irish are predominately Israelites, what year the
>Israelites came to Ireland, and if there were any previous inhabitants of
>Ireland before the Israelites arrived?

An associate of mine was once in hard straights.
The police picked him up on a minor matter
and he was interrogated.
The policeman remarked that it was not apparent
how he was surviving.
My associate felt like suggesting that the policeman investigate
the matter in order to enlighten the both of them!

Anyway, recent information suggests that Yair Davidiy too may have had an
Irish ancestor.

Israelites came to Ireland in several waves.
The Irish are possibly of mixed Israelite and non-Israelite ancestry.

Read more of our literature for background information and then if you so wish
get back to us

In our book "The Tribes" we identified the southern Irish mainly with
the Tribes of Dan and Simeon along with other Israelite elements including
Judah, Ephraim, and Manasseh.

The Northern Irish of Ulster are similar but with a predominance of Joseph
and input from the Tribe of Asher.

2. Question on Melungeons, Amerindians
Jana Gibson wrote:
>have you any info on the melungeons of eastern america,that came here
>before columbus,also known as mecca indians,made up of arabs,turks,north
>africans and jews,these are who i descended from,they came to the usa
>arond 847ad onward,so what about these lost jews and israelites,here are
>some names,mahir abdal-razzaaqela cherokee blackfoot muslim,,ramadhan ibn
>wati a cherokee muslim,,mahomet weyonomon a mohegan indian muslim,,alot of
>the indians of that time was jewish/muslims,,britan is not the only place
>the lost tribes went to first,please respond

We do not know very much about the Melungeons.
We receive similar questions concerning Amerindians.
Our approach is that these groups may be in part of Israelite descent
and if so it is significant that they are now located in North America
where a significant proportion of the dominant population
also is descended from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

3. Robert Jones: Early Hebrew Alphabets followed by Brit-Am
Remark on British Silos
From: Robert Jones
Subject: Paleo Hebrew

Mr. Davidiy,

There has been much debate over the last few decades on where we got our
first alphabet. The original form of alphabets as you know were
Logo-phonetic. Examples of this were Babylonian Cuneiform, Akkadian and
Egyptian. The Consonantal Alphabet such as Aramaic, Paleo-Hebrew and
Phoenician were the precursors to our current western alphabets.

Steve Collins in one of his books mentions a possible Solomon/Hebrew
invention of the alphabet, and all the nations around, such as Greece,
Phoenicia, Aram and others adopting this alphabet or a variation. With the
spread of the Israelite and Phoenician kingdom it was dispersed to the rest
of the world.

However, a recent discovery from the time of Judges found a Paleo Hebrew
script around 1200 BC. A sherd about the size of a 3 x 5 card was found
with writings in a town called Izbeth Sartah. They found numerous four
room houses which was a particular Israelite architectural creation. They
also mentioned that it appears to be destroyed by a Philistine attack only
to be rebuilt briefly during the time of David and then later abandoned.

A couple of verses that caught my attention were Joshua 18 where, Joshua
tells them to write down the description of the land they were
dividing. This apparent time frame would have been between 1400 -1350
BC. The second verse in the Bible refers to Gideon in Judges 8:4, where
Gideon tells a scribe to write down the officials and elders of
Succoth. Both of these verses imply that there was a higher literacy rate
among the Israelites, and it wasn't just among the elite who were able to
write. The second point which ties into the Paleo-Hebrew script found at
Izbeth Sartah, that an official alphabet and writing system was known and
common throughout the 12 tribes and it was in use several hundred years
before the monarchy of David and Solomon

Lastly, the article which I will pass and the link implies that this
alphabet was created much earlier, dating back to Abraham's journey into
Canaan around the 1800's. This tells me, a couple things about the creator
of this alphabet. One, Aramaens and Hurrian tribes where the city of Ur and
Haran are located did not use this alphabet because they were using
Akkadian or some form of Cuneiform. Second, the Canaanites in the Amarna
letters wrote in an Akkadian script which eliminates them as the inventors
of this alphabet. So if the author assumptions are correct this script
could have been created during the time of Abraham and Isaac while they
were living in Canaan. When Moses received the Ten Commandments he had to
be litterate enough to read and pass this on, and I'm sure God did not put
his laws in Egyptian Cuneiform.



Rob Jones

Brit-Am Note: British Silos
The above article mentions storage pits.
<round storage silos or pits. Grain, jars of olive oil, and other foods were
stored in these pits. Sometimes these storage pits are as much as 20 feet

These pits are considered typically Israelite.
Much later the same type of pits were to be considered typical
of "Celtic" settlements in Europe especially those of Britain.
Similar parallels between the Israelites and Western Celts
are noticeable in other fields.
This has been mentioned by modern writers though
the earliest source I found that remarked on this phenomenon
FREDERIC DE ROUGEMONT, "L'Age de Bronze, ou Les Semites en Occident",
Paris, 1866.

4. New Article by Steven Collins
"DNA Study and Israelite Brotherhood"

5. List of articles by Steven Collins