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1. The Gentile Soccer Teams that call themselves "Jewish":
Ajax of Amsterdam and Tottenham of England
2. Pictures of Welsh People Presented by Timothy Burton
3. The Chronicles of Eri
4. Appreciative New Member
5. General George Patton Considered Himself a Re-incarnation of Hannibal

1. The Gentile Soccer Teams that call themselves "Jewish":
Ajax of Amsterdam and Tottenham of England
Extracts from Wikipedia Article, "Ajax"

Ajax is one of the five teams that has earned the
right to keep the European Cup; they won
consecutively in 1971-1973. In 1972, they
completed The Treble by winning the Dutch
Eredivisie, KNVB Cup, and the European Cup; to
date they are the only team to keep the European
Cup and accomplish the European Treble. They are
also one of only three clubs (with Juventus FC
and FC Bayern Munich) to have won all three major
European trophies at least once (the European
Cup, the European Cup Winners' Cup and the UEFA
Cup). They were the first team to win what has
become the UEFA Intertoto Cup [2]. Ajax has also won the Intercontinental Cup.

References to Jews

The Ajax fans have developed the tradition of
using Jewish and Israeli symbols to express their
allegiance, despite being almost entirely non
Jewish in their composition. Regularly, the
supporters wave large Star of David flags and
scream Joden! Joden! ("Jews! Jews!") to fire up
their team. Die-hard Ajax supporters call
themselves "F-Siders" or "Joden" ­ Dutch for
"Jews" ­ a nickname that reflects both the team's
and the city's Jewish heritage. This nickname for
Ajax fans dates back to before World War II, when
Amsterdam was home to most of the Netherlands'
140,000 Jews and the Ajax stadium itself was
located near a Jewish neighborhood. Most Dutch
Jews were murdered by the Nazis during the
occupation, and today very little remains of
Amsterdam's old Jewish quarter. But the tradition
at Ajax survived. Ajax currently has no Jewish
players, the last player with any Jewish roots being Dani l de Ridder.

More recently, the issue has become a significant
social problem in that in an increasingly bizarre
and racist way, opposing supporters specifically
use anti-Semitism to express their antipathy
towards Ajax. This is expressed in chants such as
Hamas, Hamas, Jews into the gas (Hamas, hamas,
joden aan het gas) or producing hissing sounds that imitate the flow of gas...
However, hardcore Ajax fans, although almost
entirely gentiles, are proud of their 'outsider'
image as "Jews" and feel encouraged to display
more Israeli/ Jewish symbols at matches, using them as a "badge of battle".

Those Ajax fans who are actually Jewish are split
on the morality of this matter; some feel it is
perversely flattering but many others feel it is
disrespectful and racist for non Jews to act in
such a way that encourages anti-semitic abuse.
Dutch authorities have tried to tone down the
Jewish symbols of support for Ajax, hoping to
lead to a decrease of anti-Semitic
counter-incidents. However, the head of the
European Board of Jewish Deputies has signalled
his support for the F-siders, stating that
anti-Semitism in Europe would be generally
lessened if more non-Jews so readily identified
with Jewish culture. The mayor of Amsterdam, Job
Cohen, is also Jewish himself and has not condemned the Ajax fans .

The 'Jewish' issue is still a live topic for
debate, and a similar situation exists as regards
fans of Tottenham, a team from London, England.

Related Trivia

In the Australian south eastern state of
Victoria, there exists the Ajax Amateur Football
Club, which is a Jewish Australian rules football
club, in that the vast majority of administrators
and players are Jewish, and the club has a Magen
David (Star of David) on its uniform. Their
playing colours are also the same as AFC Ajax.

In the English Premier League, the hardcore fans
of Tottenham Hotspur have in recent years taken
to identifying themselves as "Yids"
(traditionally a highly pejorative English term
of abuse for Jews) and displaying the Israeli
flag at matches. This is largely done as a
backlash to many years of virulent anti-semitic
abuse aimed at them by the fans of their main
London rivals; Arsenal, West Ham, and
particularly Chelsea. The north-eastern London
suburb of Tottenham traditionally had a sizeable
Jewish population, and this was frequently used
as a point of reference for abuse by their
opponents' fans. Tottenham fans have now turned
this around into a bizarre term of honour for
themselves, although very few of them are actually Jewish.

Pictures of Welsh People Presented by Timothy Burton

3. The Chronicles of Eri
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The Chronicals of Eri vol.2
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4. Appreciative New Member
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5. General George Patton Considered Himself a Re-incarnation of Hannibal
"George S. Patton believed that he was a reincarnation of Hannibal"

For a Brit-Am comparison of the facial expressions of Patton and Hannibal see,