"Brit-Am Now"-889
1. Timothy Burton: "Celtic" Incursions into England
2. Good Wishes from New Zealand
3. Joan Griffith: Mycenaean Greece and Ancient Israel
4. Brit-Am New Zealand Representative
5. Academic Prejudice Concerning National Origins Admitted
6. Ancestry Maps in the USA
7. Amnon Goldberg: Churchill
8. Ian Cliff: Ancient Maps depicting Ends of the Earth and the Cimmerians
9. Brit-Am Discussed on Jewish Forum

1. Timothy Burton: "Celtic" Incursions into England
From: Timothy Burton <>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-882
#2. (a) Stephen Oppenheimer and Some New Ideas Concerning British Origins

To Whom It May Concern:

Stephen Oppenheimer stated that between 75%-95% of the paternal DNA samples in Britain could be traced to Iberian origins, thereby debunking the Anglo-Saxon wipe out theory. Did he take into consideration how much of that genetic material share similarities in common with other European gene groups? Furthermore, did he take into consideration how much of that DNA came from the Picts, Scots, Irish, Basques and Bretons who have streamed into Britain over the millenia, or the number of Welsh who have relocated to England? I noticed that he didn't write anything about the Pictish and Gaelic invasions of Britain, the number of Bretons who invaded with the Normans, the 7,000 Basques and 10,000 Gascons who were hired to fight for King Edward I, or the approximately 200, 000 Welsh who relocated to England during the General Strike of 1927. Instead, he completely disregards all of that history and lumps all Basque-type people into the category "indigenous."



2. Good Wishes from New Zealand
From: Sha'ul Benya'akov <>
Subject: Hag Semeach [Happy Feastday1 i.e. Pesach-Passover]

Hag Semeach Yair and Rabbi Feld !
From the "ends of the earth".
May HaShem, Baruch Hu [Blessed be HE], bring you freedom, peace, and victory over your enemeis !
L'Shanna Haba B'Yerushalyim !
Kind regards and best wishes.
Sha'ul Suhr.

3. Joan Griffith: Mycenaean Greece and Ancient Israel
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-888

Have you seen or heard of a recent History Channel video? It discusses the Exodus in relation to the Santorini volcano, etc.

There are several interesting things in it.
As you are aware, at one time, the Greeks sent a message to the King in Israel (or Judah? can't think offhand), giving greetings and noting that they were related. This video shows that in Mycenae, which had trade links with Egypt, pre-Greek (Homeric Age) graves were found that contained Egyptian gold, AND a mural showing a map of a cruise from Egypt to Mycenae. It also showed Avaris, the city, with women peeking over the roofs to see the ship going by. By itself this is not such a great find--I think Schliemann found it and considered this gold to be from Troy--but in the video, the researchers discovered gravestones that showed a charioteer chasing a man with a staff, with water symbols around him. There were 2 such carvings, and the final one showed the man with the staff turned around, lifting the staff, and the horses and charioteer and chariot were tossed upside down and sideways--clearly, he said, a description of God destroying Pharaoh's army.

Their idea of the Red Sea/Reed Sea is that it was a place, I think a kind of estuary that mixed with a fresh water lake at some point. They showed it as a sort of figure 8, with the lake being above a narrow channel, and the salt estuary to the south. However, instead of finding it full of water today, they said the Suez Canal had drained the water from it, and showed satellite pictures & the salt residue of this lake. Coupled with a tsunami, this could very well be the place that Israel crossed. However, none of the theorists allow for the Biblcal statement that the water stood on each side like a wall. Or, as I looked up in Strong's dictionary, the water stood in frozen heaps. Meantime, the researcher said that the location is near military installations and they were watched every minute by Egyyptian "babysiters."

Their idea of the blood water was a new twist. Some years ago, a lake in Cameroon, Africa, suffered some earthquake activity and released carbon dioxide that turned the lake reddish brown due to the chemical activity. It killed the fish, etc. However, the frogs could leave the water, so, as in Egypt, the next plague was frogs. Apparently they later went back in the clear water when the plague of blood cleared up. This carbon dioxide gas, however, was used to account for how some of the other plagues came about. They showed pictures of horrible boils & sores on the Cameroon people from being exposed to this gas. Of course, you can't see or smell it. (Another time, a whole village in Africa, animals and all was wiped out by a similar occurrence.) This was also used to account for the death of the firstborn. How? The preeminent sons slept on beds in such a place where the gas would kill them (I don't know how that accounts for those in the prisons!) while their lesser siblings slept on roofs, in barns, etc. Are we really talking about Egyptian royalty??

