"Brit-Am Now"-886
1. Problem of Web Site Solved for Present
2. Carolyn Cummings: Appreciation
3. David Bell: Turkish Map Genuine?
4. Letter of Appreciation from North Carolina
5. Timothy F Murray: Prayer also Works

1. Problem of Web Site Solved for Present
Once again we have access to the site.
We hope the problem will not return on itself.
We thank everybody for their support.

2. Carolyn Cummings: Appreciation
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Web Site Hijacked?

Shalom Yair;
I just want to say you will be in our prayers to get this problem corrected. You have done such wonderful work. Without you and your site and daily e-mails I would have not had my questions answered about the "lost Tribes". I had ask many times about them and have always been told "don't worry about that" but I have become very interested to know all I can. And you have help me to find many,many answers.
May HaShem shine on you.
Thank you!!!

3. David Bell: Turkish Map Genuine?
From: david bell <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-884

Yair, THAT map was the origin of the search for the
great southern continent or land, and has been known
about since the fourteenth century.


4. Letter of Appreciation from North Carolina
First off I thank G-d for the people who work with Brit-Am. You have no idea how helpful and enlightening I find this great website and I appreciate the hard work of the staff and encourage you because it is making an impact on lives. Through my study of the Bible in my last few years I have been blessed to have open eyes and understanding of wisdom that I think is the true message. I became more involved in scripture than church and then read herbert armstrongs books. His books only backed up what I had already believed so his work reaffirmed my beliefs even with the backlash by critics to his work. I still respect mr. armstrong as a man of God for no one is perfect in the life...Before I came upon I had found myself in deep contrast to the world. I questioned all the sin that was done in common place. It is like people don't even recognize the sin that tears them apart. .. Some think I am converting to Judaism, but they are wrong...I just simply respect the Jews and also share the commitment to the G-d of Abraham. My thirst in life is to know my roots, worship and fight for my G-d... I believe I am part of the beginning of the house of joseph to be called back to the promised land. God Bless

21 years old

5. Timothy F Murray: Prayer also Works
From: Timothy F Murray <>
Subject: Re: nefarious attacks

Yair, another effective means of protection is via prayer, from hearts
full of faith, to the sovereign God of Israel. You may be assured that
my own will continue for you and your work.

Tim Murray