"Brit-Am Now"-885
1. Witches Versus Brit-Am
2. Silbury Hill- A Pyramid in Ancient Britain?
3. Lennart Moller : Sweden, the Goths, and Gad
4. David Bell: Early Knowledge of Australia
5. Dennis McGinlay: Terminology

1. Witches Versus Brit-Am
Henry-viii of England introduced the death penalty for both Homosexuality and witchcraft.
In this he was repeating Biblical injunctions.
Henry also decreed that every church should possess a copy of the Bible
and that Public Biblical readings should be held.
At that time many were illiterate and the printing presses were not well developed
or widespread.
Henry's actions were therefore of great significance.

It may be that Henry realized that Bible study is an antidote to and a counter force
against the forces of evil.

Brit-Am lately has fallen off its emphasis on Biblical Study.
We will endeavor to rectify this and increase our Bible content without neglecting
those other fields of endeavor that are also important.

Lately, two women, apparently unbeknown to each other have been conducting
a kind of campaign against Yair Davidy, Brit-Am, and Judah-Israel as represented by
We are not the only ones being attacked by these creatures but the attacks seem to be
centered on us or around us.
Both women are sick and subject to false imaginations.
I have never ever personally met either of them but to hear them talk you would not think so.
Both women are students of the occult and magic.
They are in effect witches.

Practitioners of the occult (especially they who direct their intentions to others) are like drunken fools running around waving a loaded gun.
They may not be responsible for their nefarious actions or evil utterances etc but we have to take them
seriously for their sakes as well as our own.
We hope that these women will get a grip on themselves so that we will not have to take this matter

The Almighty will protect us from them.
Followers of Brit-Am are requested to help us by increased Biblical study.
If no alternatives exist then re-reading Brit-Am Biblical Studies
on our web site are an option.

2. Silbury Hill- A Pyramid in Ancient Britain?
Article dates "pyramid" to 2660 BCE but Brit-Am
has proof that the actual date should be 500-300 BCE
or later.
Silbury Hill is part of part of the Avebury complex
which is actually a 40 meter high step pyramid covered with earth.
Avebury is near Marlborough in Southwest England

3. Lennart Moller : Sweden, the Goths, and Gad
From: Lennart Moller <>

Dear Yair,

I live in Sweden and is a Swede, at least the last 500 years, where we have detailed information from our family tree. I don't know if you are aware of the following distinct connections to Gad/Goth in Sweden;

# We have our summer house on the big Swedish island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The name of the island is "the land of the Goths" or as we say it "Gotland". The official flag has one important symbol, a sheep.

# The east region of the southern part of Sweden is named "The east land of the Goths" (we say sterg tland = east-goth-land)

# The west region of the southern part of Sweden is named "The west land of the Goths" (we say V sterg tland = west-goth-land)

# The second biggest city is on the west coast, named Gothenburg in English or in Swedish G teborg = The castle of the Goths.

# Other examples are
Gothem (home of the Goth)
Gottsunda (strait of the Goths)
Gottsk r (small island of the Goths)
Gott sa (the ridge of the Goths)
Gottberga (the mountain of the Goths)
Gotska Sand n (the sand island of the Goths)
Gaddaberget (the mountain of Gad)
Gaddebo (living quarter of Gad)
Gaddstr mmen (the stream of Gad)

There are also names that have "Gate" as a part and a number of places/locations that begin with
"Hunn" or "Hun". Other frequent parts of names/places are "Tor" and "Odin".

# When you discuss the northwest European countries, note that most of them have a similar flag, with a Christian cross, namely; Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, UK (including the different regions of UK). The Christian cross indicate several matters; a connection to the Bible, Lutheran countries, that had long wars against Rome (= the Catholic Church), very independent in relation to EU and a common heritage of being Vikings. Note also that Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands and UK are kingdoms that go very far back in time.

# We have a huge amount of rock carvings on solid granite in Sweden, depicting sea going peoples. Close to our summer house a local Viking had a travel log (carving of a rock) telling the story about being on Iceland, in Jerusalem and in the land of the Saracens (most likely the Euphrat/Tigris area).

# Note also that the strongest support for Israel is to be found among Christians. The reason; the faith is based on the Bible, that starts with Genesis...the law, the prophets and the psalms..etc. We also know from the Christian part of the Bible that the tribes will be identified during the end times, before the return (or from a Jewish perspective, the arrival) of Messiah.

Best regards,

Lennart M ller

Lennart M ller, Dr Med Sci, Professor, Karolinska Institutet (KI), Stockholm, Sweden
Dep Executive Director Center for Nutrition and Toxicology (KI)

4. David Bell: Early Knowledge of Australia
From: david bell <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-884

Yair, while there is no dispute that the Portuguese
knew about Australia very early (the meridian dividing
off West Australia was the then pope's division of the
new world between Spain and Portugal) there is much
more to the Great Southern land.

The Arabs had settlements in northern Queensland much

But the real start of the search was a map, found in
Madrid c 1370's, by (variously) Peri Reis, Piri Riis
and other spelling variations. A web search is very

The map is actually of the Antarctic Islands, before
they were ice-covered, so the original was about
12,000 years ago.

Present global warming is simply moving back to the
climate of that period.


David Bell

Brit-Am Comment: We disagree that the "original [map] was about
12,000 years ago."
No such thing.
The only explanations possible are one of the following:
a. The map is a forgery based upon modern information.
b. The map has been misinterpreted.
c. The map is genuine and does show Antarctica without ice
and therefore in recent times such was the case and all our methods of
dating the ice-covering are wrong.

5. Dennis McGinlay: Terminology
From: Dennis McGinlay <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-884

Dear Yair
...Judah was given a mission by God to keep the law, and hold
the 'sceptre until the return of the Messiah. The remaining 10 'lost' tribes
had a job to do also: principally Ephraim and Manasseh. Although all tribes
had their name, after the fathers of each tribe, all were Israelites,
including Judah, Levi, Benjamin, and any residue of the scattered 10.
When the tribes are re-united it is obvious that they all will be called
after their tribal names but principally called Israelites. Not Jews,
Ephraimites, or anything else...

Shalom Dennis McGinlay