"Brit-Am Now"-887
1. Taking a Break
2. Lost Postings
3. Web Site Updates
4. Scotch and Irish Whiskey "from Coptic [Egyptian] or Arab alchemists"
5. Participate in "Brit-Am Now" Postings.

1. Taking a Break
The Feast of Pesach (Passover) is coming up
3rd April to 9th April
Over this period we will be working only to a very limited degree
and may not send out any posts at all.

2. Lost Postings
We lost the contents of our IN box.
This means that many letters that we had not begun to deal with were
Recently we had received quite a few offers of assistance
(concerning alternatives for our web-site, etc) and
expressions of support.
We wish to thank and bless all of you.
If you had sent anything that requires an answer bless forgive us
and resend your message.

3. Web Site Updates
We are the owners of the web site
and of the domain name.
The recent confusion was caused by
"the authorize email contact" not being our address.
We have written several times to the operators of the site (Seanic)
asking how this may be changed but so far have not received an answer.

Our recent "apology" was considered by some to be unnecessary while at least one
person thought it inadequate. Technically we had not obligated ourselves to apologize
but were responding to a gesture of good faith.

The Brit-Am site is large (800 mgbyte of which 500 are already utilized),
uploads quickly, and relatively speaking operates well.

We now average ca. 1550 visits per day.
Page Views per user number 8 which comparatively speaking is very high.
Out of every million visits to the web 35 go to us.
This is According to Alexa Traffic Rankings

We hope at some stage to acquire two more sites:
One to supplement the present one.
The other in Hebrew for the Israeli public.
In theory we could always allocate space on the present site
for Hebrew articles (as we have done for our book,
"Achim Acharim") but in practice this is not practical.

4. Whiskey "from Coptic [Native Egyptian] or Arab alchemists"
<<Irish Whiskey -the essence of the Middle East!
<<The process of creating whiskey (from the Gaelic 'uisce beatha' = 'water of life') - 'distillation' was learnt from Coptic or Arab alchemists by studious Celtic monks. The former used it for medicinal purposes. However, we Irish soon saw its greater significance in the hospitality and entertainment sectors!

5. Participate in "Brit-Am Now" Postings.
If you come across any news item of potential interest to
Brit-Am please send it to us.
We are particularly interested in information regarding ancient
links between the Middle East and the west.