"Brit-Am Now"-880
1. Maharal Source
2. Fred Hendrickson: Questions and Compliments
3. Question on Seba of Ham or Seba of Shem?

1. Maharal Source
In our last posts we mentioned the
Maharal and his references to the Lost Ten Tribes being in America and the
extreme north and south etc.
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#3. The Maharal: Very Important Early Rabbinical Authority who thought along
Brit-Am Lines

"Brit-Am Now"-877
#3. The Maharal and the Lost Ten Tribes

Our source was,
Maharal: "Netsach Yisrael" [Eternal Israel], chapter 34.
We will prepare a translation of this source (which includes additional
observations of Brit-Am
significance) with Commentary.

2. Fred Hendrickson: Questions and Compliments Greetings Yair!

I am fascinated by the discussions regarding our DNA roots. My question is
this: Ephraim and Manasseh's mother was the daughter of an of Poti-pherah,
priest of On, by the name of Asenath. Was she not of non-Semite ancestry?
Since not all Hamites are of the same skin color, she could have been light
skinned or black skinned, however, my main point is she was of African
ancestry. Since Genesis 48:15-16 and 19 mandate that "Ephraim and Manasseh"
grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth" and Ephraim's seed become
"M'loh [of] Goyim"--meaning a company/multitude of nations and/or the
fullness of the nations of Israel, would not they have to be a significant
number of Israelite people, including the 300 and 30 million who live in
America and Canada?

On the issue of whether America's population is more of Ephraim or Manasseh,
is not Ezekiel 47:12-13 & 48: 5-6 controlling as

(1. Both the great nations of Ephraim and Manasseh are of equal size (both
Canada and America are about 3.6-7 million square miles as maps do not
represent the real size of Canada), and more importantly, does not Ezekiel
48:5-6 require that both these great nations of equal size be separated by a
common "east west boundary" with Manasseh (Canada) being north of Ephraim

I see very little discussion in your marvellous historical research and
articles that discuss the Ezekiel mandates. Your Comments please.

I am sending a copy to Steven Collins as I would like his comments too. I
have been receiving your Brit-Am emails for over a year and both of you are
to be commended for your scholarly research!

One other point of interest, is your comment that attributes Isaiah 45:14 to
being Biblical evidence that all the Africans who were brought to America in
chains have a Biblical basis! I think this prophecy is very significant.
You are the first one I know of who has the same interpretation that I have.
I find all your Brit-Am reports to be very significant as representing
various insights, beliefs, findings, etc.--and you are doing a providing a
great service to all of us who are of Israelite ancestry to understand our
Biblical orgins and destiny as "Abraham's seed"!

God Bless!

Fred Hendrickson, J.D.

3. Question on Seba of Ham or Seba of Shem?
thomas malloy <> wrote:
re "Brit-Am Now"-879
#1. Joan Griffith: Mixed Origins are Common
>#Brit-Am Note:
>It was prophesied that Israel would rule over a large part of Africa
>and cause slaves from Africa to be carried over in chains to Israelite
>Black Africa (Seba) will be yours.
>You think that Seba is black africa, eh? I've been told that Seba and
>Danan was Saudi Arabia and and the UAE.

There were two peoples called Seba or Sheba.
One of Cush (Genesis 10:7)
and one of Shem (Genesis 10:28)
This is discussed in our work "Joseph".
The two bodies overlapped to a degree.
Isaiah (45:14) according to our understanding is referring to the Saba of
We urge all our subscribers to purchase our works and read them.
They are not so expensive. The information is important, reliable, and
presented in a pleasant relatively easy- to-read yet intellectual fashion.
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