The locust plague, they said, occurred when a migrating band was picked up and dropped on Egypt, and as this made them cold, they remained where they were until they could fly on their way, after destroying the fields... Well, if the waters were frozen, I suppose the locusts could be cold. :)

The hail mingled with fire was accounted for by the volcanic activity. All of this is blamed on the huge explosion of the volcano at Santorini, which they say they prove by showing that ash from the volcano was found in the Egyptian Delta by the Austrian archeologist Bietak.

They brought in the Papyrus Ipuwer, of course, and they found a hieroglyphic complaint about the plagues in a tomb, which they said is seldom seen, because the Eqyptians do not want to uphold Israel's claim to the truth. They specifically mentioned a hieroglyph of waves, one on top of the other, followed by 2 knives, which showed that the waters were cut, or divided. Even the Egyptians of old knew that it was not a tsunami, because they saw the waters stand up on each side like walls. Of course, a tsunami could have blasted the walls down... after Israel was safe.

What was particularly exciting about this video was that they continually stated, The G-d of Israel did this and this and this, and the preceding show, about battles in ancient Israel, the narrator kept saying, "The Jews CLAIM their god did..." (You could HEAR the small G in G-d). Every time he said that, I just felt like turning him off or blasting him with my laser, lol.

I'm going to send this but the name of the show has to be on the History Channel web site.

A minute's success pays for the failure of years. -Robert Browning

4. Brit-Am New Zealand Representative
Sha'ul Suhr (Benya'akov)
Sha'ul Benya'akov <>
is the Brit-Am Representative in New Zealand.

5. Academic Prejudice Concerning National Origins Admitted
<<Massimo Pallottino, the dean of modern Etruscan studies in Italy who died in 1995, held that because no one questioned that the French, say, developed in France, the same assumption should be made about the Etruscans. "Someone who had a different position didn't get a job in archaeology," said Antonio Torroni, a geneticist at the University of Pavia.

6. Ancestry Maps in the USA
From: Timothy Burton <>
here's a link to a website that shows ancestral groups in the U.S.A.:

8. Amnon Goldberg: Churchill

NISSAN 17, 5767

'Pious' Churchill
THE recent report on Winston Churchill brought to mind the Talmud's statement (Chullin 92) that in addition to the 36 hidden Jewish tzaddikim in whose merit the Am Yisroel continue to exist, there must also be at any one time at least 30 Pious Gentiles in whose merit the nations endure - the "30 pieces of silver" of Zecharya 11.

Indubitably, one of those was Churchill (1874-1965), who personified the gentile who is destined for the afterlife (Bava Batra 10).

Throughout his life he made very many positive speeches about Jews and Judaism.

For example, he said: "No thoughtful man can doubt that the Jews are the most formidable and remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world" (1920).

"There is no art or science which has not been enriched by Jewish achievements" (1941).

"There is a deep truth in the saying that the Lord deals with nations as the nations deal with the Jews" (1961).World War Two where the continued existence of "Hebrew-Christian" civilisation devolved on this great man.

As he walked through the ruins of the Reichstag in 1945, Churchill was right to exult "I have have tracked the Nazi blood-beast back to his lair!"

Amnon Goldberg,

Ian Cliff:
Ancient Maps depicting Ends of the Earth and the Cimmerians

From: Ian Cliff <>
Subject: The Cimmerians, Scythians, and Israel
To: Yair Davidiy <>
Dear Yair,

As I was reading your article on the ends of the earth it reminded me of an old map, attached is a copy of. The Greeks in their mythology say that the end of the earth was the Pillars of Hercules. The map shows the Pillars of Hercules, right where you say, and I agree are the ends of the earth.

Yours Faithfully,

Ian Cliff

I came across the title in the subject bar, upon reading the text I thought you may be interested in the map attached which shows Cimmerii's location.

11. Brit-Am Discussed on Jewish Forum

From: esty
Subject: JTF forum discusses Davidy

They're discussing you on the JTF forum!

Brit-Am Comment:
Someone says that,
<<He [Yair Davidiy] has much support from v.wealthy Anglo-American goyim and Noahides,..>>.

Apparently these people know some thing we do not.
At the moment Brit-Am does not feel much support from anyone, wealthy or poor, Jew or Gentile.
Despite this and other inaccuracies the site is worth visiting.
Veteran Brit-Am sympathizers may well get a "kick" out of it.