"Brit-Am Now"-883
1. The Portuguese Discovery of Australia
2. Clarification: No Offence Intended
3. Composite Pictures of Male European Athletes:
Country by Country
4. Invitation to Symposium on Star of David

1. The Portuguese Discovery of Australia
Portuguese discovered Australia, author claims
Wed Mar 21, 4:39 AM ET

SYDNEY (AFP) - An author claims an ancient map
proves the Portuguese became
the first Europeans to discover Australia, almost
250 years before
Britain's Captain Cook landed in Botany Bay in 1770.

Canberra-based writer Peter Trickett claims in his
book "Beyond Capricorn"
that a Portuguese seafarer called Christopher de
Mendonca led a fleet of
four ships into Sydney's Botany Bay in 1522, and
left a map to prove it.

Trickett said the map is contained in the Vallard
Atlas, a compilation of
15 hand-drawn maps completed no later than 1545 in
France that is now held
at the Huntington Library in Los Angeles.

After stumbling across a reproduction of the Vallard
Atlas in a second-hand
shop, Trickett became intrigued by the way one of
the maps closely
resembled Australia's east coast.

The similarity has been dismissed by scholars
because, after following a
similar path to the Australian coastline, the shore
depicted on the map
then takes a sharp turn that bears no resemblence to

But Trickett speculated that the French
cartographers copying the original
Portuguese maps had made a mistake and combined two
of de Mendonca's charts
into a single map, and he commissoned a computer
expert to separate and
rotate them.

"Up to that point it was just a theory," Trickett
told the Sydney Morning
Herald newspaper.

"But once it was rotated... the entire east coast of
Australia, and part of
the south coast as far as Kangaroo Island, was
revealed in incredible detail."

He believes Portugal kept de Mendonca's discovery a
secret because it did
not want rivals to find out, in an age of aggressive
exploration by
European powers.

Historians have long accepted that Dutch seafarers
reached Australia about
100 years before Captain James Cook claimed the
island continent for Britain.

But Trickett says his theory about de Mendonca's
voyage would push European
arrival in Australia even further.

"His voyage ranks with that of Columbus or
Magellan," he said.

For more information of interest on this subject
See also: (CNN)

2. Clarification: No Offence Intended
re "Brit-Am Now"-882
#3. Jewish and Israelite Replacement Theology

The point that I
was trying to make was that referring to the
Israelites as Jews before the
Kingdoms were divided is replacement theology. I
said that both JUDAH AND
JOSEPH make this same mistake. Rev. Haggee who is
one of the biggest
Christian supporters of Israel also makes this
mistake, I did not mean to
imply that only Jewish sources do this. As far as
being anti-Semitic I would
be against myself if I was. Being Jewish doesn't
mean that one is always
right and disagreeing with someone that is Jewish
doesn't make one

Here is one example of this. I am not sure which
Brit-Am post it was but I
remember what the lady said. She said that she was
glad to have learned that
she was an Israelite and that the Jews are the
chosen people. The point I
was trying to make is once you have come to this
knowledge of who you are
then you need to stop thinking that you are somehow
less important to
[The Almighty]. I am not saying that the Jews are
not [God] chosen people, they
are. My point is that [God] chose all of Israel not
just Judah.

Another example of this is some statements that I
have heard on Israel
National Radio and in some newsletters that I
receive. "Abraham was the
first Jew", "Passover was the birth of the Jewish
nation"... My point is
that any statement that refers to Israelites (or
Hebrews) as Jews before the
Kingdoms were divided is replacement theology.

Israelites need to stop looking at the things that
have happened in Israel's
history as if it happened to someone else. For Judah
to see us as brothers
we need to correct this way of thinking. Instead we
need to be saying "OUR"
fathers came out of Egypt, "OUR" fathers were
attacked by the Amalekites,
"OUR" fathers were at Mt. Sinai, "OUR" land is

I hope that I have cleared this up, I am sorry if I
offended anyone that was
not my intention.


3. Composite Pictures of Male European Athletes:
Country by Country
If unavailable go to Dienekes
and place "phenotypical" in search engine.

4. Invitation to Symposium on Star of David

Dear Yair,

I invite you and your readers to take part in Star
of David Spring Festival
On the 4-5 April, toward the celebration of sixty
years of Israeli
Independence, including an academic symposium about
the Star of David and
27 painters exhibition showing their Star of David



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